Patchwork Inspiration from Around the Web via Pinterest

Feedsack quilts from Meadowbrook Farm Blog. This stack of feedsack quilts are just incredible. I am so jealous of this collection I don’t even know how to relay my feelings to you! This hexagon pattern is so impressive. 

This was created by ‘Anyone Can Quilt’ Blog. I love the mix of peaches and mints in this quilt ^_^

The wallpaper quilt is by Kelly McCaleb. I love that little fan!! This quilt is just beautiful and I think it’s fabulous. 

This lovely is from Posie Gets Cosie. I just think this photograph is incredible! Not to mention the beautiful patterns ^_^

This vintage quilt is from I Heart Linen Blog. It looks so cozy and gorgeous. 

Does this lovely little quilt need an introduction to who made it?! It was the fabulous Amy of Nana Company of course!! I am in love with Amy and all of her marvellous creations. I’ve featured Amy on the blog before and you can view it HERE.

These gorgeous pillows were originally from 101 Woonideeen. I love these cushions but I also want that big giant rie elise larsen box that is being used as a bedside table! It’s gorgeous. It also probably cost a small fortune ^_^

Originally pinned from The Plum Verbana. Isn’t it beautiful? Hexagons again ^_^ I think I’m only a big fan if hexagon quilts are vintage, feedsack quilts or in gorgeous pastel colours. 

This lovely quilt is by Messy Jesse.  I dont know which I love more in this picture; the quilt or the chair?! 

Hand stitched details from a blanket created by Citta Designs. The detail on this quilt is just fabulous and so striking. 

Vintage sheet patchwork blanket by Smile and Wave blog. A great quick blanket perfect for picnics and the like I should think. 

This gorgeous vintage quilt was created by Cozy Things. It really does look so very cozy! If I remember correctly the creator of this marvellous blanket over at Cozy things wasn’t even that happy with the end result. Personally, I think it’s great. A job well done ^_^

Triangle Quilt by Cluck cluck sew! Now these colours are just perfect for me! I love them all. I also love the style. Triangle quilts have become increasingly popular on pinterest so I guess I’m not the only fan ^_^ I like something quick.

You can see plenty more on my pinterest board!

Patchwork Inspiration Pinterest board 

Lots of love Claire xo

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