The Best Little Play Shed for Girls

First of all I have to say how incredible this little shed is! I adore the colour ^_^

I wish I could get those fabulously decoupaged Ikea drawers (that are on the wall) from Ikea in Belfast. I’m sure you can see why I love this little shed! It’s my dream home in a tiny shed ^_^ the white painted wooden floors, the pink painted dining chairs and table and the turquoise vintage corner end shelves! Marvellous!

The colour of the shed and that little pink post box are just perfect. They compliment each other perfectly.

I wonder if this fabric is Rice dk. It looks very similar!

This copper tea pot is an absolute gem of a find! I have to ask.. are curtains under kitchen cabinets the ‘usual’ type of thing you see in Swedish kitchens?

I can’t believe this is a little play kitchen! I can’t see too well but I think that play food might be crochet, which got me very excited indeed!

and of course a vintage cup and saucer is necessary in a little play shed that looks like a dining room better than my own!

and decorative plates on the wall! Why didn’t I have a shed like this when I was little?!

Pure perfection! Have your kids got anything like this? Or did you have anything like this when you were little? 

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