My Favourite Wall Art Ideas

 Stitched collage wall art
I’ve been in the market for some new wall art for quite a while now; not just for my hall way but in my parents house too, both of which are totally different in style. The above inspiration is for my own house ^_^ I love the canvases and the trio frames. 
 Canvas wall art ideas

I love hearts! Anyone guess that? The canvases and the 3d punched hearts actually look really good together! I also really love the large collage style canvas on the shelf. That piece of furniture is absolutely stunning. I don’t know if I have enough space for all the things I want!

 Free Stitching cupcakes in a frame - wall art from argos
 Free motion stitching cupcakes in frame wall art

I really love these! They’re affordable and I don’t have to learn all about free motion stitching. I’m far too lazy for that. I’m so glad Argos have started stocking this graham and brown wall art! I absolutely love it all!

 Punched 3d heart and butterfly wall art decor

These beautiful frames would really suit my hallway. It’s beyond me why I chose to have magnolia paint on the walls but any wall art that can detract from that fact is more than welcome!

 Home Sweet Home Wall Art

I quite like this. I already have a metal home sweet home sign but this looks a good bit lighter than the one I have! I also want the vase, the bottles and that lamp! Want want want.

 Heart collage on canvas

I really like the size of this canvas and I actually think it would look great in my mums kitchen so I might have to send her the link and try and talk her into it! 

 3d punched hearts in shadow box - wall art ideas!

You know what would make these perfect? If they were stitched down the centre. Just for a little added visual interest.

 Stitched hearts in a frame - free motion stitching

I really love these. I might have to treat myself to the whole set! Treat y’self! *parks and rec reference*

Photography on canvas - romantic wall art ideas
 Romantic canvas wall art

This is the type of wall art that would suit my mum and dads dining room and I was trying to keep the purple and pink tones quite subtle to make it quite shabby chic and romantic so I’m not 100% sold on the butterfly print. I like the little drawers! I will show the boss and see what she says :p

All the wall art was found here.

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