Cath Kidston Spring Summer 2014

I completely screamed the entire house down when I saw this caravan sewing box! It’s on my wish list, although no gifts for me for another 6 or 7 months so I shall cross my fingers it doesn’t sell out by then! I absolutely love it!!! Can you tell? Was that a bit over the top? haha! Do you see the little floral pattern on the caravan? I think it’s a new one, I’ve seen the lovely fabric covered box and notebooks in the stationery section that I also fell in love with instantly ^_^ 

I absolutely love those pyjamas, but I cannot find them on the site anywhere so they must not be available just yet. Have patience Claire :p Of course that’s the thing I notice, instead of announcing the all new ‘painterly rose’ pattern! I do apologise. You can get mixing bowls, rolling pins, spatulas, aprons, you name it!

I like the shade of blue used on the mixing bowl. What do you think of the new ‘painterly rose’? I’m not sure that I’m too crazy about it, as I really love the traditional style patterns that I’m used to getting from CK!

I do like this China mug though. I thought it was rather lovely!

Did I mention the cake stand was available?!

These kid’s backpacks are so adorable. I absolutely love the polka dot backpack and wish it was in adult size!

The new bright and bold range from Cath Kidston must be doing well if they’ve expanded the range. Perhaps they’re trying to expand their customer base. It’s nothing like the usual and older type of patterns I have all over my own home.

This bird print is bold, but it’s beautiful and I love that clever use of a hostess trolley!

I am going to buy this. This is an absolute certainty. Although I’m also certain I would need one in the other pattern available, one for going into the machine and the other can deal with things coming out of the machine! Or for whites and darks… two always work better than the one in the laundry department!

The blue mug is my favourite ^_^

Old school patterns being expanded into a bathroom set! I was very happy to see this! These two items will also be going onto a wish list :p or I might just treat myself.

After seeing this image, I can finally gauge the size of Cath Kidston travel purses and they’re exactly the correct size for what I would need it for. Can you believe I don’t have a purse at the moment!?

I adore this pattern, whole heartedly!

I also adore this whole heartedly! it’s a toiletry bag but I can think of lots of items to put in there. Crafty storage perfection!

Eventhough I’m not mad about this pattern, I do quite like the measuring spoons ^_^

It looks rather effective when you have the entire collection!

I’m a stationery fiend so I absolutely love ALL the notebooks now available, AND mechanical pencils! Mechanical pencils are a ‘must have’ item for people who enjoy lettering (like myself)

I found this little lockable journal and heart eraser in the children’s section! How adorable is this?! A wee secret diary ^_^

EEP! I’ll have the lot! The ring binder and notebook are fabulous and very complimentary. My two favourite colours!

I was lucky enough to receive a free gift with a magazine, several years ago now but it was a clear Cath Kidston toiletry bag. It was flat, I used it as a travel art journal kit because it was the perfect size for a sketchbook and set of small water colour pencils and I am certain they were incredibly popular with said magazine as here we are two or three years on… and they’re selling them left, right and centre! How fabulous ^_^ I’ll take all the patterns please!

I also own the Cath Kidston travel pillow and eye mask in this pattern but it’s navy in colour. It’s marvellous! I use the eye mask quite regularly as I must have complete darkness! I’m a big fan of that little travel bag. My wish list appears to be growing.

And these folding toiletry bags are also fabulous for art journalling or craft supplies. I’m not big into make up or toiletries, so if I ever receive toiletry bags as gifts, they usually end up being used as craft storage.
Ladies… take a look at what is hanging over the shower… a towel or a bathrobe?! I don’t care what it is, I must have it!!!!

And finally!!! The washi tape patterns for 2014!!! Yay! My favourite of all the new releases are always the washi tape patterns ^_^

What is your favourite pattern for this year? 

You can view the new items and the all important washi tape via this link 

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