New Stationery Items from Pip Studio

 Pip Studio Photo Poetry Scrapbook
 Pip studio Small Notebook Collection
 Pip Studio notebook collection
 Pip Studio Boxed notebook set
 Pip Studio sticky notes
 Pip Studio notebooks
 Pip Studio gift wrap
Pip studio pattern for 2014
 Inside pip studio mini notebook set

 Pip Studio notecards in a tin

 Pip Studio 3d gift tags
 Pip Studio Onesie

Ok, so maybe not all of the items in this post are brand new but the majority of them are! I had to stick in some of my favourites and the onesie! I didn’t even realise there was one available. The only downside is that we are only able to get some of the range here in the UK. I’m absolutely obsessed with stationery and I seem to buy every pretty notebook I can find. I know I’ve posted about Pip Studio before as it’s a very beautiful brand and I adore their crockery ^_^ I think I should feature more Pip finds as soon as I find them :p

You can buy the stationery items here.

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