Vintage Styling and an Eclectic Home from Paula Mills | Sweet William

I wish I owned this gorgeous box of blankets!! Very lovely indeed. I want to feel the lovely red folded blanket that is in there. It looks fabulous. I am also rather partial to the design on the wooden crate! 

A perfect little inspiration space! Lots of illustrations and alphabet inspiration. And of course.. the trustiest wooden drawers from ikea. 

The wall art in this image is really what drew me to it! And of course Paula Mills lovely home images and her Sweet William blog. I am a huge fan of those formica chairs. Tres retro. What a find! 

I would really like to see more of this canvas that is poking out the side of the image! A very kitschy little shelf of decor. I really like the globe.. although Im secretly hoping its a gigantic pencil sharpener. I do know this is not the case, dont ruin my dreams!

I have loved this photograph for years.. I found it on flickr many many moons ago and I still love it! I always kept my eye out for lovely vintage saucepans with lids but never any quite as wonderful as these! Or the floral tins… I still keep an eye out though ^_^ just incase I get lucky!

How very lovely! After my post last week about the Travelling Art Journalling mission with Run with Scissors.. I am SO tempted to buy a wee suitcase for journalling supplies. Of course I dont NEED it.. or any more storage lol but of course.. I want. Ive also been thinking about the new kitchen trolley from ikea again… I dont need it… it could be quite useful but I should probably organize all my supplies and things first huh before I get too excited. 

A red sofa! Yes please! And that big tall amp shade. I love this space. So eclectic and lovely for entertaining! 

Visit Paula Mills here 

Lots of love Claire xo

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