Spring pastel Colours | Crochet and Shabby Chic Home Accessories from Lisbeth Sin Lille Verden

If I had any of these beautiful items in my home.. everybody would be banned from using them! Any pretty pot holders or oven gloves I get always get burnt or covered in non removable tomato sauce fat or melted cheese fat! It’s impossible to have a pretty girly kitchen full of love when the items might get ruined!

I have to make myself one of these! I need to start practising my crochet again ^_^ I crochet a heart garland two years ago I think but I never even thought of crocheting different colours hearts. Im so in love with that coral flower. Definitely one of my favourite colours this season! Perfect spring time garland ^_^

A bin full of Tilda papers would make anyones world complete. 

I think this is one of those Ikea jugs.. i have it in white! There are green gate tins in there and Rex Inter tea tin which you can get form dotcomgiftshop I think. I would love one of those stove top kettles up there! 

It’s photographs like this that make me spend a fortune on simple things like greengate bowls and flour shakers! Of course I have a cath kidston flour shaker, but obviously one isn’t enough! 

I have this fabulous cath kidston book, in fact I have all of her (larger full size) hardbacks on sewing, stitching and patchwork but I haven’t tried cross stitch yet! Not even the wee free project. It was all that buying new yarn! 

This is fantastic! I have a memo board that I made last year with a white frame and it has some cath kdiston fabric on the board but I think it could be doing with being updated! I am also slightly in love with that table cloth. I may have a wee look for more lovely patterned oil cloth for my living room!

I have recently become obsessed with all things vintage and the modern vintage style, I have lots of fabric and very little money so homespun style (by selina lake) was a big inspiration for me. I wish I could cross stitch but Im very impatient!

Pip studio are one of my favourite brands as you know! Where could i get pip studio tea towels? 

So pretty! I would love loads of this paper ❤ I actually stopped typing for about 4 minutes there thinking of all the things I would cover using this paper! Sorry folks lol I got distracted by all the prettiness!! I am actually wondering if she covered these herself. I must go look for the blog post on her blog and re read.

Lisbeth created this lovely patchwork wall for her daughters bedroom! It looks fabulous. Would love to know if she bought rolls or just samples of this wallpaper because Pip studio wallpaper is £60 a roll! 

gorgeous!! I really want to paint my floors white. I think my landlord would murder me. If i painted the living room laminate white though it would just be a big beacon of light. Since we painted the walls bright it is lovely and bright when the sun is out ^_^ you can’t get me out of that room when the sun is out. Luckily its been snowing and quite dark. Thats right folks. Snow in april. Crazy stupid weather.

Have any of you guys got a plate collection? I would love to see if you do! Or a plate rack too. The fact that the plates have just been made more of a focal point with these vinyl wall stickers make me very happy!

An enormous collection of green gate mugs and jugs and loveliness! This lovely lady must spend an absolute fortune!

This was her advent christmas display. How beautiful is this! Im building my crockery haul one at a time with little purchases and always on birthday and christmas lists! Im getting there ^_^

I do need to find myself another useful basket for transporting my crochet. Or… empty the little basket I have been using to store things beside my bed. Although it has developed a wee hole and doesn’t hold that much yarn. Maybe 3 skeins.. so another basket wouldn’t be so bad really would it? I also want one of those rugs! They look like they would be so soft under foot. I also have those bed clothes! I do love ikea ^_^ although I find ikea bed clothes are a nightmare to iron. Yes i like having ironed bed sheets. Including the fitted sheets. Im a weirdo.

Such beautiful colours in this house. I love it! And from some of the photos on her blog it looks like she’s near a lake or the sea! Beautiful location and gorgeous interiors ^_^ 

Go visit Lisbeth, you will love her!! 

Lots of love Claire xo

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