Book Love | Contemporary Upholstery Techniques and Inspiration for Upstyling your Furniture by Hannah Stanton

Contemporary Upholstery Book by Hannah Stanton

I’m very excited to share my thoughts on the book ‘Contemporary Upholstery’ by Hannah Stanton. At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 I had decided that I should definitely start upcycling furniture. I had a few very lucky finds on gumtree… I also got lucky when a family member was downsizing… and then my house was full of vintage furniture that needed taking care of. I’m still only one project down with three to go but crikey am I happy with this book because my biggest fear was the wicker chair with the removable seat lid with fancy springs and piping. I have never tackled piping before. Or removing years and years of paint layers from wicker. It’s “in progress” but I am very pleased with the advice from this book.
When I first got my hands on ‘Contemporary Upholstery’ I fell in love with the cover immediately, it all felt rather atomic and I couldn’t wait to paw through the pages. With glee (of course) I did a quick flip through I couldn’t believe how fabulously ‘easy’ this all looked. 

Contemporary Upholstery Book by Hannah Stanton

There are some fabulous pages showing you the basic tools that you will need for any upholstery project you might be tackling and I had to write a little shopping list because there were a few things I didn’t have which I definitely needed. As for my ‘painted wicker’ problem; I’m stocking up on nylon brushes. I don’t suppose there’s some fancy gadget with nylon bristles that I’m missing?! Also…. crafting ladies… I’ve noticed that anytime I’m in a craft store or a shop that sells nice looking scissors.. I buy them. My house is coming down with scissors. Last count I had 15 pairs! Surely I can’t be the only one with this affliction?

Contemporary Upholstery Book by Hannah Stanton

This rather marvellous publication has quite an extensive fabric guide on which fabrics are suitable for which type of projects you may be under taking. 

There are also a LOT of great tutorials on basic tutorials and repairs. This would be a fantastic idea and I would probably be panicking slightly less about the task of covering this stupid seat pad/spring thing if I just had to do minor repairs instead of a complete recover but I shall take a few deep breaths and keep reading!

There are some great features on furniture upcyclers and how they deal with their projects!

Of course this book is aimed at anyone with even a slight interest in furniture repairs or upholstery and I would highly recommend it for anyone considering a project. After having done a little research it really is more contemporary than other upholstery or furniture books I’ve seen.

You can buy the book here.

The photos in this post were shot with a Canon 40d and edited using Rad Lab. 

Lots of love Claire xo

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