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Living The Perfect Pastel Life

I adore Jenny and Aaron from Everyday is a holiday, they’re fabulous! I really love their art work, their blog and their home! This panel of delicious cakes is one of my favourite things ever.

This is one of Jenny’s lovely little art journals, with lots of layers and paints. I must find out where that little speech bubble type stamp is from.

This is the layering of the above journal page, in progress! Jenny traced the doll dress, then used the pencil transfer method on another piece of patterned paper to make a lovely new dress!

I really want all of these panels in my home and I am SO jealous of these guys talent. Seriously, I wish I could paint like that but there would be no way that would ever happen!

This was part of a lovely little cornucopia tutorial and I just loved the paint colours and splatters. I thought that this could make a lovely party hat :p

I really like this canvas because of the use of stencils and bow embellishments! I want those buttons.

The fabulous paint colours from the cornucopia on the most beautiful plate! I just love that colour. And these paint colours are my absolute favourite! You can probably tell why I love Jenny and Aaron so much.

This is one of their most recent panels and I love it. I also would steal every single one of those cake stands! Sorry guys, I would. I love the pink glass one! I don’t eat lots of cake or even bake so I have no call for cake stands but darn it I want them!

Seroiusly, painting tiny dolls faces, PERFECTLY on a tiny little bit of clay! I love the blue hair ^_^ it’s my favourite.

I’ve actually just purchased a print from Jenny and Aaron (as the plaques are expensive on customs tax here in the UK) and I’m SO excited. I spent forever trying to decide between one like this (above)

and this one… and then I didn’t get either haha. Small question… what the heck is this? Pink jars of sprinkles!? Are these for sale or did Jenny use her fabulous candy coloured brain and decant from it’s regular packaging? So many questions!

This is their famous taffy coloured bathroom! I LOVE IT

These are the benjamin moore paints (more info on their blog)

And Aaron! haaay. I love that radio and I might get some poster board and recreate these fabulous stripes.

I NEED a tiny little deck chair! Where the heck would I get one of these?! That wall sconce is absolutely marvellous. Go visit the blog and share the love!


365 Days of Art Journalling

 Gorgeous photo styling by Annetta Bosakova from 'A Year to Inspire'

I’m so pleased to present to you a new collaboration project between Annetta Bosakova and Stephanie Dahlsrud, who are creating fabulous Art Journals for 2014.

“A while ago I read a book called ‘A Year In Mornings’, a calibration between two social media friends. My heart skipped a beat as the simple beauty the two friends captured was very inspiring. In turn it made me want to try something so unique and daring as life gets the best of us and committing to a 365 is just that, daring. I’m hoping that this project will also take me where I normally don’t have the time to take myself in my creativity.” – Annetta

 Art journalling with Annetta Bosakova

So far some of the prompts have included:

Earliest Memory
Someone You Admire
Pick A Quote

 Art journalling collaboration project called 'A Year to Inspire'

So far, the ladies have been creating daily with supplies they have handy and I think it’s a marvellous idea! Last year I concentrated on other projects and Project Life and I really miss art journalling. Including doodling, painting and drawing.

That little quote is available on the blog as a free download to help inspire you!

 Paint and journalling supplies

Photos of craft supplies always make me happy!

 Gorgeous flowers

Photos of flowers make me even happier!

 A perfect little place to create!

This is the smallest little space I’ve ever seen! To think of the incredible images that come from this little table is just marvellous! It shows that you don’t need a huge studio to create incredible photography.

 Bakers twine and journalling with A Year to Inspire

I’m obsessed with bakers twine so it’s nice to see that it’s included in the tool bag :p

 Art journalling all year with Annetta and Stephanie

Water colour paints are great to have on hand. I absolutely love working with watercolour paints and pencils.

Watercolour with Annetta Bosakova

This is also available as a free download! I love it! My favourite colours :p

Go follow the collaboration over at A Year To Inspire 

In The Studio of Eva Juliet | Pretty Paintings and Illustrations from Mon Carnet Blog

I have loved Eva Juliet for a long time so I was very happy when she started to blog in 2011 and share pictures of her lovely art work and not just etsy listings! This photo is the most beautiful photo of a colour chart I’ve ever seen!

These are gorgeous autumnal colours and the decor is so whimsical.

I love seeing sneak peeks into peoples work spaces. Is that ceramic? Where the paint is being mixed? I’m squinting to see. I should know by now that doesn’t work. 

I love all these different palettes. I also love this aqua colour in all of it’s beautiful formats. Water colours and inks are my favourite types of illustrations so Eva Juliet is a big favourite of mine ^_^ such beautiful art work. 

This is a family tree!! Isn’t this a fabulous way to record a family tree? Those leaves are so beautiful and I love the little frames ^_^ 

oOoo I’m beginning to fill with envy because I don’t have this talent! This is a gorgeous peony AND I’ve just learnt something new. A grid system is a great way to gain perspective for drawing and painting. Hmmm. 

Eva Juliet Blog

Lots of love Claire xo

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Sponsor Love | Patriotic Fourth of July Decor Made from Paper Fans from Target | Everyday Is A Holiday with Jenny and Aaron

It’s getting Patriotic to Murica up in here! Fast approaching your fourth of July celebrations my lovely friends and sponsors of Hearthandmade posted the most fabulous tutorial of vintage looking collage fans with pre made fans they found in target! 

These are said fans ^_^ you can make them much more interesting! 

Gather your supplies! Im a bit jealous of all the ric rac these guys own! 

Vintage photographs and some backing card (more sturdy than printer paper with all the collage bits and bobs making it a little floppy). 

All of the techniques that the guys used and the collage methods are explained over on the blog post! 

I love how smiley these ladies are ^-^

There are way more photos and all the information on art supplies used over on their instructional blog post.  

They also have a book coming out and I’m so excited I could flippin burst. You can order the book HERE via book depository. It’s a world wide link with free world wide shipping and you can pre-order. 

I edited the images above from Jenny and Aarons post (to lighten them and add a little punch) using Rad Lab. (a PS plug in and you can download a 14 day free trial).  

Are you interested in sponsoring Heart Handmade UK and getting a feature post or sidebar button? Click HERE for more information. You can receive a 20% Discount using discount keyword RUBYRED in your contact email ^_^  Offer Ends 4th July

Lots of love Claire xo

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Scrapbooking and Journalling Inspiration | Memory Book from What Ina Loves

I dont know about you guys, but after the ‘December Daily’ project I was suffering from a little ‘Scrapbook Apathy’ and I really had no motivation to journal or create scrapbook layouts until I saw this post. Ina has created a scrappy project life lusting monster! 

I loved all of the tabs in her memory book. It transpired that she has purchased the album as a kit from a lovely seller on dawanda. 

To see the queen. As the song or rhyme goes! I love the colour of this book and it really did inspire me to start project life. And yes, in June! I thought to myself that only I could be as dopey as to start something like this in the middle of June but after much research into the whole set up, Ive discovered a couple of other bloggers who have done the very same. So, I don’t feel too bad. ^_^

Isn’t it marvellous? I will be printing all of my pictures on my home printer so I hope my binder (a 6×8 handbook) will hold at least 6 months! I know to keep everything as flat as possible. 

What Ina Loves is a fabulous blog so you should probably boil the kettle and make some tea before you go and visit. You might be there a while! 

Lots of love Claire xo

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TIme For Tea | Fabulous Collage from British Mixed Media Artist Priscilla Jones

What is there to say apart from squealing at your computer screen?! I mean really… I ventured over to her etsy store in the hope of finding some prints or postcards but it was empty. (-_-)

These images are just fabulous and it really is tempting me to get back into journalling again! I’ve taken a hiatus from my journalling due to other projects being in the fore front but this work is so inspiring! I also want some cake and some tea. 

I love to mixture of fabric scraps, stitches, paint and buttons. They look marvellous! I wonder if they’re created on little pages and then attached to canvas because they were available as small square blocks in the imagery I saw of her prepping for an art fair! hmm. I must do a little more research!

Can anyone see the main reason I was probably, most likely drawn to these?! Apart from them being fabulous.. theyre all pastel colour delightfulness! I love them all! The colours are so soft and beautiful. I would be happy to have any of these in my dining room. 

Such a gorgeous little pot of strawberry jam! I love it! 

a trolley of tea and lovely stitched cakes! I’m off to put the kettle on. ^_^

Priscilla Jones Website

Lots of love Claire xo

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Art Journalling Inspiration | Spontaneity and 5 Minute Collages by Laura Bucci

 Laura Bucci is a fabulous artist and recently shared a very good post on becoming slightly more minimalist in her creative life and in turn using time effectively to create art and pieces of writing.

View her post via THIS LINK. It’s not always about creating pretty pieces of work.. it’s about expression and taking the time to organize yourself. A marvellous piece of writing!

Lots of love Claire xo

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Overcoming Creative Block in 10 Easy Steps by Debbie Millman

A hand-lettered list of advice on breaking through your creative block from artist and writer Debbie Millman. I absolutely love it. And I thought I was the only weirdo who did Number 9 lol. 

  • Get enough sleep! Sleep is the best (and easiest) creative aphrodisiac.
  • Read as much as you can, particularly classics. If a master of words can’t inspire you, see number 3.
  • Color code your library. That is fun, and you will realize how many great books you have that you haven’t read yet.
  • More sleep! You can never get enough.
  • Force yourself to procrastinate. Works every time!
  • Look at the work of Tibor Kalman, Marian Bantjes, Jessica Hische, Christoph Niemann, and Paul Sahre.
  • Weep. And then week some more.
  • Surf the Web. Write inane tweets. Check out your high school friends on Facebook. Feel smug.
  • Watch Law & Order: SVU marathons. Revel in the ferocious beauty of Olivia Benson.
  • Remember how L-U-C-K-Y you are to be a creative person to begin with and quit your bellyaching. Get to work now!”

  • Im sure all of you have experienced creative block at some stage! Ive suffered for months without the energy, motivation or inspiration to do anything at all and nothing compares to the anguish that comes with such an affliction. Especially when it comes to writing blog posts! 
    Musician (and now author) Alex Cornell (whilst in the depths of a creative rut) reached out to some of his favorite artists and asked them for their coping strategies in such an event.  The incredible responses ended up being compiled into his book Breakthrough!: 90 Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination  — “a small but potent compendium of field-tested, life-approved insight on optimizing the creative process from some of today’s most exciting artists, designers, illustrators, writers, and thinkers.” My favourite of course… is from Debbie Millman. 

    The list is part of this fabulous book. The cheapest I have found is here through Book Depository with free shipping ^_^

    Lots of love Claire xo

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    Dia De Los Muertos Pastel Halloween Journal Layout | Journalling With Jenny and Aaron

    I know it’s a little late… but this was my journal layout (almost finished) for halloween! Following on from Jenny and Aarons eleventh journalling class (you can find here).

    Last week, in the days coming up to halloween instagram followers got regular updates into my progress of painting the face of my magazine lady from a clairol ad! 

     Many many layers… the first of the updates. One of my favourites I think. 

    Lots of love Claire xo

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    An Autumn Art Journal | Fall Memories and Color Palettes Free Illustration and Vintage Book Page Links

    My gord, what a palava. I dont know what was going on with Blogger recently but some posts were doubled or trippled and others were deleted. It just so happens that the post for today got deleted hence why this bad boy is late! Luckily though I had my photographs ready but not the links and text. But have a peek into the first few layouts in my autumnal journal! 

    My first page, a cut out from a country living magazine and some lovely Studio Calico wood veneer stars.


    This… this was what I wasn’t looking forward to explaining! I found this anthro magazine illustration via pinterest but if you clicked on the link from the UK you got redirected to the standard site. It took me FOREVER, ok 10 minutes tops, to find the illustration to nab and print out. I hope THIS LINK works without the redirect but I cannot be certain. 

    If you cant open the above link just save that image. 

    You can find that little vintage Autumnal Poem here via Flickr as a free download and printable

    This is one of my favourite pages in my journal. Created using book pages, gold metallic docrafts paint.

    using a little paint brush and some watery black acrylic paint I painted these letters. gesso underneath and the painted dots were created using the end of a glue stick! 

    This is Beryl.. doing some titles ^_^

    I like this colour palette page too. Created using magazine cut out, pencil, washi tape and lots of layers. My messy desk is good non? I also stuck that swatches page in that I received with some burgundy velvet paper that I LOVE. I love swatch cards and you couldnt find one if you intentionally went looking so I am really pleased it came with it the pages. I also was given a leather style piece of card with my order (check ebay shop – The Velvet Paper Shop). The texture is wonderful and there are lots of lovely colours available. Perfect for this season. 

    A collection of wonderful chipboards from arrived ^_^

    My favourite fall and winter scented candle is warm gingerbread from east of india. I just love it. The smell always makes me think of autumn ^_^ and baked apple pie candles!  That candle is sitting on top of a pile of Atlanta Bartlett Pale and Interesting Notecards (I bought mine on Pale and Interesting but they’re a little cheaper on amazon) that I got for pen pal writing and decided they would be perfect for changing out the frames in my living room for the change of seasons. 

    This is actually my favourite layout in my journal so far but of course I was too stupid to take a full picture of the layout! Inspired by my post last week about Tara Andersons Autumnal journal and those journal prompts provided, I created my own colour palette from paint. I used a sewing pattern, cream paint and tattered angels glimmer mist on the background. 

    My most recent page that is still in progress!

    I am definitely enjoying using alternative colour palettes this season for Autumn and using glimmer mist and metallic paint like it is going out of fashion! The tea pouring from the pot is an antique gold docrafts speciality paint and the boat image came from a Seasalt of Cornwall catalogue that arrived in the post. I haven’t quite finished that layout. I have some journalling to include on the teapot page. The background for that page was from a Frankie magazine. (I just did a colour copy on my scanner).

    And now finally…… I’m introducing an advertising special for any of you lovelies who would like to advertise on hearthandmadeuk.. there are many options for you to check out. Just click the image or link below for more information. 

    Full details are here.

    Lots of love Claire xo

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