A Shabby Romantic Polish Home

 A box full of sequins, ribbons, lace and trims. I need more sequins in my life!
This gorgeous image of a box of vintage dyed lace, sequins and ribbon trim is going to end up costing me a fortune because I want it all! So I’m off to ebay and etsy to start searching for similar vintage treasures! How fabulous are these colours?! After seeing this image i made the executive decision that I need more sequins in my life. 
Shabby romantic inspiration decorators diary

I really enjoy peeking into peoples creative journals! This shabby chic home decorating journal is absolutely beautiful and you can really see the shabby chic influences from this little journal that have been transformed into beautiful rooms and lovely decor!

 Pink Marie Antionette Tea Tin

I want this tea tin! I love tea tins and I love baby pink. Alicja is so lucky I’m not being invited round for tea because I would be bringing the biggest ‘shop lifting’ handbag I could find. And the house would be empty.

 Shabby romantic lace desk top! Im going to add some vintage lace to my mail basket ^_^

Adding lace to a lovely little mail organiser is a fabulous idea! What a glorious looking desk space!

 Shabby cushions and blankets

I must get an aqua coloured, velvet cushion. I am rather obsessed with different textures at the moment and velvet is lush ^_^

 Shabby shelving

These shelves are beautiful and I would love to see a full view of them!

This blog has a lot of wonderful little vignettes throughout and it’s full of mini vintage lampshades with vintage silk flowers and they’re stunning! A romantic, dream home for me.

 Romantic purple and mint lace table scape

I wonder if Alicja dyed these beautiful linens herself… aren’t they stunning? This colour palette takes my breath away. I would be in a state of complete awe if I was in this house!

 Beautiful textures with Sequins feathers and tulle

ooh! I need more sequins and tulle in my life!

 I am crazy about this cast iron day bed! A shabby chic and romantic bedroom

What a marvellous day bed! Oh I could lie here all day with my laptop and watch things, work and look at my surroundings! These colours are so beautiful.

 Romantic shabby chic scrap fabric dream catcher DIY Project idea

I really like this little decor and I’m feeling inspired to make something pretty to add some scrappy decor to my bathroom!

 Romantic Shabby Chic light shades on a chandelier
See what I mean about all of the little lampshades? I’d steal those too :p I just love them! My parents have a little chandelier type light with three arms, so I am going to find some small shades and decorate them for the dining room. 

 Romantic, shabby chic light fixture

What would you call a light like this? And what type of pom pom trim is that? It looks like faux fur balls instead of yarn pom poms.

 Shabby chic romantic table - I would love to eat breakfast here

If this were my breakfast table I would never leave. Or get up and achieve things. I’d move from the table to the lovely day bed that’s above and that’s it! It’s too pretty to leave ^_^

 Shabby Chic romantic postcard collection

I would love to buy post cards of Alicja’s images if they’re available! I hope you enjoyed these beautiful colours. I’m feeling inspired to dye some lace, in a lovely aqua colour.

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