365 Days of Art Journalling

 Gorgeous photo styling by Annetta Bosakova from 'A Year to Inspire'

I’m so pleased to present to you a new collaboration project between Annetta Bosakova and Stephanie Dahlsrud, who are creating fabulous Art Journals for 2014.

“A while ago I read a book called ‘A Year In Mornings’, a calibration between two social media friends. My heart skipped a beat as the simple beauty the two friends captured was very inspiring. In turn it made me want to try something so unique and daring as life gets the best of us and committing to a 365 is just that, daring. I’m hoping that this project will also take me where I normally don’t have the time to take myself in my creativity.” – Annetta

 Art journalling with Annetta Bosakova

So far some of the prompts have included:

Earliest Memory
Someone You Admire
Pick A Quote

 Art journalling collaboration project called 'A Year to Inspire'

So far, the ladies have been creating daily with supplies they have handy and I think it’s a marvellous idea! Last year I concentrated on other projects and Project Life and I really miss art journalling. Including doodling, painting and drawing.

That little quote is available on the blog as a free download to help inspire you!

 Paint and journalling supplies

Photos of craft supplies always make me happy!

 Gorgeous flowers

Photos of flowers make me even happier!

 A perfect little place to create!

This is the smallest little space I’ve ever seen! To think of the incredible images that come from this little table is just marvellous! It shows that you don’t need a huge studio to create incredible photography.

 Bakers twine and journalling with A Year to Inspire

I’m obsessed with bakers twine so it’s nice to see that it’s included in the tool bag :p

 Art journalling all year with Annetta and Stephanie

Water colour paints are great to have on hand. I absolutely love working with watercolour paints and pencils.

Watercolour with Annetta Bosakova

This is also available as a free download! I love it! My favourite colours :p

Go follow the collaboration over at A Year To Inspire 

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