Fabulous Embroidery Hoop Art Work | Lucky Days 365

OMG! Darth Vader on a bicycle yes please! And the tea pot lady. Good lord. I am so inlove I cant even tell you! This is a fabulous exhibition by Lucky Jackson of 365 Lucky Days and the art work hoops appear to be labelled/numbered from 1 to 365. 

I have that yellow fabric! I just.. I am blown away with this art work. I would love to know what the drawings are created on. 

This display is incredible! 

I love the green polka dot dress on the little girl. I would definitely hang that up in my house. Several of these actually. 

Lucky is an incredible artist! I love this ‘blue steel’ drawing. The drawing itself is fabulous and just is the most intense wall art I have ever seen! 

*gasps* Who loves Kill Bill?! Or Daryl Hannah? 

You can buy patterns and instructions on the etsy store.. go visit Luckys Blog ^_^

Lots of love Claire xo

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