Farm Chicks (oldish) Headquarters

 Using sprinkles as jar decorations storing sharpies!
I’m going to fill a jar full of sprinkles to store my pens right now! If there’s any month to feature anything coloured Red, february is that month! So, I am very happy to show you the Farm Chicks old crafting space that was featured in Jenny Doh’s signature styles book (linked at the end of the post) 
 Retro red floral sewing room

It’s just a little corner but there is perfect storage, Cath Kidston oilcloth on top of the desk and vintage trim catalogue charts on the wall! It’s so charming ^_^

 Retro red cake stand storing craft supplies

I also really like this Candy Cane style shelving, it must be oilcloth right?! And using Cake Stands is always a brilliant idea to display crafty items. I love seeing a big jar of threads ^_^

 Cath Kidston oilcloth covered desk

I love everything in this room! The wee plastic retro bag is adorable and I want to own one! They’ve been so popular the past couple of years, so of course I want one now.

 Retro crafting with the Farm Chicks - sewing room

At work! Look at those fabulous wedge shoes! I’m quite a big fan of the vintage catalogue cards on the wall with all the different colours.

 Vintage colourful pom pom trim catalogue cards
Aren’t they marvellous?! 
 Farm Chicks handmade red apron with fabric covered buttons

And of course… work wouldn’t be work without a fabulous apron!

Farm Chicks
Featured in Jenny Doh’s Signature Styles Book


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