Spring Colours and Products for your Home | Cath Kidston Spring and Summer 2013

I had almost forgotten how much I loved the colour yellow until the sun came out (very briefly) last week! I am just in love with all of these eiderdowns. If only I had several hundred pounds to spend on these.

They call me mellow yelllllow! Quite rightly ^_^ I love these items. I did my usual – going through Cath Kidston and adding items to my basket and all of the items above were in my basket  and the pictures below. I love the spatula!

and the rolling pin. Alas.. I am on a tight budget. Im pretty sure that there wont be a sale for quite some time new as we’re just in the new season.. and all the good stuff will go fast. Those two bottom lovelies… the bowl and cup are melamine and perfect for camping so Imagine these will be hugely popular in the summer. I use this site for keeping up to date on any offers that are coming up or Cath Kidston vouchers that are available.

I need to get myself some sturdy dining room chairs and a decent table. I dont even want to talk about the disaster that is my dining room table and folding chairs. Plus my main motivation is painting them pretty colours… obviously. I want those flippin bowls!

ooo I love that lemon fitted sheet and I adore that bed! I already use one of the cath kidston shoe bags for my laundry.. it only takes socks and pants and things but thats enough if you’re on an overnight stay somewhere I suppose. I have my regular bag for life style bag for all my dirty clothes. mmm mm beautiful topic of conversation! I actually saw some marvellous laundry options after I signed up to achica. I fell for the tv advertising.. obviously I was the target market! Unfortunately it is out of my price range for the moment. oh Im going to do some investigative work but Im sure that deals offering site would keep you up to date via email maybe or rss? I shall check but you can get info about any store deals – Achica deals

I think I’m going to shut up as Im getting rather upset that I cant own everything Ive shown in this post. Including the yellow linen cabinet!  – Cath Kidston Site

Lots of love Claire xo

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