16 DIY Pencil Case Tutorials

Back to school is much more fun when you dont actually attend school anymore. After yesterday’s post of a lovely Cath Kidston pencil case tutorial I thought I would share an extra 15 for you all to try out/choose from.

DIY Back To School Pencil Case Tutorial
How beautiful is this case by Kristyne from Pretty By Hand? This isn’t a free tutorial but I thought it would serve as some fabulous inspiration for you! Rounded Pencil case tutorial PDF pattern
This is the Cath Kidston pencil case tutorial  from yesterday. 

Lecien Fabric Patchwork DIY  Pencil Box Pouch Tutorial
Pretty japanese patchwork large pouch. This type of cosmetics box pouch can make a great pencil case if you take art and carry your supplies around! I would recommend lining with oilcloth or a treated cotton. And if you study art or anything ALWAYS put a cap on your craft knives. I can’t tell you how many pencil cases I’ve sliced right through! I also cannot look at this photo with the little name in the bottom corner without Julie Andrews singing in my head! 

Another, rather lovely Zakka style sewing pouch from A Spoonful of sugar designs. These fabulous ladies have so many pencil case tutorials! I wont share them all here, you can just look at their most popular tutorials in the sidebar. They’re all there!

I like this type of case for sticking inside a ring binder. via One Golden Apple

I love this little zakka pouch as it looks very roomy indeed! Via Innocentia

Washi Tape Pencil Pouch Sewing Tutorial

Alisa Burke created this messy stitching Washi Tape pencil pouch tutorial.

DIY Crochet Pencil Pouch Tutorial

A crochet pencil case tutorial! It can be made a little sturdier depending on the type of yarn you use.

DIY Pencil Pouch

Plain and simple little pencil cases from Ann Kelle

Pencil Case DIY

This is a lovely little gingham zakka pencil case tutorial!

A little bunny pencil pouch courtesy of this lovely Zakka Sewing book via Craft

This lovely little pencil case is from Ideas Mag South Africa

eep!!! This one for me please!!! This felt kitty pencil case tutorial is from Do Small Things With Love

DIY Crayon Roll Tutorial

How adorable is this little crayon roll from Domestic Bliss Squad?! 

This lovely little pom pom trim pencil case tutorial is from Shop Ruche.

Are you making your pencil case this year or any for your kids? 

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