DIY Tutorial Yarn Wrapped Wall Art | Ikea Pot Holder Turned Knit Wall Art

How cute is this? I didnt mean for it to be wrapped in a union jack style shape but I will eventually unravel and fix it!
All you need…

1 Cork Pot Holder
1 Ball of Yarn
1 Set of Knitting needles
Push Pins

I just secured my yarn when I wanted to change direction using one push pin and just keep on wrapping. That is all there is to it. 

and wrapping and wrappping.. (it doesnt actually take that long)

 This was my pot holder when covered and then I chose a pair of knitting needles in a pretty colour to jab through wherever I could (Im so technical).

Et voila. I can’t knit so I thought I would need a better use for these gorgeous coloured knitting needles! Now they’re on display in my hall way ^_^

This is from my yarn stash sent to me by homecrafts (hence all the lovely yarn posts this week!)

Lots of love Claire xo

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