The Perfectly Pretty Primrose Bakery

 Cupcakes from primrose bakery

How beautiful and delicious do these buns look?! Sorry, cupcakes! I think my favourite is actually the one with the sprinkles.

 Cupcakes in a primrose bakery box

The ribbon around the box is just a beautiful touch ^_^

 Beautiful pastel cupcakes from primrose bakery

I know these are full of dairy and gluten but they look appetising! I need to find myself a local Vegan bakery/baker! Actually no I don’t. I just need to look at one of these and my love handles start to swell in anticipation of the extra calories. I would eat every last one!

 Inside the primrose bakery

I really love the decor and I think those retro, yellow chairs are my favourite!

 Beautiful pastel pom poms in the primrose bakery

Pastel pom pom’s garlore! This makes me very tempted to decorate my house and windows like it’s a shop, that may invite unwanted (nosey neighbours) attention so I might not :p

 Cupcakes and cakes on stands in Primrose Bakery

I really would love to own one of these green milk glass cake stands. They’re expensive but absolutely stunning.

 Primrose bakery London

The interior and exterior on this bakery are absolutely marvellous!

 Beautiful cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

I love all the colours that are in this little diptych! Those little pansies are a fabulous bit of decor for the top of cupcakes!

 Trinkets and lovely baking supplies from Primrose Bakery

And fabulous gifts and homewares!

 Red valentines cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

These little valentines elves frighten me a little bit, they’re a little reminiscent of goblins. Or is that my imagination?

 Primrose bakery cupcakes

I really love all of these colours! The primrose bakery have a book so I’m sure you could bake all these delights for yourself!

Primrose Bakery

The shop (of products) image is from Grazed Knees

Cath Kidston filled Tea Room Crown and Crumpet

 Cath Kidston filled tea room
I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found Crown and Crumpet tea rooms in San Francisco! I like the fact that Cath Kidston is everywhere! The sofa, chairs and lampshades are upholstered in Cath Kidston fabric and I absolutely adore the mix of colours throughout. 
 Crown and crumpet - cath kidston filled tea room
Those built in shelves and cabinets are absolutely marvellous! I absolutely love the shape of that couch, can anyone tell me what the name of this type of sofa is? 
Tables in the tea room - crown and crumpet san francisco

Such lovely little tables! I want to open a tea room now :p

 Cath Kidston filled tea room in San Francisco

I really love those ceiling lightshades and I think they would look rather fabulous in my living room. Well, one of them anyway.

Crown and crumpet tea room

I don’t think I would be able to control myself in a store like this. I’d be buying the crown decorations and anyway!

 Cup and saucer

I must go and make some tea

 Sweet display in crown and crumpet

How incredible is this?!  I think my house could benefit from one of these lol. Not really. I just love it when I see these in shops and all the delightful items on display!

Cup and saucer in crown and crumpet

I like their little logo ^_^

 Colourful cath kidston table cloth in crown and crumpet

And I am crazy about the blue painted furniture that houses all of the crockery from Crown and Crumpet.

 Cath Kidston upholstered sofa in Crown and Crumpet tea room!

And I’m so crazy about this sofa, I can’t even tell you!

Crown and Crumpet

Colourful Coffee Shop in South Africa

 Bean There Coffee Shop Front
 Bean There coffee shop sign
 A perfect velvet couch
Coffee shop display
Jars of coffee beans and sandwiches for sale at Bean There coffee shop in South africa
 Bean there coffee shop wall art and coffee bean storage
 Dusted chocolate brownies
 espresso pot collection
Jars of coffee beans
 Vintage lampshades recovered perfectly! These are part of the 'bean there' coffee shop in south africa
 stitched quote in a frame

Isn’t this coffee shop absolutely stunning? The folks of Cape Town are very lucky to have a Roastery like this to visit. The ‘Bean There‘ coffee shop itself is beautiful in all whites with pops of vibrant colour coming from the Velvet upholstered couch and those coloured lampshades! I’m in awe of those marvellous lampshades! One of my resolutions for this year is to learn how to recover some little vintage lampshades ^_^ I think I may need a book about fabrics suitable for lampshades. I’m especially impressed by the pleated lampshade, I love the colour ^_^ I digress! The shop from the outside looks so inviting and I would probably end up buying an espresso pot or most of the things on display!

Photographs by Claudia de Nobrega for The Pretty Blog

A Pretty Pastel Cake Shop in London

 Peggy Porschen Parlour A Tea Party Baby Shower - Photographed by Segerius Bruce, A wedding photographer based in Surrey
Beautiful Pastel Cakes Lined up in a cake shop window - Peggy Porschen

David Jenkins Photography of Peggy Porschen Cakes Parlour in London

Peggy Porschen Cake Parlour and tea shop in London

Peggy Porschen Cakes Shop Front

Cakes on display in Peggy porschen Cake Parlour

Vintage tart tin light fittings in Peggy Porschen Cake Parlour

Peggy Porschen Cake Shop London

Peggy Porschen Cakes, Shop sign

Peggy Porschen Laurent Perrier

Tea in jars Peggy Porschen Cakes photo by Urban Pixels

Peggy Porschen Cakes Tea Parlour

Looking through the window of Peggy Porschen Cakes

Banoffee Cupcakes in Peggy Porschen Cakes

Pastel Chairs in Peggy porschen Cakes

A trio of cupcakes

Boutique Baking book by Peggy Porschen
Peggy Porschen Cake Chic
Isn’t this cake shop an absolute dream?! Peggy Porschen has been very popular for more than a few years now and I am completely in love and in awe of the sheer talent on display. I think Im going to have to visit the shop and steal the light fittings – they’re like little vintage tart tins! Fabulous
Renowned for irresistibly pretty and elegant designs that are not only visually stunning but also taste delicious, Peggy has acquired an enviable client list including many celebrities, Royals and members of high society. Her cookies and cakes have graced many A-list events such as the 2011 wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara Ball, Stella McCartney’s wedding, Sir Anthony Hopkins’ 70th birthday, Damien Hirst’s auction at Sotheby’s and parties for Sting and Trudie Styler, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, all of which make her a highly sought after name on the party-planning circuit.
I have been completely taken by the beautiful colours within this shop, if you are a frequent visitor to this blog or my Facebook page you will know how much I love pink and cake! Of course I’m also a lover of beautifully styled interiors. I’m finding more and more inspiring shop’s and cafe’s on the internet and I want to travel the world and visit them all ^_^
The images in the post came from Peggy’s website, Urban Pixels, Sergius Bruce Photography  

A Pretty Pastel Cafe In South Africa

A dream cafe! The birdcage cafe in Stellenbosch
In Western Cape Town, there is a delightful dream in pastels and vintage crockery hidden among the streets, The Birdcage Cafe is a gift shop and cafe in Stellenbosch. They have the most incredible interior!  
dresser shelves in a giftshop/cafe  Seating area and dresser shelves in giftshop/cafe
I would love for my dining room to look like this or to even have a cafe like this to go and visit! The people of Stellenbosch don’t know how lucky they are! 
Birdcage Cafe Plant Stands
These plant stands are absolutely incredible and I would love one of them for outside my house. 
The birdcage cafe giftshop and cafe
Just beautiful little details of this cafe. 
Beautiful shelving and decor in The birdcage cafe

The interior is absolutely fabulous, I love the light wooden flooring, mismatched tables and chairs and the beautiful wreaths hanging from the ceiling.

Chocolate cupcakes

Don’t these cupcakes look divine?! 

The birdcage cafe chopping board and cupcakes

The chopping board is absolutely beautiful and so is that apron!

The birdcage cafe giftshop shelves - tea cups and saucers

This is absolutely my favourite image of them all, you could sell it as a postcard it’s that beautiful.


These lovely little cupcakes are in all of my favourite colours and apparently this little cafe is well known for their delicious cupcakes ^_^

Door/window shutter used as magazine rack

This is a very clever idea, using a window shutter as a magazine rack!

Outdoor space at the cafe and some lovely silverware

The little outdoor area and some beautiful details from the little gift shop.

Jars of candies and treats

These jars are fabulous and those little boxes are adorably wrapped! What on earth is pencil stick candy?

beautiful hanging wreath

See what I mean about the wreaths?! 

Plate display on the walls

I just love it all! Especially the plates displayed on the wall ^_^

A stack of ribbons in the birdcage cafe

This has just reminded me that I am in need of some more ribbon! And lots of it ^_^ one can never have too much ribbon.

A stack of ribbons in the birdcage cafe

The pink and red ribbons are my favourite! And the ribbon second from the bottom in pink and blue! Just beautiful colours.

Floral jug

*sigh* such beautiful crockery. The fact that those little saucers are shaped like hearts is making my own heart sing!

Table settings in the birdcage cafe

Look at how fancy this table setting is displayed! How glorious! I think this is all part of the beautiful little gift shop section due to all of those iddy biddy tags I can spy hanging off everything.

A pretty vintage sugar bowl

How gorgeous is that sugar bowl! I love all things vintage and I wish I had somewhere like this to go visit and sit and drink some coffee, taking in my surroundings and then buying everything I could afford.

Seen via the pretty blog
photographer – Yolande Marx

A Perfect Pastel Cupcake Shop

Welcome to Fairytale Cupcakes in Norway! I really wish I could visit this store! It seems rather compact and bijoux but perfect in every way.

I would kill for a sofa like this and these tables with lace tablecloths are absolutely adorable! and look at those lovely pip studio cups and saucers that have been turned into a lamp with a Rie Elise Larsen paper shade.

Just a beautiful shot of these syrups ontop of the most perfect pink cabinet!

A marvellous shot of these beautiful cupcakes on that lovely white cake stand.

What a beautiful arrangement of vintage photographs on the wall!

I like the way the menu is displayed! This little chair is a lovely colour too ^_^

Anything that has pip studio wallpaper and white flooring is going to be a favourite of mine. That’s the end of that story! If you add in some vintage furniture then I will squeal like a little girl!

It looks like a beautiful, wintery Norwegian day out there! I love the little breakfast bar and tall stools. A great idea for a small space and instantly adds more seating.

All in pinks and blues; my favourite colour palette. 

and this lamp! They must have just drilled holes and stuck a lamp base up there, or attached a base and ran a cord up there. The second option is probably more likely actually now that I look at the top of the cups and saucers. It was a great idea!

I really want a pink cabinet like this! 

It looks like christmas time! Those toadstools are enormous! Are they decorations? Just glass blown?

I want all of this furniture too. I just need to go and start painting everything I can find. I’ve been thinking about painting my coffee table blue but I will let you know how those thoughts go. I might not! 

Isn’t it fabulous? How could you go to a stupid chain coffee store when some independents are this incredible?!

Fairytale Cupcakes