A Perfect Pastel Cupcake Shop

Welcome to Fairytale Cupcakes in Norway! I really wish I could visit this store! It seems rather compact and bijoux but perfect in every way.

I would kill for a sofa like this and these tables with lace tablecloths are absolutely adorable! and look at those lovely pip studio cups and saucers that have been turned into a lamp with a Rie Elise Larsen paper shade.

Just a beautiful shot of these syrups ontop of the most perfect pink cabinet!

A marvellous shot of these beautiful cupcakes on that lovely white cake stand.

What a beautiful arrangement of vintage photographs on the wall!

I like the way the menu is displayed! This little chair is a lovely colour too ^_^

Anything that has pip studio wallpaper and white flooring is going to be a favourite of mine. That’s the end of that story! If you add in some vintage furniture then I will squeal like a little girl!

It looks like a beautiful, wintery Norwegian day out there! I love the little breakfast bar and tall stools. A great idea for a small space and instantly adds more seating.

All in pinks and blues; my favourite colour palette. 

and this lamp! They must have just drilled holes and stuck a lamp base up there, or attached a base and ran a cord up there. The second option is probably more likely actually now that I look at the top of the cups and saucers. It was a great idea!

I really want a pink cabinet like this! 

It looks like christmas time! Those toadstools are enormous! Are they decorations? Just glass blown?

I want all of this furniture too. I just need to go and start painting everything I can find. I’ve been thinking about painting my coffee table blue but I will let you know how those thoughts go. I might not! 

Isn’t it fabulous? How could you go to a stupid chain coffee store when some independents are this incredible?!

Fairytale Cupcakes

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