Living The Perfect Pastel Life

I adore Jenny and Aaron from Everyday is a holiday, they’re fabulous! I really love their art work, their blog and their home! This panel of delicious cakes is one of my favourite things ever.

This is one of Jenny’s lovely little art journals, with lots of layers and paints. I must find out where that little speech bubble type stamp is from.

This is the layering of the above journal page, in progress! Jenny traced the doll dress, then used the pencil transfer method on another piece of patterned paper to make a lovely new dress!

I really want all of these panels in my home and I am SO jealous of these guys talent. Seriously, I wish I could paint like that but there would be no way that would ever happen!

This was part of a lovely little cornucopia tutorial and I just loved the paint colours and splatters. I thought that this could make a lovely party hat :p

I really like this canvas because of the use of stencils and bow embellishments! I want those buttons.

The fabulous paint colours from the cornucopia on the most beautiful plate! I just love that colour. And these paint colours are my absolute favourite! You can probably tell why I love Jenny and Aaron so much.

This is one of their most recent panels and I love it. I also would steal every single one of those cake stands! Sorry guys, I would. I love the pink glass one! I don’t eat lots of cake or even bake so I have no call for cake stands but darn it I want them!

Seroiusly, painting tiny dolls faces, PERFECTLY on a tiny little bit of clay! I love the blue hair ^_^ it’s my favourite.

I’ve actually just purchased a print from Jenny and Aaron (as the plaques are expensive on customs tax here in the UK) and I’m SO excited. I spent forever trying to decide between one like this (above)

and this one… and then I didn’t get either haha. Small question… what the heck is this? Pink jars of sprinkles!? Are these for sale or did Jenny use her fabulous candy coloured brain and decant from it’s regular packaging? So many questions!

This is their famous taffy coloured bathroom! I LOVE IT

These are the benjamin moore paints (more info on their blog)

And Aaron! haaay. I love that radio and I might get some poster board and recreate these fabulous stripes.

I NEED a tiny little deck chair! Where the heck would I get one of these?! That wall sconce is absolutely marvellous. Go visit the blog and share the love!


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