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Cath Kidston Cakes and Sugar Craft

 A Cath Kidston Cake Table

How incredible does this Cath Kidston inspired cake table look?! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some of these cakes!

 Cath Kidston Cake Table

Seriously! Everything here is iced, including the slices! AND do you see that candy stripe wall?! I can’t believe the talent that some people have. Seriously. Sugar craft roses seem to be one of the most difficult things to do (too delicate for me!) and I’m always in awe of how much skill is required to make these.

Sugarcraft roses and flowers ontop of Cath Kidston inspired cakes

I really couldn’t make any of these! I love all of the colours ^_^

 Heart Shaped cath kidston inspired cakes

These cakes are absolutely perfect for valentines day don’t you think! The little rose buds are absolutely gorgeous and they just make the collection of larger roses in the centre, really stand out.

 Roses and Cake! All I need for a perfect party! I don't even need guests to be honest

Everything in this post makes me so happy! Polka dot cakes! Shut the front door!

Heart shaped mini cake with sugar craft rose

Mini heart shaped cakes are the future. I don’t think I could eat any of these delicious looking cakes. I wonder if they’re polystyrene! :O! The very thought!

 Sugar craft roses ontop of a cake

Aren’t these roses just insane?

 Tiered cath kidston inspired cake

If I were ever to get married… this would be my cake.

 Roses on cakes and cookies

I would love this as a little trinket box in my bedroom. With some pearl edging ^_^

 A tiered polka dot cake with extra large sugar craft rose

A polka dot cake in my favourite colour! Yes please ^_^

 Sugar craft roses 

 Now.. is this bigger rose icing? I think it is but it also looks so velvety and beautiful!

 Large heart shaped cake with lots of sugar craft roses

This looks like some sort of crazy candy box! I love it. Or a fondant fancy that’s gone mad and heart shaped :p

 Sugar craft rose on a cupcake in a gold gilt tea cup

A little teeny weeny cupcake with a big flower! How fabulous. I love the crockery and how all of these lovely cakes have been displayed.

Cath Kidston Inspired Photoshoot

Do you ever see an image that just makes your heart sing?!

 A slice of a cath kidston inspired cake

See what I mean about everything being iced? I love the double colour in the roses, it’s a marvellous touch!

Via Beyond Beyond. Cakes created by Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. Photoshoot was on location at ‘Tea Party‘ which has new premises in Kentish town and photographed by Cristina Rossi 

Cath Kidston filled Tea Room Crown and Crumpet

 Cath Kidston filled tea room
I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found Crown and Crumpet tea rooms in San Francisco! I like the fact that Cath Kidston is everywhere! The sofa, chairs and lampshades are upholstered in Cath Kidston fabric and I absolutely adore the mix of colours throughout. 
 Crown and crumpet - cath kidston filled tea room
Those built in shelves and cabinets are absolutely marvellous! I absolutely love the shape of that couch, can anyone tell me what the name of this type of sofa is? 
Tables in the tea room - crown and crumpet san francisco

Such lovely little tables! I want to open a tea room now :p

 Cath Kidston filled tea room in San Francisco

I really love those ceiling lightshades and I think they would look rather fabulous in my living room. Well, one of them anyway.

Crown and crumpet tea room

I don’t think I would be able to control myself in a store like this. I’d be buying the crown decorations and anyway!

 Cup and saucer

I must go and make some tea

 Sweet display in crown and crumpet

How incredible is this?!  I think my house could benefit from one of these lol. Not really. I just love it when I see these in shops and all the delightful items on display!

Cup and saucer in crown and crumpet

I like their little logo ^_^

 Colourful cath kidston table cloth in crown and crumpet

And I am crazy about the blue painted furniture that houses all of the crockery from Crown and Crumpet.

 Cath Kidston upholstered sofa in Crown and Crumpet tea room!

And I’m so crazy about this sofa, I can’t even tell you!

Crown and Crumpet

A Cath Kidston Filled Home

 Pastel knitting and Cath Kidston mug
I was so happy when I found this fabulous blog and the gorgeous images of a home filled with Cath Kidston goodies! Mary Janes tea room is owned by the very talented Susan and is a knitter of soft toys and little animals. 

 Cath Kidston Magazine files in a bookcase and a lovely CK filled home!

I love being able to have a nosey at peoples creative spaces and how they store craft supplies and what’s on display!

 Cath Kidston magazine file

When I saw these magazine files in Cath Kidston (online store) I actually thought they were flat! The image on the CK site was rather deceptive. I wish I had bought some now! Feeling the January pinch ^_^

 Chalk painted cabinet

This photo is full of so many marvellous little decorative touches I don’t really know where to begin! I tell a lie, the painted drawers. I love them! The colour is fabulous and I’m curious as to whether or not this was painted using Annie Sloan paint. I like how the tartan blanket matches the drawers beautifully! I love the Greengate clock too… you know I’m obsessed with Greengate DK. 

Coloured yarn
Colourful Yarn storage

I absolutely love seeing images of yarn collections and all the lovely colours and textures!

 Crochet hanger decoration and lovely pot holder/granny square

I like the hanger that matches those fabulous drawers! That flowery ribbon looks like Cath Kidston to me! A surprise I know.. :p How beautiful is this?! Using a crochet or knitted flower as decoration on a hanger is a beautiful touch. If I was staying at this ladies house and this was hanging in the guest room I would want to steal it.

 Tanya Wheelan fabric and cath kidston fabric covered buttons

All my favourite shades! Those fabrics are absolutely stunning and I would love to see the full pattern on the fabric at the bottom of that little stack.

 Perfect Pastel Yarns

O_O this is so beautiful!

 Pink and yellow lovely photo styling inspiration

These images are rather suited to an Easter theme but I had to share them as the styling is impeccable!

 Floral fabric covered buttons on pip studio plates

Some lovely fabric covered buttons on top of Pip studio plates! I am obsessed with Pip Studio and I really wish I owned more of the items. I was lucky enough to receive a gift card for christmas for a store that sells Pip studio so there’s a chance I might go a little crazy.

 Winding yarn

Look at this yarn winding contraption! How great is this?!

Go stick the kettle on and visit Mary Janes Tea Room. Please note that I have edited the images in this post by removing all the decorative frames that Susan uses on her blog.

Cath Kidston Spring Summer 2014

I completely screamed the entire house down when I saw this caravan sewing box! It’s on my wish list, although no gifts for me for another 6 or 7 months so I shall cross my fingers it doesn’t sell out by then! I absolutely love it!!! Can you tell? Was that a bit over the top? haha! Do you see the little floral pattern on the caravan? I think it’s a new one, I’ve seen the lovely fabric covered box and notebooks in the stationery section that I also fell in love with instantly ^_^ 

I absolutely love those pyjamas, but I cannot find them on the site anywhere so they must not be available just yet. Have patience Claire :p Of course that’s the thing I notice, instead of announcing the all new ‘painterly rose’ pattern! I do apologise. You can get mixing bowls, rolling pins, spatulas, aprons, you name it!

I like the shade of blue used on the mixing bowl. What do you think of the new ‘painterly rose’? I’m not sure that I’m too crazy about it, as I really love the traditional style patterns that I’m used to getting from CK!

I do like this China mug though. I thought it was rather lovely!

Did I mention the cake stand was available?!

These kid’s backpacks are so adorable. I absolutely love the polka dot backpack and wish it was in adult size!

The new bright and bold range from Cath Kidston must be doing well if they’ve expanded the range. Perhaps they’re trying to expand their customer base. It’s nothing like the usual and older type of patterns I have all over my own home.

This bird print is bold, but it’s beautiful and I love that clever use of a hostess trolley!

I am going to buy this. This is an absolute certainty. Although I’m also certain I would need one in the other pattern available, one for going into the machine and the other can deal with things coming out of the machine! Or for whites and darks… two always work better than the one in the laundry department!

The blue mug is my favourite ^_^

Old school patterns being expanded into a bathroom set! I was very happy to see this! These two items will also be going onto a wish list :p or I might just treat myself.

After seeing this image, I can finally gauge the size of Cath Kidston travel purses and they’re exactly the correct size for what I would need it for. Can you believe I don’t have a purse at the moment!?

I adore this pattern, whole heartedly!

I also adore this whole heartedly! it’s a toiletry bag but I can think of lots of items to put in there. Crafty storage perfection!

Eventhough I’m not mad about this pattern, I do quite like the measuring spoons ^_^

It looks rather effective when you have the entire collection!

I’m a stationery fiend so I absolutely love ALL the notebooks now available, AND mechanical pencils! Mechanical pencils are a ‘must have’ item for people who enjoy lettering (like myself)

I found this little lockable journal and heart eraser in the children’s section! How adorable is this?! A wee secret diary ^_^

EEP! I’ll have the lot! The ring binder and notebook are fabulous and very complimentary. My two favourite colours!

I was lucky enough to receive a free gift with a magazine, several years ago now but it was a clear Cath Kidston toiletry bag. It was flat, I used it as a travel art journal kit because it was the perfect size for a sketchbook and set of small water colour pencils and I am certain they were incredibly popular with said magazine as here we are two or three years on… and they’re selling them left, right and centre! How fabulous ^_^ I’ll take all the patterns please!

I also own the Cath Kidston travel pillow and eye mask in this pattern but it’s navy in colour. It’s marvellous! I use the eye mask quite regularly as I must have complete darkness! I’m a big fan of that little travel bag. My wish list appears to be growing.

And these folding toiletry bags are also fabulous for art journalling or craft supplies. I’m not big into make up or toiletries, so if I ever receive toiletry bags as gifts, they usually end up being used as craft storage.
Ladies… take a look at what is hanging over the shower… a towel or a bathrobe?! I don’t care what it is, I must have it!!!!

And finally!!! The washi tape patterns for 2014!!! Yay! My favourite of all the new releases are always the washi tape patterns ^_^

What is your favourite pattern for this year? 

You can view the new items and the all important washi tape via this link 

A Cath Kidston Christmas

ooh I love the Santa sweater and Santa face candles! I saw some of the Cath Kidston 2012 range in a shop the other day and I was getting quite excited. I’m not hugely over excited by the range this year but I do love the floral sweater you can see in the image with the candles and the little crochet decorations! Of course, I’m always rather excitable when it comes to beautifully wrapped gifts and Cath Kidston has the most wonderful range of gift wrap and labels and everything for this christmas!

What do you think of this years print and collection? 

Back To School Pencil Case Tutorial

Cath Kidston DIY Pencil Case Tutorial

Last year I was lucky enough to have a sewing tutorial featured in the August issue of Die Scrapperin magazine in Germany, for the issue I decided to make a pencil case with some elastic so it can be secured to a notebook or art journal for when you are out and about or carrying in your handbag!

There are several steps outlined below and please read them before you begin! I know it’s easy to skip over but it’s important you know what to expect so you don’t make any mistakes.

Cath Kidston DIY Pencil Case Supplies Needed

Supplies needed

I used an A5 notebook to measure the pieces of fabric necessary (with seam allowance) so my large fabric pieces including seam allowance measured approx 9″ by 7.5″ making a slightly smaller case.
What you will need –

Backing Material (enough fabric to create the backing and fold over to make the top and bottom sections of the front of the case)

I used Cath Kidston Cotton Duck Fabric. It is a heavy weight cotton. If your case is going to be 6″ x 9″ you will need one piece of 9″ x 11″

Piece of Vinyl for front of pencil case (Measuring 9″ wide and 4.5″ tall – allowances for zipper and ribbon)
2 Pieces of Ribbon (to hide zipper at the top and vinyl join at the bottom) (I used 2 different Cath Kidston Patterns)
1 Zipper (10 inches) If you buy longer or have longer you can just cut to appropriate size.
 Fabric Scissors
Seam Ripper (just incase of mistakes)
 Zipper Machine Foot
Regular Machine Foot
Decorative lace and label (optional) I used Sass and Belle Aqua Decorative Lace
Matching Sewing Thread
Leather Machine Needles – Size 14/16 for vinyl
Thin Double Sided Tape (to secure vinyl and not leave large pin holes)
2 Pieces of Elastic (for securing to notebook) 10″ Long
Fabric Marker Or Chalk (erasable or washable)
Hand Sewing Kit (for securing the end of your zipper)
Iron and ironing board

Cath Kidston DIY Pencil Case Ribbons

Deciding How Your Case will look
I decided that I didn’t want my pencil case to be bulky with seams so I ensured that my case would remain slim by folding the backing fabric at the top and bottom and ironed to secure.
I didn’t measure any of my fabrics, I just worked by eye and it worked fine; using a notebook as a size guide.

Layering your fabrics and arranging your ribbons to decide how your final case will look. This took me a few tries of placing the pieces and ribbons together and arranging my decorative lace and label but once I had decided I took a photograph so I would remember!

Taping Vinyl to Backing Fabric front panel
I lined up my vinyl with bottom of my fabric (facing front) I then attached the vinyl to the fabric using slim and small pieces of double sided tape. You don’t want to stitch through the double sided tape as it will destroy your needles but I find tape a lot better than pins when using vinyl so you aren’t left with big holes. I used the same tape technique with my ribbons. Attaching to the vinyl and then stitching. Sewing with vinyl can be very tricky so Ive made it easier using the ribbons and fabric over the top so your standard sewing machine should deal with it quite easily.

Pinning Zipper
I decided to attach the zipper in-between the backing fabric; front panel and the spotty ribbon. I am attaching the zipper to the ribbon before I stitch the ribbon to the vinyl at the front.

Sewing Zippers
Sewing zippers is not as complicated as you would think given that you have a correct zipper foot for your machine! Having the zipper foot means that you can sew your seam quite neatly. My zipper had to be cut to fit my pencil case and I used a stapler to fix the ends together. You can hand sew the ends together also.

Once you have sewn your zipper to the ribbon you can attach the spotty ribbon to the vinyl; open your zipper as this part will require you to move your ‘open’ case around as you stitch the ribbon to the vinyl. This can be quite awkward so do it slowly. If you have taped it to the vinyl then it should only require one set of stitching.

You can then use a small amount of tape to attach your lace and label and then add simple stitching down the side using your machine.

At this stage you will have an almost completed case! With only two more sides to stitch with elastic attached.

I turned my case inside out. I then took my two strips of elastic (I used two so that it would be more secure on my notebook) and placed them between my floral backing fabric and the vinyl. (Ensure your zipper is open before you turn it inside out and stitch the sides).

Once I was happy with the position of my elastic I pinned it together and stitched the two open ends (the sides) together.

The pencil case is now complete. Here you can see the front and back of the pencil case and how it looks when it’s attached to my journal! It is perfect for carrying some cut outs and supplies.

Turn it the correct way around and voila!

Greengate Notebooks Cups and Cath Kidston Tea Cups

For all the Greengate lovers out there; and I know there are many! I thought I would share my lovely Greengate purchases from Love From Rosie.

I love these two cups! I might be changing my dining room bookcase display quite soon. I have too many items! I would also love some doors on this cabinet.

Lots of love Claire xo
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Cath Kidston Wallpaper Backed Ikea Billy Cabinet

I know lots of you loved my Ikea Billy wallpapered bookcase turn bathroom storage. Its Cath Kidston Chintz wallpaper.. that I’ve had in my posession for the longest time! A few years actually.. It was about 2 metres I had and just 1 metre did that little bookshelf. So.. I had to share with readers without instagram. I also found a wee guide to DIY that made me chuckle.. (mostly the bit about men not paying for a professional and the desert island bit.)

Lots of love Claire xo

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Spring Colours and Products for your Home | Cath Kidston Spring and Summer 2013

I had almost forgotten how much I loved the colour yellow until the sun came out (very briefly) last week! I am just in love with all of these eiderdowns. If only I had several hundred pounds to spend on these.

They call me mellow yelllllow! Quite rightly ^_^ I love these items. I did my usual – going through Cath Kidston and adding items to my basket and all of the items above were in my basket  and the pictures below. I love the spatula!

and the rolling pin. Alas.. I am on a tight budget. Im pretty sure that there wont be a sale for quite some time new as we’re just in the new season.. and all the good stuff will go fast. Those two bottom lovelies… the bowl and cup are melamine and perfect for camping so Imagine these will be hugely popular in the summer. I use this site for keeping up to date on any offers that are coming up or Cath Kidston vouchers that are available.

I need to get myself some sturdy dining room chairs and a decent table. I dont even want to talk about the disaster that is my dining room table and folding chairs. Plus my main motivation is painting them pretty colours… obviously. I want those flippin bowls!

ooo I love that lemon fitted sheet and I adore that bed! I already use one of the cath kidston shoe bags for my laundry.. it only takes socks and pants and things but thats enough if you’re on an overnight stay somewhere I suppose. I have my regular bag for life style bag for all my dirty clothes. mmm mm beautiful topic of conversation! I actually saw some marvellous laundry options after I signed up to achica. I fell for the tv advertising.. obviously I was the target market! Unfortunately it is out of my price range for the moment. oh Im going to do some investigative work but Im sure that deals offering site would keep you up to date via email maybe or rss? I shall check but you can get info about any store deals – Achica deals

I think I’m going to shut up as Im getting rather upset that I cant own everything Ive shown in this post. Including the yellow linen cabinet!  – Cath Kidston Site

Lots of love Claire xo

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