My Favourite Valentines Day Cards

I am really impressed with the high quality of Valentines cards that are available nowadays! I never really deal with Valentines to be honest but I know I’m in the minority so I thought I would go searching for some quirky little cards for your other half! My favourite is this one at the bottom ^_^

View all the cards here on Not On The High Street


15 Easy Valentines DIY Projects

 Knit hearts for valentines

How fabulous are these crochet and knit hearts?! They would make a marvellous garland. From Flax and Twine.

Crochet heart sachets - DIY Valentine Projects

These little crochet hearts are easy enough that an advanced beginner would master it and it’s a little sachet! Via Petals to Picots

 DIY XL Cupids Arrow wall art

This is a fabulous DIY project that makes use of big cardboard tubes that come at the end of gift wrap. You need a little foresight from the christmas season I think but if you have some left over then get making! Via for the love of

 Hot glue and sprinkles Valentines DIY Project

How simple is this heart!? It’s made using hot glue and confetti! Not suitable for children unless you can ensure they won’t touch the hot glue but I don’t think it’s worth the risk of them burning their wee fingers. via Elizabeth Banks

 Valentines treat bags from Cosmo Cricket

These glitter goodie bags are very pretty! via Cosmo Cricket

 3d Fringe Heart DIY Project for Valentines

A 3d fringed heart from Minted blog 

 Heart Tea bags from Coco Mingo

These little heart tea bags are so pretty! From Coco Mingo

 Sew Sweet Upcycled sweaters to heart pillows

Upcycled sweater cushions in the shape of hearts are perfect for Valentines! Sew Sweet Vintage

Je Taime banner for Valentines

I LOVE this banner! I think it’s my favourite of all the Valentines day crafts I’ve seen ^_^ via View from the fridge

 Tissue Paper heart wreath wall art

A lovely, tissue paper heart is a great craft to do with the children this valentines day. via Crafts by Courtney

 Heart shaped washi tape frame for Valentines

I love washi tape crafts so this is a great idea for valentines! A washi tape photo frame is great for Valentines on a budget (hoping you have the tape already) from modpodgerocks

 Valentines Bedroom! Balloons for Valentines

This bed looks so lovely! If I wasn’t terrified of balloons I would love this lol. It’s just so OTT and a lot of thought went into it. That’s why I like it ^_^ Via Pink Pistachio

 Printable treat box for Valentines day

Printable gift box from Design Eat Repeat

 Light up marquee heart

I love this marquee light! It’s fabulous! via Tatertots and Jello

 Upcycled baby food jars
Courtney of Crafts by Courtney, did a marvellous job of repurposing baby food jars! I love the colour of these!

The Perfectly Pretty Primrose Bakery

 Cupcakes from primrose bakery

How beautiful and delicious do these buns look?! Sorry, cupcakes! I think my favourite is actually the one with the sprinkles.

 Cupcakes in a primrose bakery box

The ribbon around the box is just a beautiful touch ^_^

 Beautiful pastel cupcakes from primrose bakery

I know these are full of dairy and gluten but they look appetising! I need to find myself a local Vegan bakery/baker! Actually no I don’t. I just need to look at one of these and my love handles start to swell in anticipation of the extra calories. I would eat every last one!

 Inside the primrose bakery

I really love the decor and I think those retro, yellow chairs are my favourite!

 Beautiful pastel pom poms in the primrose bakery

Pastel pom pom’s garlore! This makes me very tempted to decorate my house and windows like it’s a shop, that may invite unwanted (nosey neighbours) attention so I might not :p

 Cupcakes and cakes on stands in Primrose Bakery

I really would love to own one of these green milk glass cake stands. They’re expensive but absolutely stunning.

 Primrose bakery London

The interior and exterior on this bakery are absolutely marvellous!

 Beautiful cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

I love all the colours that are in this little diptych! Those little pansies are a fabulous bit of decor for the top of cupcakes!

 Trinkets and lovely baking supplies from Primrose Bakery

And fabulous gifts and homewares!

 Red valentines cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

These little valentines elves frighten me a little bit, they’re a little reminiscent of goblins. Or is that my imagination?

 Primrose bakery cupcakes

I really love all of these colours! The primrose bakery have a book so I’m sure you could bake all these delights for yourself!

Primrose Bakery

The shop (of products) image is from Grazed Knees

Living The Perfect Pastel Life

I adore Jenny and Aaron from Everyday is a holiday, they’re fabulous! I really love their art work, their blog and their home! This panel of delicious cakes is one of my favourite things ever.

This is one of Jenny’s lovely little art journals, with lots of layers and paints. I must find out where that little speech bubble type stamp is from.

This is the layering of the above journal page, in progress! Jenny traced the doll dress, then used the pencil transfer method on another piece of patterned paper to make a lovely new dress!

I really want all of these panels in my home and I am SO jealous of these guys talent. Seriously, I wish I could paint like that but there would be no way that would ever happen!

This was part of a lovely little cornucopia tutorial and I just loved the paint colours and splatters. I thought that this could make a lovely party hat :p

I really like this canvas because of the use of stencils and bow embellishments! I want those buttons.

The fabulous paint colours from the cornucopia on the most beautiful plate! I just love that colour. And these paint colours are my absolute favourite! You can probably tell why I love Jenny and Aaron so much.

This is one of their most recent panels and I love it. I also would steal every single one of those cake stands! Sorry guys, I would. I love the pink glass one! I don’t eat lots of cake or even bake so I have no call for cake stands but darn it I want them!

Seroiusly, painting tiny dolls faces, PERFECTLY on a tiny little bit of clay! I love the blue hair ^_^ it’s my favourite.

I’ve actually just purchased a print from Jenny and Aaron (as the plaques are expensive on customs tax here in the UK) and I’m SO excited. I spent forever trying to decide between one like this (above)

and this one… and then I didn’t get either haha. Small question… what the heck is this? Pink jars of sprinkles!? Are these for sale or did Jenny use her fabulous candy coloured brain and decant from it’s regular packaging? So many questions!

This is their famous taffy coloured bathroom! I LOVE IT

These are the benjamin moore paints (more info on their blog)

And Aaron! haaay. I love that radio and I might get some poster board and recreate these fabulous stripes.

I NEED a tiny little deck chair! Where the heck would I get one of these?! That wall sconce is absolutely marvellous. Go visit the blog and share the love!

Farm Chicks (oldish) Headquarters

 Using sprinkles as jar decorations storing sharpies!
I’m going to fill a jar full of sprinkles to store my pens right now! If there’s any month to feature anything coloured Red, february is that month! So, I am very happy to show you the Farm Chicks old crafting space that was featured in Jenny Doh’s signature styles book (linked at the end of the post) 
 Retro red floral sewing room

It’s just a little corner but there is perfect storage, Cath Kidston oilcloth on top of the desk and vintage trim catalogue charts on the wall! It’s so charming ^_^

 Retro red cake stand storing craft supplies

I also really like this Candy Cane style shelving, it must be oilcloth right?! And using Cake Stands is always a brilliant idea to display crafty items. I love seeing a big jar of threads ^_^

 Cath Kidston oilcloth covered desk

I love everything in this room! The wee plastic retro bag is adorable and I want to own one! They’ve been so popular the past couple of years, so of course I want one now.

 Retro crafting with the Farm Chicks - sewing room

At work! Look at those fabulous wedge shoes! I’m quite a big fan of the vintage catalogue cards on the wall with all the different colours.

 Vintage colourful pom pom trim catalogue cards
Aren’t they marvellous?! 
 Farm Chicks handmade red apron with fabric covered buttons

And of course… work wouldn’t be work without a fabulous apron!

Farm Chicks
Featured in Jenny Doh’s Signature Styles Book

Perfect Pastel Kitchenware from Leilas General Store


I HAD to include these fabulous Gif files from Leilas general store! I love them. They’re a little bit hypnotising.

I’m quite certain if I entered this store I would never leave again. We could maybe get a little gang together, buy some flowery sleeping bags and fly to Sweden? Squatters rights? I know I’ve got my pink balaclava donned flash mob who is going to travel around europe with me stealing all the pretty things from peoples houses.. so I’m bound to get some ladies coming with me to Leila’s store!

Leila  could just continue with her day… we could make the tea and coffee and just watch in awe. Maybe bring some yarn and crochet some gifts?! :p
Or we could make some fab tea towel crafts with her lovely linens! We could work for having such a pretty roof over our heads :p

 bundt cake pan and enamel frying pan

I am so obsessed with these enamel pans. I mean really obsessed. I had them in every colour on my list to santa but they are a little expensive so I understand why he couldn’t fit them all in with the crazy amount of gifts I received! I also want some pastel spatulas ^_^

 Vintage style cake stands from Leilas general store

How cute are these little pastel bakeware items?! I want the cake stands!

 Pastel coloured enamelware collection from Leilas General Store

You can see why these were on my christmas list right?

Enamel pan from Leilas general store

I’m going to hunt for some of these items. I wish they were easier to find in the UK! I’ve found a few on ebay but I shall keep searching.

 Pastel Kitchen ware and enamel jugs and saucepans from Leilas general store

There are so many beautiful items in this kitchen. I wouldn’t even need real cupcakes everywhere.. fake cakes would make me happy. You shouldn’t make them so flipping pretty!! There is actually a brand of bread here in N.I and it is the softest, most delicious bread and I could eat and entire loaf in one go.. I almost did one night with delicious pb sammiches (don’t judge me!) my dad happens to be good friends with the owner of the bread company and he was so happy I gorged myself on bread and I was outraged! “NO! Take your albs back! My love handles HATE YOU!”

Perfect pastel kitchenware and glass cake stands from Leilas general store

Aren’t these so pretty?! I need the mint glass cake stand and pitcher. AND the pink glass.

Leila’s General Store

Pretty Valentines Finds


curated by Claire on Etsy

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I’ve curated a lovely list of my favourite valentines finds on etsy pages! It’s full of crafty supplies, some lovely cards… anything red and heart shaped :p

Valentines Party In A Box!

 Je T'aime Flags - Valentines party in a box!
How marvellous are these little flags?! I absolutely love um! I was very excited to find this little store on Not on the high street. 
Valentines party in a box
Postbox Party has got a little Valentines Party in a box – ladies (and some gentlemen)… read this or subtly hint “gowd, thats a great idea! What lucky woman would get a little party on valentines.. perhaps with a lovely dinner.. some gorgeous decor…and some trivia! On valentines!” and leave the page open or bookmarked.. or make it your homepage! Hint hint, cough cough, wink wink.. I want a valentines party… 
 Heart print paper straws

I think I have some little heart print paper straws (that’s not important) but they always remind me of the Queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland. Now you will think that too!

 A little mini garland kit  for valentines

All the images in this post are what is contained in the little Valentines Party box! I really like this little garland kit, it’s adorable. And I’m obsessed with glitter so as soon as I spied glitter hearts I was sold.

 Valentines party in a box

 You and me trivia in the Valentines Party in a box

You could play this adorable little trivia game after dinner! Just be careful… this might be like the tv show Mr & Mrs (I’m not sure) but no fighting!

 Vintage sheet music heart shaped table confetti

And obviously… some pretty little table decor is necessary! It’s a beautiful touch that I guarantee no man would think of (unless he’s fabulous).

Two heart shaped sparklers for valentines

These are cute! I hope they’re super safe for indoor use! How cute would this be poking out of your dessert?!

 Little mini heart garland for valentines
See.. glitter hearts! This hearts and arrow garland is my favourite item in the box. 

 Personalised heart print bags

And these little personalised printed bags are included too! Such beautiful little touches and I adore them all!

Postbox Party

A Beautiful Pastel Kitchen

 Pretty pastel kitchen WITH a roberts radio and a turquoise kitchen aid!
As soon as I saw this image, I knew I had to share the blog! I love that Roberts Radio and I really wish they weren’t finished with leather! What is that two tier wire thing?! I want one of those!
 Blue enamel and crockery

And look at all of these beautiful blue kitchen accessories! Aren’t they just marvellous!? I like the big polka dot wash bowl ^_^

 A lovely collection hanging in the kitchen

A collection of linens and food cover hanging in the corner of the kitchen.

Open plan dining and kitchen area in a lovely pastel kitchen space

I love the finish of this table. The fruit being displayed on a cake stand is also a rather lovely touch.

 Such fancy washing up!

I want everything in this image! The fabulous washing up bowl, the pip studio mugs and then everything in the background! Oh! And the dish brush ^_^

 A little galvanised tin full of lovely flowers in the kitchen!

What type of flowers are these? Are they pansies? They’re so pretty.

 Greengate DK Tea Towels hanging on a vintage drying rail

I almost fainted when I saw all of these beautiful greengate tea towels!

 Greengate DK Tea Towels

And then I went on the hunt for a vintage drying rack… I’m still searching. I just love the look of them and I’m fed up of looking at the metal one I have. It’s not pretty, it’s functional but it’s not pretty!

Perfect pastel kitchen accessories

ooooh I love it! Does anyone know the brand of this blue tin?

 open plan kitchen and dining room

The open plan kitchen, and view of the dining table!

 Fire in the corner of a kitchen

What type of fire is this?

washing and drying dishes with a greegate dish brush and shabby cream metal drying rack

I would love one of these pretty wire dish dryers! Luckily they’ve become quite popular so I know where I can get them in the UK.

 I love the little hooks on the kitchen island

I like the hanging items on the kitchen island! It’s a great idea! I also love that pink, raffia bread basket ^_^

 Kitchen island

A view of the pretty flowers on the kitchen island. I love everything about this kitchen, I think it’s fabulous!

 Kitchen island in pastel kitchen

Toves Sammensurium

365 Days of Art Journalling

 Gorgeous photo styling by Annetta Bosakova from 'A Year to Inspire'

I’m so pleased to present to you a new collaboration project between Annetta Bosakova and Stephanie Dahlsrud, who are creating fabulous Art Journals for 2014.

“A while ago I read a book called ‘A Year In Mornings’, a calibration between two social media friends. My heart skipped a beat as the simple beauty the two friends captured was very inspiring. In turn it made me want to try something so unique and daring as life gets the best of us and committing to a 365 is just that, daring. I’m hoping that this project will also take me where I normally don’t have the time to take myself in my creativity.” – Annetta

 Art journalling with Annetta Bosakova

So far some of the prompts have included:

Earliest Memory
Someone You Admire
Pick A Quote

 Art journalling collaboration project called 'A Year to Inspire'

So far, the ladies have been creating daily with supplies they have handy and I think it’s a marvellous idea! Last year I concentrated on other projects and Project Life and I really miss art journalling. Including doodling, painting and drawing.

That little quote is available on the blog as a free download to help inspire you!

 Paint and journalling supplies

Photos of craft supplies always make me happy!

 Gorgeous flowers

Photos of flowers make me even happier!

 A perfect little place to create!

This is the smallest little space I’ve ever seen! To think of the incredible images that come from this little table is just marvellous! It shows that you don’t need a huge studio to create incredible photography.

 Bakers twine and journalling with A Year to Inspire

I’m obsessed with bakers twine so it’s nice to see that it’s included in the tool bag :p

 Art journalling all year with Annetta and Stephanie

Water colour paints are great to have on hand. I absolutely love working with watercolour paints and pencils.

Watercolour with Annetta Bosakova

This is also available as a free download! I love it! My favourite colours :p

Go follow the collaboration over at A Year To Inspire