Designer Loves and Product Lusting! Fiona Hewitt of Design Dumpling and Miso Pretty!

Im sure a good few of you will already be familiar with *if not already huge fans of* Fiona Hewitt. The wonderful designer of brands such as Wu&Wu, Dumpling Dynasty and Miso Pretty for another company. I LOVE her designs. I have a few Wu&Wu items, I buy when I see and when I can afford! 

I found these illustrations on Fionas website as there are lots of the illustrations I hadn’t seen before, just whatever was in the shops at the particular time of the Miso Pretty Brand. 

Haha I love it! 

A range of perpetual calendars has been released this year and I think they’re fabulous! 

Dumpling dynasty had a range of tins a while back and I had the romantic notion of collecting them all but I only ever got the baking tin lol that arrived slightly sqooshed in the mail. 

I just adore all of the illustrations. Completely! 

A preview of products and a little pic of fiona in the corner! 

This is the baking kit I have! Sqooshed but loved all the same 

I really want one of these kitty pillows from the new range ^_^

Lots of love Claire xo

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