Summer Garden Party | Pretty Florals and Vintage Touches For Outdoor Relaxation

Summer garden party with vintage colander and cath kidston enamel bowls

Who doest love pretty floral vintage inspired table settings and reading books in the sunshine? I also love being inspired by flower arrangements in jugs! I am rubbish at arranging flowers so finding these pictures is great inspiration for styling and arranging ^_^ the fabric on that chair is absolutely gorgeous too. 

oooh look!! Ive no need for a colander full of apples but I do want one. Those metal chairs are stunning and I think I’m going to put an enamel tea pot on my wee wish list. Goodness, if you’re in the UK you will be fully aware of how horrendous the weather is so this is my gift to you.. join me in my imaginary sunny garden party! Because I think it’s the closest we are going to get ^_^

oh look at all those cushions! They’re huge! Or thats a tiny bench ^_^ The cushion on the end with the very bold print on the back is fabulous. Im also in love with that fishing creel wicker basket. Ive had one of those on my wish list for years but they’re very expensive; especially when I only want it to store blankets! 

Anyone know what these flowers are? That gorgeous little posy vase is from john lewis apparently. What a fabulous gazebo. The details in these close up images are fabulous. Im always inspired for constant styling. 

oh look! A close up. And the cath kidston enamel bowl is full of cherries!!! I loooove cherries. I would be so happy in this garden for an afternoon! 

Are any of you holding garden parties? Outside of the united kingdom obviously! Because we have all drowned by now. 

This feature is from Julys Country Living. Styling CarolineReeves and photographs by Catherine Gratwicke

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