Eames Style Dining Chair Ideas

At the beginning of the year I decided that I had to get new dining chairs! I’m still currently using ikea jeff chairs that cost £5.99 each! Of course… no expense spared in this house! My initial plan was to find mixed chairs and painting them but then I found these beauties! Eames style dining chairs from Lakeland- Furniture. They’re gorgeous chairs and I was lucky to get some fantastic service too. It only took a couple of days before these beauties were at my dining table! If I was giving a star rating for Lakeland Furniture in this mini review it would be 5 star. 
Image is from Forever Love

I really like the wooden legs on these Eames Style DSW dining chairs so I went ahead and got two from Lakeland-Furniture.co.uk, I had some concerns at the beginning they wouldn’t be that comfortable as I need cushions on my Ikea Jeff chairs but these Eames Stlye chairs are fabulous and very comfortable to sit on!

Don’t they look fantastic? You can of course buy them in different colours from many sources including Lakeland-Furniture. Image above seen via this link

The white version is for me.. I have a very dark dining room so any reflective surfaces or whites are perfect! Via here

These chairs are via Hus O Hem and I think this is an Eames Dining table also, only with the metal legs instead of the wooden legs. Now I’m just going to include more lovely images of these chairs for you to swoon ^_^

The above two images are from Alexander White Se

Seen on Heart Home Magazine Website

This image was originally seen on The White Company 

 Link via here.

Seen via Flickr


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