Torie Jane Pastel Floral DIY Tutorial BullDog Binder Clips

The lovely Torie Jane has offered up this little ‘How To’ on her gorgeous pastel coloured cabochon glued bull dog clips! Not a giant tutorial.. but has be kind enough to provide the source of where she purchased those beautiful cabochons and the correct type of glue to use. 

I love all of these colours so much!! I also love Torie Janes blog and frequently drool over all the lovely colours ^_^

Id love to visit this lovely gems house and just stroke everything lol. Her Laundry Room photographs inspired the majority of items that are going on my birthday wish list :p Just beautiful. And a Cath Kidston addict like myself. I do wonder where those pantone cards came from! I do love them. I shall google

See Torie Janes fabulous blog post here. 

Lots of love Claire xo

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