Notebook Ideas #19 | Envelope and Scrap Paper Notebooks DIY | From Oh Hello Friend

I love the little notebooks that Danni from Oh Hello Friend blog makes for her friends and family. Just some sweet little memory keepers that are adorable and lovingly made. Since I got myself some envelope templates from Korea Ive been saving old envelopes I receive in the post with the intention of turning inside out and making into a mini envelope for a journal… none made yet but my intentions are there!

 I love the stitching on the front cover and the random bits of ephemera on the inside. I love to see how people work with little journals and notebooks.. its always very interesting! 

This is so cute! I would really appreciate someone making something like this for me but I don’t know if many of my friends or family would. Maybe my mum…nothing for them to fill in by themselves anyway! 

I think this wee set is my favourite with the cute vintage patterns and coloured envelopes ^_^

You can tell this second little notebook set is for a girl and not her partner ^_^ I love the colour! Those washi tapes are also quite pretty.  

Lots of hidden notes for keeping memories and cuteness! The blocked colours are fabulous and really make the wee vintage pattern really pop. I also love the stitched details on the little tags and pieces throughout the notebook. 

 I really want some of those notebook paper glassine bags!! Too cute for their own good. 

A great idea and very adorable. I find i need washi tape for keeping things safe in envelopes inside art journals or notebooks. Speaking of which…. my 2012 art journal is already quite full!I might need another one!

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