Chunky Yarn and Gigantic Knitting | Flocks Design Christien Melndertsma

A project for The Nature Conservancy made with wool from an organic flock of Panama sheep from Lava lake Ranch, Idaho back in 2009. I adore this big chunky yarn. Makes me want to start weaving! hah! 

This is just marvellous! Perfect for making that enormous crochet doily rug that has been floating around the internet thanks to Meg Mateo Illasco and her crafty goings on. 

Oh look at it! I bet it would marvellous for hanging christmas decorations off as a garland! 

I wish I could knit. I could knit a scarf in about two seconds flat and it would be giant!

A rather wonderful hexagon knit patchwork rug. It would make the heaviest blanket on earth.
Perfect viewing for a cold november day dont you think?

Christien Meindertsma

Lots of love Claire xo

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