DIY Memo Board | Upcycled Pot Holders

Im so excited to share this with you!!

So on wednesday my bf and friends had to move out of their house and i swear… they were giving away everything. I got so much!! I got these fantastic cork pot holders and as soon as i saw them i knew what i was going to do with them!

All you need is….. 3 Cork Pot holders of your choice, Cute fabrics, cut into squares slightly bigger than the pot holders, some push pins, string or yarn and a stapler/staple gun. I actually ran out of staples so ended up using my staple gun.. wrecked the house trying to find it!!

So i started off with the fabric down on the table, rear facing up – the bright pattern facing the table, simply placed the pot holder on the table and pulled the fabric up and pinned it to the rear to secure…

I continued doing this, pulling the fabric tight against the pot holder and securing it at the back with a pin. I made sure the fabric was taught and there were no creases along the side or it wouldnt look right when you turned it around…

Dont worry that this looks a total mess! The pins are only to keep the fabric taught when you are stapling!! Turn it around to check you are happy with how it looks…

At this stage, you pull at the fabric and begin to staple all the way round keeping it as tight as possible.

After you have done this you can remove the pins and use scissors to trim the excess fabric! When complete it should look like this…

At this stage measure a piece of string or yarn across your pot holder.. tie two knots in each end and staple on the back. This is for hanging on your wall.

This should be lanscape, apologies!! But you get the idea!! Et voila.. a really easy upcycling project!!

These are the pretty memo boards hanging in my hallway!! Im thinking of putting them in my bedroom because they are too cute!

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  1. Oh wow! You're so resourceful & they look sooooo good! 🙂 This is the sort of thing I would intend to do, but the materials would just sit there for months until I ended up just tidying them away!! 😦

  2. dont feel bad sarah i do that too! these were so easy though and all the materials i needed were right there in the one place.. it took no time at all to do and one of my goals this month is to continue making my house a home.. so lil decorations like this are perfect!

  3. wow these are amazing!!!!!!!!! I love this idea, seriously!!!! I need to go find some cork board pot holders like now… thanks for sharing. your wall is absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  4. lol thanks guys for all the lovely comments!! If you want to feature on your blog at all fell free to use images as long as you link it all up to the Hearthandmade Post too!!

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