How To Make Concrete Tea Light Holders Concrete Garden Projects | DIY Garden Decor Books

I was lucky enough to get my hands on two fabulous books about gardening and making the garden pretty for spring time! Both of these books are from Timber Press Publishing and I have to say that I fell in love with one in particular :p 

Last year there was a fabulous trend around the Norwegian Interior design blogs with concrete DIY projects for your garden and patio so I was very excited to get my hands on this book. As you can see from the image above, that is how the tutorials are laid out with very easy to follow instructions. 

I loved all the ideas that were in it. A lot of them would be difficult for me to do but a lot of them are fabulous. 

I probably wouldn’t make a gigantic concrete planter; basically because I would never ever get it moved ever again! It looks so very effective though. 

How cute is this wee decorative item? I think my favourite tutorial from the whole book was the little concrete tea light holders which was actually featured as a tutorial on the timber press website a while ago… 

This I could definitely do ^_^ I know I can buy Craft concrete from Panduro hobby. 

This next book by Matthew Levisque was very interesting. It was of particular interest to me as all the items used in this book were all recycled materials which is always a good thing. 

Just a peek at the back of the book incase anyone wants to buy it. I always go looking for photographs of books before I purchase them :p 

This book was quite obviously written by a man.. not that that is a bad thing… in a design sense though it’s not very um.. pretty. Im saying that in the nicest possible way. If I were to design a garden with recycled items I would do my best to make them beautiful and feminine. I could easily take a lot of the tips from this book and make them feminine and make them my own. 

The resources and ideas provided are fantastic and despite the fact that it’s very ‘mannish’ and mis matched in its design, I think this guy has made his own unique style and the information that is provided is well worth it. 

I loved this idea in particular. I could line a suitcase and do this? Maybe? The fact that it’s filled with succulents won me over to be honest! I highly recommend both of these books. The concrete was my favourite though. ^_^ 

The timber press blog has LOADS of gardening DIY projects to sink your teeth into so go and visit and get inspired for spring time! 

Lots of love Claire xo

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