DIY White Board Reflector For Taking Great iPhone and Camera Pictures In Natural Light | My Photography Lighting Set Up

Well hello to you lovelies! 

I thought I should share how I take light bright photos and pretty decent quality even using my iPhone. (The Photo above was using my iPhone 3gs in March. Ive upgraded to the 4s and the camera is fantastic)

I used

4 Sheets of A2 White Mounting board (i like mounting board because it has a sheen and it reflects white very well)
Gaffer tape/Duct Tape (I used white) 
That’s it!  

You can see the duct tape in the image above, I just secured all the sides basically. I do have 3 sides and a base but I regularly just use 2 sides and a base. Luckily they fold flat so I can put them behind the sofa for storage. 

You can see the duct tape on the corner here. I know there is a big gap here but if I put a little weight on the top as I take the image the join disappears. 

This is the full set unfolded. Depending on the weather and amount of natural light available depends on how I use this little box! Luckily I have a bay window so I have the angles coming in to hit both sides of the box.

A wee set up! 

Another example of an iPhone picture using the reflective boards. 

I also use dropbox on my iPhone 4s as I can upload images straight to my computer for resizing. If you don’t want to resize you can upload to picasa directly or photo bucket and use for your blogging. 

Makes blogging much easier!

If you could be so lovely as to address your attention to the big button on the side bar; Ive been nominated as one of the best DIY UK blogs through Cosmopolitan UK and I would really appreciate your vote! It was an honour that one or some of my readers nominated me so thank you. All you need to do is enter an email address, on the next page click DIY section and you will see me there. Of course check out the blogs but I would be very grateful for your vote ^_^ 

Lots of love Claire xo

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