Rosa Rot Shabby Chic Kitchen | Crochet Pot Holders and Greengate Baking Supplies

Ooh pretty crochet pot holder! I love it! I also love all of these flowers. Do you spy all of those beautiful  Greengate blue latte cups and ceramic jug? I have the green version of one of those greengate latte cups.. so I need to buy some more. I need to! Also loving the fact that this wonderfully creative lady has added a simple ribbon to that ikea jug/vase! So simple and so effective. Im doing it! 

I could just squeal at all of these gorgeous greengate items! Ive never made any square cupcakes using the greengate cupcake cases I bought last year.. I used them for storage and organising my office bread bin ^_^ I didn’t want to waste them haha. On account of their cost I suppose :p I also spoilt myself with greengate tea towels. That aren’t allowed to be used! 

woot woot! Making pancakes! I really want to get a blue version of that ikea jug too. This has also reminded me that I need to buy little herb pots to keep on my kitchen windowsill ^_^ What a gorgeous dresser. Is that what it’s called? In a kitchen/dining space? Everytime I see greengate items in blogs like this I end up spending a flipping fortune! 

This just is beeeeaaa-utiful. Ive found some in the UK made by Gisela Graham. Gorgeous baking shots indeed. 

woo! A jar of tilda strawberries!! I love Tilda books from Tone Finnanger – Sew Pretty Homestyle.  Such a beautiful trivet too! 

and all these pretty little details! Including the Tilda handmade Placemats on that stool. Love it! You can buy the Tilda book here. 

I’m so envious of the entire collection of greengate dk products in this home! I’ve said it before and I will say it again.. these people must earn a small fortune to be able to afford all of these gorgeous products!

ooooh these look delicious! Especially on a glorious summers day. I spy one of those Tilda handmade  placemats from the book Sew Pretty Homestyle!

This is one of my favourite cushion covers that have been made using crochet and fabric. The join is fantastic and it took me quite a long time to learn how to do this properly! 

Visit the Rosa Rot blog and share the love!

Lots of love Claire xo

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