Bright Pastels and Candy Colours in the Home | Anna Weinreich Interior Inspiration

I’ve been stalking Annas blog for quite some time now and I absolutely love her images from all throughout her home! I love this wallpaper! Is it Pip Studio? £60 a roll! I wish! I tried this wrapping a light shade thing but the shape was all wrong and doesn’t look any good lol. I love this version. 

Retrovilla DK sells the most amazing wallpaper. Costs a fortune too but it makes everything look amazing! This decoupage dresser was an amazing job! Well done Anna. 

Such pretty rolls of paper. I want these! I got myself some lovely little wallpaper scraps that can be used for journalling and framing art. 

Look at the lovely decoupage projects Anna has done!! How impressive are these pieces?! 

 Annas kitchen is tiny but it looks fabulous! Although I couldn’t deal with things being out on counter tops. Im such a weirdo about everything. Although you should see my desk right now o_o haha. *mess*

I got myself a gigantic pink light with the big flex cord. I can’t wait until I get my dad to put it up. AND is that a purple corner dresser I can see a sneaky peek of?!?! I love those wooden stools. I have two plastic round stools that are awful.. so I need to tighten them and paint them.. I thought I would go for white enamel but Im liking the crazy colours! Although I could paint the legs white and the tops a colour… hmmm! Food for thought indeed. That little posy of flowers is also incredibly adorable. 

I have lots of these bowls and Rice DK melamine cups! I do wish I had some display shelves. My plates and baking cupboards would be fine to get the old cupboard doors off and show everything. It is soooo tidy! 

How beautiful is this display in the living room?! I love the paper covered tins. Vintge fabric pieces. I recognise a few of those! Some vintage british patterns in that little stack. And of course the Rie Elise Larsen boxes to drool over. 

In norway… where do you guys get those lights? In the UK they were first introduced by a company called cable and cotton. I would love some but I’ve never been able to decide on a set of colours lol. Im so indecisive and I also like to change my decor with the seasons. Id end up spending a fortune! 

I love this table layout. And now I want some coffee.. of course! And one of those turquoise retro chairs! I have cheapo Ikea Jeff folding chairs in our dining room because I can fold them away when the floors are getting cleaned etcetera! and also when they aren’t being used. I like a lot of space. Ive always liked space. 

 I love this kitchen so much. So tiny though but I can tell you now I have a wee shopping list on the go.. I say shopping list. A wish list. What is that thing on the wall? The blue thing that looks like a pot lid? 

Ok so on my wish list…

A plate rack for the wall
Crochet Pot holders
Kitchen utensils in funky colours
Vintage pots with patterns on them that are still usable
really cute tea towels

See Annas  blog here. If you stop by you can leave her a comment and tell her where you jumped from! She speaks english perfectly and is also very lovely.  

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