A Peak Into My Craft Room and My Ikea Shelves!

No, before you ask, this is not sponsored by ikea lol. It just so happens that I am incredibly poor all the time so that is where I buy my furniture :p So this is a peak into my wee crafty shelves in the craft room or  ‘The Wee Sweat Shop’ as my boyfriend calls it!

These are my two brand new Spontan Magnetic boards beside my expedit. I will show you a picture now of before spontan arrived… you may be able to see the bare walls beside the expedit. The room is coming along nicely!

See… On the left here as a view from the sofa Ive set up a permanent sewing table (so to speak) which I haven’t shown you but I will eventually :p to the right of the expedit I have moved that bin of papers and now the table top ironing board hangs on the nail below the green next bag. that was my bin :p above there then Ive now got a bag full of plastic bags to use as bins etc. The iron goes ontop of the wardrobe and slipped into the side… basically that bottom corner down there is my ironing on the floor space. 

These are just above the sewing table so theres a little clip that can hold documents and printed out sewing tutorials! My to do list and to buy lists are up there too! Here, you can just about see my permanent sewing table fixtures and down to the right is the cats tent.. fashioned out of a box lid and another box.

Ok now obviously the sewing machine lives on the table… Collipe as I have so named her. Those of you are into your greek mythology may get that one! 
The top shelf there holds all my sewing books but they were all the floor when I shot this because I was working on some project organization! I promise that once I get back to ikea and get myself a large rug and maybe sorted out my wee sewing space a little better I will show you! If i refer to the second image from the bottom showing the sewing table… Its actually a fold away picnic table thats great if there are guests over because we can fold it up and save space but I might get a fold down table set up under the magnetic boards because the picnic table is an awful height. Its too short for ordinary chairs and my back is starting to suffer. Perhaps I could just cope with the little table I have and Use some bricks or wooden blocks to prop it up taller and invest in a back brace maybe?! Who knows…

Who loves the Cath Kidston decoupaged bread bin?! That currently stores printer ink, small tool sets, and diy bits and bobs every crafter needs ^_^

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Lots of love Claire xo
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  1. So beautiful and organised. And I can spot many items that I'm in possession of too 🙂
    Ikea is perfect for storage furniture – we have a wall of Billy shelves for arts&crafts etc. in the study.


  2. Ah Claire, I *loved* this little peek into your creative space. And I spotted a gorgeous Cox & Cox covered box under your sewing machine. I tried to get some sent to Australia but they're now discontinued. So lucky you! J x

  3. oh your room is so 'cear' and clean! so much space (because of the white:D) I also have my furniture from ikea.. the whole room really.. but because it's easy to buy there and plan everything and it's not very expensive too. well I have the heapest pieces ;p I also have the shelf you have but smaller 🙂

  4. Love your little Wee Sweat shop,lol.Its so neat and tidy and small.But it doesnt look crammed into.I do love Ikea as well.The bread bin ohhh my Cath Kidston is the best.Thats the cutest.Happy weekend ahead to you  Claire!

  5. Well now I'm jealous! I have a sort of craft room but unfortunately it's also my two kittens bedroom and the ominous 'room where everything that doesn't fit elsewhere gets put' Means it looks a bit like a tip really and I barely fit in! 

  6. Thank you! I only ever take pictures of the craft room after I have had a clean up. Im in the middle of a couple of projects now and the room is a self contained splosion ^_^

  7. lol this was our spare room with a broken double bed so i demanded the bed get taken away and i gave away my old cupboards and decided I wanted ikea to kit the place out with a sofa bed so i can work in it instead of having a wasted space! My things used to be all over the house and i would sew at the dining room table and scrapbook on the living room floor! No matter where you went in our house my mess would be everywhere! Flowers and buttons stuck to feet and the rest ^_^

  8. lol dont. Right now my room is a total mess because im in the middle of a few projects. There are scraps all over the floor, invoices.. cant get in the door for wadding blocking it and the ironing board has just actually taken up the full size of empty space I had as I need a big table type thing for pinning bias binding! phoo!

  9. i love the shelving…probably saves you alot of space too! IKEA rocks.  I hadnt seen the bread bins, interesting though! :))))

  10. i love it! you can never go wrong with ikea shelves. and i have the same white storage boxes. somehow they make piles of old magazines and papers look awesome! 

  11. I don't know what it is but I see things like this it makes me happy, slightly envious and kind of excited all at the same time. What a great space you've got for crafting in – I've shared this already with the Twitter world 🙂

  12. I've come back for another look!  Getting to like the fresh white furniture. Did a review for a uk home mag which was fun and since been out and bought white paint! Like the white shelf so my fresh blue may also become white!  back sooon as gotta work! Les – The Bathtime Team

  13. LOVE it. i want to get one of the big expedit shelving units like you have…it would be so nice to have in my craft room!! i just have to justify the price to my husband, which is the tricky part…haha. also, almost our whole house is ikea so theres nothing to be ashamed of 🙂 hehe

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