Cath Kidston filled Tea Room Crown and Crumpet

 Cath Kidston filled tea room
I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found Crown and Crumpet tea rooms in San Francisco! I like the fact that Cath Kidston is everywhere! The sofa, chairs and lampshades are upholstered in Cath Kidston fabric and I absolutely adore the mix of colours throughout. 
 Crown and crumpet - cath kidston filled tea room
Those built in shelves and cabinets are absolutely marvellous! I absolutely love the shape of that couch, can anyone tell me what the name of this type of sofa is? 
Tables in the tea room - crown and crumpet san francisco

Such lovely little tables! I want to open a tea room now :p

 Cath Kidston filled tea room in San Francisco

I really love those ceiling lightshades and I think they would look rather fabulous in my living room. Well, one of them anyway.

Crown and crumpet tea room

I don’t think I would be able to control myself in a store like this. I’d be buying the crown decorations and anyway!

 Cup and saucer

I must go and make some tea

 Sweet display in crown and crumpet

How incredible is this?!  I think my house could benefit from one of these lol. Not really. I just love it when I see these in shops and all the delightful items on display!

Cup and saucer in crown and crumpet

I like their little logo ^_^

 Colourful cath kidston table cloth in crown and crumpet

And I am crazy about the blue painted furniture that houses all of the crockery from Crown and Crumpet.

 Cath Kidston upholstered sofa in Crown and Crumpet tea room!

And I’m so crazy about this sofa, I can’t even tell you!

Crown and Crumpet

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