Art Journalling Resources | How To Layout and Organize Your Art Journal

The fabulous British illustrator Rebecca Horwood offered a post on her blog back in 2010 about how to organise and layout your art journal which I have been determined to share with you for the longest time! 

(I also nabbed her idea of covering my journals with brown kraft paper for continuity purposes when they’re on display). 

As I mentioned in my Ideas for notebook uses blog post last month – i have a notebook which I divided up into sections so that I could use it easily for more topics instead of carrying 4 notebooks which won’t be filled for years.. though I never even thought to apply it to an art journal! My current journal for 2012 is getting quite full so I am quite tempted to buy some kraft a5 binders from paper chase and do it month by month.. alas, I digress… 

Rebeccas post on ‘This Chicken’ blog is a fabulous with only a few simple steps for the effective use of your art journal for when you are working on it ^_^

Please visit this link for the original post and to view the steps!

Rebecca also provided a post way back when (2008 i think) on ‘How to be more creative’ 

If you have been working on an Art Journal this year PLEASE add the link to a blog post below in the comments section or if you’re on flickr, add it to the Heart Handmade UK flickr group so I can see ^_^

Lots of love Claire xo

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