A Cath Kidston Filled Home

 Pastel knitting and Cath Kidston mug
I was so happy when I found this fabulous blog and the gorgeous images of a home filled with Cath Kidston goodies! Mary Janes tea room is owned by the very talented Susan and is a knitter of soft toys and little animals. 

 Cath Kidston Magazine files in a bookcase and a lovely CK filled home!

I love being able to have a nosey at peoples creative spaces and how they store craft supplies and what’s on display!

 Cath Kidston magazine file

When I saw these magazine files in Cath Kidston (online store) I actually thought they were flat! The image on the CK site was rather deceptive. I wish I had bought some now! Feeling the January pinch ^_^

 Chalk painted cabinet

This photo is full of so many marvellous little decorative touches I don’t really know where to begin! I tell a lie, the painted drawers. I love them! The colour is fabulous and I’m curious as to whether or not this was painted using Annie Sloan paint. I like how the tartan blanket matches the drawers beautifully! I love the Greengate clock too… you know I’m obsessed with Greengate DK. 

Coloured yarn
Colourful Yarn storage

I absolutely love seeing images of yarn collections and all the lovely colours and textures!

 Crochet hanger decoration and lovely pot holder/granny square

I like the hanger that matches those fabulous drawers! That flowery ribbon looks like Cath Kidston to me! A surprise I know.. :p How beautiful is this?! Using a crochet or knitted flower as decoration on a hanger is a beautiful touch. If I was staying at this ladies house and this was hanging in the guest room I would want to steal it.

 Tanya Wheelan fabric and cath kidston fabric covered buttons

All my favourite shades! Those fabrics are absolutely stunning and I would love to see the full pattern on the fabric at the bottom of that little stack.

 Perfect Pastel Yarns

O_O this is so beautiful!

 Pink and yellow lovely photo styling inspiration

These images are rather suited to an Easter theme but I had to share them as the styling is impeccable!

 Floral fabric covered buttons on pip studio plates

Some lovely fabric covered buttons on top of Pip studio plates! I am obsessed with Pip Studio and I really wish I owned more of the items. I was lucky enough to receive a gift card for christmas for a store that sells Pip studio so there’s a chance I might go a little crazy.

 Winding yarn

Look at this yarn winding contraption! How great is this?!

Go stick the kettle on and visit Mary Janes Tea Room. Please note that I have edited the images in this post by removing all the decorative frames that Susan uses on her blog.

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