Patchwork and Crochet Quilting Inspiration | Helen Phillips Blog

I have discovered the most beautiful blog for patchwork quilting and crochet inspiration! A woman after my own heart – Helen Phillips! 

I love these beautiful colours and painted furniture. Thanks to Cath Kidston I think this is becoming British Style.. or am I wrong? English cottage style? 

This yellow fabric is my absolute favourite!! I love it! Its great inspiration for some bright patchwork quilts. 

I love this Chicken money box from Cath Kidston ^_^ I wanted to buy it but was quite lazy and prioritised my money differently. Chicken money box wasn’t at the top of the list! I really love the mix of white squares in this quilt! 

I have decided, after a long time that I do want to learn cross stitch. One of the few crafts I haven’t tried and I absolutely love the effect. 

This cornflower blue colour is so pretty! Although I never would have put the pink green and blue together like that but it is very lovely. From my Cath Kidston stalking I have discovered it is all about the colour clashing. Im also tres impressed about the joining as she goes! 

oOOooOoo I want these! The patchwork especially. The thing that is good about crochet is that its possible to bring it with you. i suppose you could do that with patchwork if you’re into hand stitching but I imagine that would take forever and a day! 

I really wanted the Cath Kidston knitting bag but I didn’t like the handles… now Im wishing I had. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! 

anyone know what brand this tin is? I just love all of the colours in these little pin cushions too ^_^

This lady is a crafty do it all! Love the fabric used on this tea cozy only Im not one for using tea pots. Stewed tea.. yuk! Those scones look delicious though.

go visit helens blog. you will be lost for hours!

Lots of love Claire xo

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