Dreaming Of Spring Floral Arranging and Display

Flower arranging

When I saw this fabulous magazine excerpt I knew I had to share it with you all! A beautifully styled editorial where vintage florals, prints and furniture are combined to perfection. I adore these little bud vases and when I see magazine features like this I usually end up spending a fortune on new glassware that I definitely don’t need.

 Flower arranging and styling in vintage style room
An image like this would make me go searching for vintage tapestries, gigantic yarn and vintage bottles; all to use as photography props that I will probably forget about and never use! Always purchased with the best of intent. I absolutely love everything in this image and if I was at this photoshoot I wouldn’t be able to work; I would just be staring at everything and touching. 

 Flower arranging in cut glass vases

This image is absolutely stunning! I love the fact that some petals have been pulled from each of these little flowers to use as ‘added visual interest’ and mixing the textures. I always learn more about styling images from these perfectly styled photos but I never remember or implement what I learn! I must write lists and stick them places to remind me!

 Flower arranging and pretty vintage glass bottles and vases

These images just make me so happy ^_^

Beautiful Blooms and flowers arranged in bottles and jars

Do you spy that little tin? I’d be stealing that! And maybe some of the textiles :p

 Beautiful flower under a cloche - That vintage silk kimono hanging over the room divider is absolutely stunning

And this cushion. The extra large flower under a cloche is a fabulous touch. I love all the texture from the vintage chairs and that room divider. I would be stealing that dress too! I just love it all and I hope this post brought a little sunshine to you day!

Styled by Lara Hutton and photographed by Anson Smart for Country Living Magazine UK

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