A Retro Pastel Kitchen and Baking Dream

How fabulous is this pretty Retro Diner style kitchen from ‘passion for baking’ blog? I love the blue and white chequered floor! Manuela Kjeilen is Norways answer to Martha Stewart in the baking department. She owns more than one kitchenaid mixer and a kitchenaid coffee machine so that can tell you how well she has done for herself!    

I love these retro style candy lolly pops. Her whole kitchen is like a childrens candy store dream!

See what I mean! I want some of these jars and all of the sweets. Especially strawberry bon bons. I love the Strawberry Bon Bon coloured paint on the wall.

I love it! I’ve so many things on my shopping list from this blog! Greengate clocks hanging in the kitchen.. a beautiful blue kitchenaid mixer… and pink spoons! I want it all!

Doesn’t this look delicious? The pink coffee pot is now also on my list of wants and desires.

How beautiful is everything I’ve shown today?! I would want those chairs if they weren’t leather. And I want a pink kitchen aid blender! Darnit! I am clearly a lady with expensive tastes! I shared an image of Manuelas kitchen on facebook and someone commented how much they feel sorry for the husband. Haha. Don’t give him a choice!

I must find a recipe for eggless lemon tart. I do miss meringue the odd time but it’s very fleeting! Lemon meringues used to be my favourite. A pink fork! This lady is a dream in pink.

I love the details in this kitchen. And the pink stool ^_^

Are these soap or something?! How would you put them in a jar without squishing the frosting?! Answer is.. you dont. So it must be soap!

I love these Lisbeth Dahl jars. Does anyone know where I can buy them?

Lovely and delicious looking frosting on those cupcakes?

Oh my.

Look at these marvellous colours! My favourites!

ooh this looks like a lemon chiffon cake. I’ve now also put a wooden tray on my wishlist, to be painted of course. In a gorgeous pink.

This is absolutely adorable. Do any of you know what this is or what it is called? I know the drawer is large enough to hold cupcakes as there are images of it on Manuela’s blog.

Look at those kitchenaids! And lovely pastel spatulas and enamelware! Oh I want it all!

Don’t these look delicious? I love the pink and white colours  and the texture in the background. Really makes for a beautiful and interesting image!

What type of frosting is that?! I love that black and white polka dot apron with pink ruffle trim and blue pocket. Beautiful! And look! Manuela has the new ikea medicine cabinet! oh I must do some rearranging or throwing out to see if i can make some space in my house!

I love everything about this kitchen. The colours make my heart sing! Passion For Baking blog 

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