Vintage Fabric Sewing | Carrier Bag Holder and Sewing Machine Cover

A little instagram photo of the sewing machine cover I made with a glorious vintage floral fabric from Lyon. ^_^ the colour of the polka dot fabric is actually coral, I’m not sure why it looks so pink in this photo. I would love to buy more if I could find it.

and this is a carrier bag holder. I’ve made just this one so far but I need to make two extra; one for kitty poop scooping bags in her bathroom and then one for my wee crafty space! Or I could get a bin but that would mean sacrificing much needed floor space!

This is the top of the carrier bag holder. I just used off cuts, it took all of 10 minutes from picking the fabrics that quite neatly fitted together and then the red cord was upcycled from one of those shop paper bags that had the rope handles. I’ve lots of those so will probably use them again.

The elastic used in this was also upcycled. Last Christmas when I was helping my mum sort through clothes and things there were a few pieces of clothing and pyjamas that definitely had their day and were going to the textile recycling so I liberated all the elastics and cords as I knew they would come in handy!

And the whole thing is made from old sheets so genuinely 100% upcycled apart from the thread. ^_^ and the sewing machine came from my granny. Lol. Reduce, reuse and recycle ^_^Any quick sewing projects to share? Minimal effort is what I am all about :pLots of love Claire xo
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