Washi Tape Decor For Your Home | Ideas and Inspiration from Boligliv

I am so happy that Washi tape has taken over the planet! The folks over at Boligliv Magazine are also big fans with lots of lovely inspiration for using washi tape as decor in your home. This washi tape tree is very cute, although I would feel like I was wasting my money making a tree like this ^_^ perfect for a kids room don’t you think? 

Now this little mobile I love! A very simple DIY project I should imagine and gorgeous for a children’s room or as part of some party decor. 

This was part of an easter article through the magazine and I love all the artwork on the wall. I have done this in my crafty room and also have a lovely calendar and seasonal fruit and veg calendar taped to my fridge. (I will try and take pictures but its north facing so always very dark!) 

This made me do a wee squeal of excitement. These folks have definitely been much more creative than I have with taping these things to the wall. Such a great arrangement. It seems to have been created with such reckless abandon but I seriously doubt thats the case. You never know with these stylists though ^_^

Love the idea of taping vintage tins! I think I will have to do this with labels. I wonder how it would look on jars? The best thing is washi tape is quite easy to remove (also very good at removing plaster from walls haha… thats a bad thing). I do love this neon tape. I haven’t bought any washi tape in a long time… although I do have quite a bit. I treated myself to some lovely paper tape but its not the same texture as washi tape, it’s not as thick either but good for journalling. I shall post a picture soon ^_^ 

Head over to Boligliv to see all the lovely washi tape articles on offer! 

Lots of love Claire xo

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