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Farm Chicks (oldish) Headquarters

 Using sprinkles as jar decorations storing sharpies!
I’m going to fill a jar full of sprinkles to store my pens right now! If there’s any month to feature anything coloured Red, february is that month! So, I am very happy to show you the Farm Chicks old crafting space that was featured in Jenny Doh’s signature styles book (linked at the end of the post) 
 Retro red floral sewing room

It’s just a little corner but there is perfect storage, Cath Kidston oilcloth on top of the desk and vintage trim catalogue charts on the wall! It’s so charming ^_^

 Retro red cake stand storing craft supplies

I also really like this Candy Cane style shelving, it must be oilcloth right?! And using Cake Stands is always a brilliant idea to display crafty items. I love seeing a big jar of threads ^_^

 Cath Kidston oilcloth covered desk

I love everything in this room! The wee plastic retro bag is adorable and I want to own one! They’ve been so popular the past couple of years, so of course I want one now.

 Retro crafting with the Farm Chicks - sewing room

At work! Look at those fabulous wedge shoes! I’m quite a big fan of the vintage catalogue cards on the wall with all the different colours.

 Vintage colourful pom pom trim catalogue cards
Aren’t they marvellous?! 
 Farm Chicks handmade red apron with fabric covered buttons

And of course… work wouldn’t be work without a fabulous apron!

Farm Chicks
Featured in Jenny Doh’s Signature Styles Book


Vintage Pastel Craft Room

Get ready for a gigantic overdose of candy colours and sugar! Today’s post is all about the marvellous sugar*sugar who sadly, no longer posts images or blog posts! I thought a little appreciation sent over her direction may rekindle a little sugary spark ^_^

I do love looking inside peoples craft cupboards to see all the bits and pieces! All of these colours are absolutely marvellous. This was a skinny wardrobe with those little hanging drawer sectors. I like that crochet hanger!

Ok, so I need some ceramic cake stands and an ice cream cone pencil pot. I should probably start like a wish list shouldn’t i!? That would be a great idea.

All of these things are on the list! I have some mint crepe paper but I LOVE the idea of using contrasting pink thread from the sewing machine. I also don’t have the patience to cut the trim like that. I wish I did! Bring the shop back!!!

I love everything in this image but I’ve spied some beautiful, pink, mercury beads that I MUST have! I love them!!!

This is just a feast for the eyes! Is that pink muffin pan silicone? It’s quite hard to see in the images. I do spy some lovely art by the beautiful Jenny Holiday from Everyday is a holiday, previously Jenny’s bake shop!

Everyone paint your dolly pegs!

More views on all the lovely craft storage in this room. I need to get some more boxes and organise my own space.

This big dresser was a DIY project that was executed perfectly! The vintage wallpaper patchwork was a fabulous job. Since I originally saw these images I’ve been on the hunt for a lovely vintage pink jewellery box with drawers!

I really like those shelves with the ribbon storage underneath… can anyone tell me where I can find one?

Fabulous spotty spools! When did Martha Stewart stop making aqua punches?!?!?

What is that three tier hanging thingy? I want one!

This little scrappy, embroidery piece of art work is beautiful and I love that piece of lace! I feel so inspired when I see these images. I want it all for myself!

These are lovely bundles of vintage fabric that used to be for sale on the sugar sugar shop. They’re so beautiful.

This little image is a sneak peek into when the DIY dresser project was in full swing, with the back panel being wallpapered with scrappy pieces of vintage wallpaper.

This was a lucky yard sale find and I’m incredibly jealous!

This is an even better view of the little pink jewellery box I’ve been lusting after!


A Bright and Colourful Home

 Trisha Brink's bright and colourful craft room

I have loved Trisha Brink for quite a few years now ^_^ We met on a little blog course I think (I could be wrong about that one though) and I bought some fabulous vintage ribbons from one of her etsy stores that I’ve never been able to use because they’re too pretty to cut! I actually have a length of it up on my inspiration wall AND some years after that purchase I managed to find the full duvet cover on ebay! Just a happy accident ^_^ Oh yes… how fabulous is Trisha’s home office?!

 Trisha Brink's bright and colourful craft room with lots of craft storage

All the storage just fills me with glee! I would love to know what I should look for when searching for those plastic storage boxes you can see to the right of the chair. And some little drawers! And wire baskets! Gimmie!

Cat cross stitch - I would kill to own this!

I would sell my granny to own this. Trisha… has it been sold?!

 Wire baskets for craft storage

You can see why I adore Trisha’s blog, home and shop! It’s just a complete feast for the eyes ^_^

 Crochet hangers and vintage sewing boxes being used for storage

And just so you know Trisha.. I would steal absolutely everything! This pale aqua is my favourite colour ever.

Crochet wire coat hanger and vintage fabric

I know this was a promotional image for selling some fabric but I thought it was fabulous! And I’m far too lazy to crochet around a wire coat hanger but I do love it!

 A beautiful dresser with vintage fabrics

This was one of my favourite IG images ever! I’m obsessed with dressers and vintage fabrics.

 Washi tape in the living room & embroidery hoop fabric wall art

And I would like it on record that I am stealing the idea for putting embroidery hoops behind the TV! I love the touches of neon from the washi tape and yarn! Where would I get long, oblong tapestry hoops? I can’t seem to find any on ebay in the UK -_-

 Embroidery hoop fabric wall art behind the tv - a GREAT idea!

Isn’t is marvellous? I’m very jealous of the white doors in this home.

 Trisha Brink - Washi tape your cork board!
 Trisha Brink portraits

Ladies and gentlemen.. I give you the fabulous Trisha Brink ^_^

 Vintage yellow painted dispenser turned pencil storage

I cannot believe I missed this Instagram flash sale! I don’t even know what this is but I want one! It’s yellow! I love this colour too!

 Wool and beaded pom poms

I’ve never seen beads and pom poms… I love this idea. I think these are on the TV unit (you can vaguely see in the living room photos above)

 Vintage wallpaper cut outs
Im going to go and start cutting shapes. I’m just stealing all your ideas Trisha, sorry :p 
Go visit the blog – Trisha Brink blog 

Pastel Cakes and Dreamy Decor

Pretty pastel dresser full of cake stands and baked goods

I am so in love with everything from Bella Cupcakes! A talented sugar crafter based in New Zealand, her talent for creating sugar flowers and beautiful cakes sees no end! The first image in this beautiful little diptych is of my dream dresser and it’s filled with the most beautiful pastel coloured treats. Non of which I could eat but I’d certainly admire them from afar ^_^

 Party drinks in mason jars. I love this butlers tray table

I have one of these little butler tray tables, which was made for me by my very talented Uncle one christmas. How lucky am I?! I also spy the Rosanna Tea for One set which I’m also lucky enough to own! I just need to find myself some pastel cake stands. Even though I actually don’t eat that much cake. If I wouldn’t put weight on I’d just eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I’m sure I’m not alone on that one too!

 Cakes on a beautiful vintage dresser. Party table setting

This dresser has such beautiful styling and display that I must take note for styling my own little dresser. Full of pinks, mint’s, teal and vintage lace. A dream for me ^_^ I love the mint napkins and the shape of those plates. I’ve also just noticed the different coloured, empty photo frames. I must stick a new ‘craft To Do’ on my list. I own lots of ikea frames and I’m sure some of them could benefit from a paint job. I just need to buy some more Annie Sloan chalk paint. I’ve tried the DIY recipes but honestly, the tester pots from Annie Sloan do a much better job with coverage.

 Pastel macaroons and sugar flowers

Do you see what I mean about this lady being an incredible sugar crafter?!

 Pretty pastel birthday table

Those stripy chairs are rather fabulous and I am totally in love with that lace tablecloth! I must go on the hunt for one just like it.

I had to share Bella’s little desk area (the daughter) and we can see my favourite colours (:p) running through the rest of the house, not just in her sugar crafting ^_^

This is the most adorable little desk and I love the colours on the little storage/display furniture pieces.

And of course.. no desk area would be complete without jars full of pens and supplies!

A truly beautiful blog with all of my favourite colours. I absolutely fell in love with Bella’s little crafty, inspired desk space. The little wall unit is possibly my favourite but I am rather enamoured with the other little shelf unit that is lined in that delightful paper. I’ve also noticed some Kikki K stamps and I’m green with envy.

Bella Cupcakes Blog

My Craft Room Tour

hearthandmadeuk craft room studio tour
My lovely little craft space! I love it in here. This post was a long time in the making wasn’t it? I think we started redecorating in January. It’s been beautiful and very pretty for a long time but never tidy enough for a full blown photo shoot! You can see some dodgy before pictures in this post
I thought I should go through what I have in here because I know many of you will ask questions. 
The poster on the door is from Made by girl
The little basket on the floor is from a market in france
The drawers are Ikea Alex drawers
Cork board – also ikea
Hanging pom pom honey comb things are from paper mash but you can get them in many places

The bin that my wallpaper is stored in and the shower caddy where the jars are hanging on the wall are both from b&m stores in the uk.
The lamp is from ikea, desk and stool also from ikea. The desk is a console table. The magnetic board on the wall is also from ikea – spontan in white.
The pink floral, polka dot and gingham mini suitcases are from Next in the uk many years ago.
The sewing house box is from Cath Kidston

Craft Room and inspiration board

That is a little spice rack that was painted and decorated using the decoupage technique and paper napkins from cath kidston and some polka dot tissue paper.
Ribbons are a selection from Cath Kidston and Dotcomgiftshop
The glitter tape is by American Crafts
Pink tweed greengate Teddy bear is from Love from Rosie
Wire letter on my cork board was made by Jane from Planet Joy

craft room desk and chair and tall alex drawers from ikea

craft room creative wall

Those lovely crochet hangers are from Cath Kidston years ago
The barn star and wall shelves are from dotcomgiftshop
The prints are both from magazines and the paper backing my shelves is a mix of scrapbook paper – mostly crate projects.

painted shower caddy and bonne maman storage jars

These tins are covered in paper from Kitschy digitals

painted shower caddy and bonne kaman storage jars - pom poms and inspiration memo aboard

pretty crochet hooks in cath kidston jug

crochet strawberries in bonne maman jars

crochet strawberries in bonne maman jars

dotcomgiftshop shelf

Dotcomgiftshop Shelf

RICE dk shelf and cath kidston tins
painted upcycled vintage fabric cabinet and patchwork door in the craft room
Pretty pastel memo board

Those lovely little baking ladies up there are stickers from Everydayisaholiday

Beside the computer - a little deer, eiffel tower and retro glasses
painted ikea moppe drawers
The paper on my little boxes is a mix of crate paper and summer bungalow papers from everyday is a holiday
Ikea moppe drawer makeover

These little mope drawers were a task! You can use chalk paint and mix it up with different colours. I mixed old white with crafters acrylic for the different colours. You turn the drawers back to front and use a drill for the drawer knobs.

I hope you have enjoyed my little craft room tour!It’s never ever this tidy. Ever! Just for pretty pictures ^_^ A few hours after I finished shooting and I was doing other crafty work it looked like there had been an explosion, so do not feel bad for having a messy craft room. This is the first time I’ve been able to do a photoshoot because it’s always an unsightly mess!

24 Creative Craft Room Storage Ideas

Welcome to todays post, sharing some of my favourite craft storage ideas! The above image is of Leenah’s desk from Finding Nana, I love this lady! An absolute talent and I’m very envious of her organising skills. 
Ikea cabinet for craft supply storage
I’ve been trying to find this Ikea cabinet for ages, it’s no longer being made and I wish it was! It’s gorgeous and I love all of the baskets Leenah uses to organise her supplies. 
creative sewing room space with lots of craft storage

I had to share this little room because that stool almost matches my fabulous vintage chair that I found on gumtree! I really love those little white drawers underneath the desk and I thought the palette style wood on the wall with hooks was a great idea for hanging storage. via this link.

Custom build drawers with dividers for craft storage

These marvellous custom built drawers are from Stephanie Lynn. I thought it was a great idea to divide them.

Samsonite vanity case craft supply storage

This is my samsonite case that I empty out and refill with whatever craft supplies I need for a project I am working.

Minty house blog using a bottle crate as craft supply storage - for scissors and spools of ribbon
Recently I featured Minty House and Eva’s lovely craft supplies! 
A wire basket full of fabric
Jam jars for storing ribbons and trims

Aren’t Eva’s ideas lovely? Her craft room is to die for! Visit the minty house blog 

Magda Mizera craft storage using tins and an ikea candle pot
And now we get to my newest favourite blog! Magda Mizera is a wonderful scrapbooker and crafter and has lovely craft storage on her desk. 
Magda Mizera storing little clothes pegs in small vintage tins

A box of twines and spray inks - creative craft storage from Magda Mizera

I love this little box with her Heidi Swapp Sprays ^_^

Vintage letter rack as craft storage on a desk

This desk via Cotton Blue is absolutely fabulous! I know this is china but surely you can buy/source desk items like that big long letter rack/drawers that seems to be on top of this desk? You know you can buy mirrors and little drawers for the top of dressing tables, surely you can buy desk tops too?! Any advice will be much appreciated!

Fabric and ribbon storage

I know this is a shop… but I thought the ribbon storage and fabric on bolts was a very inspiring way to display your fabric and ribbon stash. via this link.

Using candy jars for storing mixed craft supplies - a whole post on creative craft room storage ideas

I love Maureen Mae’s craft room and I love the consistency in the jars, i.e, not all mixed. Two set styles in this image and arranged in a rather lovely manner! Visit Maureen Mae’s flickr page

Ikea drawers and vintage library card storage in the craft room

I really love how these Alex drawers have been put on a table to make them at a more manageable height! These geometric style custom drawer knobs are rather unique aren’t they! The little shelving units and lots of drawers are excellent and very necessary in any craft room. Via Marga Marina

snapware storage bin via iheartorganizing

Snapware storage bin via iHeartOrganizing is a great way of storing lots of craft supplies if you were wandering around the house and move your crafts from room to room. This would actually be perfect for me to organise my December daily craft supplies. I’ve been trying to get those papers sorted recently ^_^ I’m getting excited already!

organising my ribbons and trims

This post was from me, using Cath Kidston tupperware, washi tape and parcel tags for ribbons, trims and seam binding storage.

organising my ribbons and trims

My ribbons in my little Cath Kidston lunch box from the 2012 range.

Heather Bullard twine storage

Another, deeper crate for storage. I must find myself some bottle crates as they’re rather multi purpose! via Heather Bullard

Janna Werners cake stand storage
Look what Janna found in Tiger stores! 
Little Tin buckets and bins used on the desk for scrapbook supplies
tickets on a handmade rack via Janna Werner

This is a rather marvellous custom built (by a family member) storage rack for all these tickets! Visit Jannas blog to see all her lovely craft storage. There are more photos of her studio on her Instagram feed ^_^

Painted bread bin storage on a desk

Barbara Picnic (amazing name) has a blog with an amazing name – The Picnic Basket, I love her organised counter. Initially I thought these were spray painted vintage bread tins but they’re containers from the Land Of Nod.

Armelle blog tupperware storage

I featured this organisation last year  because I absolutely love it! It’s such a bright space and I actually began organising all of my supplies in take out containers you can buy from the £/$ stores. Via Armelle Blog

Vintage shopping cart - lined and used as wallpaper storage
Vintage shopping cart used as wallpaper storage

Isn’t this vintage market basket rather marvellous? I think I actually prefer it without a lining because you get to see all of the beautiful wallpapers! Via The T Cozy

Bathroom storage shelves being used in the craft room for glitter, jars and ribbons

A rather clever idea – bathroom storage used as craft storage! Via Joss and Main
What is your favourite type of storage? I think I’m definitely going to have to look for some bottle crates!

A Creative Attic Craft Room

Frivole's attic craft room space
Frivole is one of my favourite blogs full of gorgeous interior design, handmade crafts and then of course – the attic craft room! I love it! 
A tray of jars full of craft notions, buttons and ribbons

I’m very impressed with this shabby wooden tray full of jars for storing crafty bits and pieces! I don’t know how long it would take me to collect jars like that! I concentrate on collecting bonne mamman jars and I think that will keep me occupied and full of jam for the next while at least ^_^

Crate storage stool in Frivole's attic craft room

This vintage framed ribbon storage is absolutely inspired and I adore the colour that it’s painted! It adds a perfect little pop of colour to this lovely little room.

Crate storage stool in Frivole's attic craft room

I like that lamp too! Reminds me of the vintage dryer lamp I featured last month. I think it might be made by Lisbeth Dahl.

Vintage white bureau and storage in an attic craft room

A wonderful alternate view of this attic craft room. This room is huge! The bureau we can see in the image above is absolutely gorgeous. I’m a swine for a lovely piece of furniture, and that bureau is very lovely indeed!

A trolley full of fabrics

I was very impressed by  the hidden storage! I didn’t even properly notice until I saw this wonderful image of that trolley full of delightful fabric. The little storage cubbies are a very clever use of all the available space.

Scandinavian white wooden floors in attic craft room

I love raw wooden floors and I really love the scandinavian style white washed floors like that shown above. This image is a little older than the previous image with the bureau, as you can see it’s the same space.

basket of tshirt yarn and knitting needles

A Tine K bamboo basket (I believe) full of tshirt yarn! The stuff of a crafters dreams ^_^ my dreams anyway.

basket of tshirt yarn, bamboo bench and granny square cushions

Isn’t it marvellous? I really like the chunky crochet granny square cushions.

Trolley of fabrics in attic craft room

Do you spy those vintage frames with the light fittings? Aren’t they marvellous?

Work in progress on the desk in the attic craft room

I love getting to see somebody’s craft room with all the tools of the trade!

Hidden storage in attic craft room

Here you can see a much better view of those fabulous light shades that Susanne makes.

chunky tshirt yarn zpagetti crochet cushions in vintage cabinet

More chunky crochet cushions only this time they’re displayed on the most incredible vintage cabinet I have ever seen in my life!

vintage library card cabinet

Such fabulous details! What type of a cabinet is this?

Clever framed ribbon storage in attic craft room & tilda covered notice boards

I’m feeling so inspired by this room. I need to go tidy my own craft space I think!

Painting jars for craft storage

I really like the mixed paint jars, I know they’re probably from mixed paint being poured out for Susanne’s vintage light frames and have accidentally made incredible craft storage for bits and pieces ^_^ marvellous!

magazine files and craft storage

One thing I do need, is a set of magazine files. OR go through my magazines and tear out what I want to keep and store them in a binder. I have done that for quite some years now but I’m rather behind on my subscriptions and sorting. Maybe pinterest can help motivate me!

craft storage for fabric and yarn

I think Susanne should paint her filing cabinet. Maybe pink or a mint colour. I know they’re my favourite colours but they would match this attic room perfectly!

Tilda and crochet jars

I love Tilda and think the fabrics and paper look great on everything so this little bottle is adorable and I really love crochet covers on jars. Especially in the winter time, it seems so cozy!

vintage library card cabinet

I need a cabinet like this. I need it! Go visit Susanne, but make some tea first because you might be there for a while.

A House Full of Pastels and Greengate

greengate bakers twine and fabric napkins

I am absolutely in love the blog- Minty House! The photography, styling and amount of greengate products made me a little giddy.

a jar of ribbons and twine

I have to find some of these vintage jam jars to store lovely ribbons and trims inside.

a crate full of knit dish cloths

What type of crate is this? I love this vintage stool!

a basket of kitchen linens

and a white wire basket is one thing I do not own. I must invest!

vintage door turned dining room table

Isn’t this old door table absolutely fabulous? The table display and styling is absolutely gorgeous too. A room painted white is a room of my dreams!

pink knit dish cloths

Look at the beautiful colours of these knit dishcloths and that pink velvet ribbon! I would also love that bread bin you can see in the background! Ewa, (Eva) the owner of Minty House blog, has a turquoise bread bin too! Just like the pink one!

purple dish cloths and rice dk dish brush

oOo and these lovely dish cloths. Ewa must make these. I love the colours of the Rice DK dish brush, I have two of these in the red and pink shades. They were too beautiful to ever be used in the kitchen so they became the cats hair brushes!

pink roasting dish

This pink oven roasting dish is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t eat meat so I have no need for one but Id love one! I like the unit on the wall of all the pretty crockery.

purple dish cloths in dresser

and look at this vision in lilac!

Red fabric collection and polka dot mug with little blueberry tarts

A little change in the kitchen cabinets with some gorgeous fabric there too. I spy a little greengate pattern in there.

pink kitchen scales

Those kitchen scales are a fabulous colour, I have the same in cream!

pink pastel colander and spools of bakers twine from Greengate

These colours are my absolute favourite and I wish I knew where I could find Greengate DK bakers twine on spools.

handmade jam and greengate spools of bakers twine

Handmade jams in pretty jars, I want one of those stools. I do believe I have asked Santa (already) for one.

Knit and crochet dish cloths from Falby
Does anyone know where I can buy Falby in the UK? 
To view more images 

greengate chair cushions

Aren’t these greengate dining chair cushions absolutely gorgeous! This dining room has a lovely country cottage feel to it ^_^

falby cloth

The rest of those Falby cloths and a lovely little measuring cup!

dining storage

Can anyone tell me what this wooden contraption is?

a drawer of kitchen linens

How adorable is that cup?!

crochet bunting and homemade jam in colander

A dream in pastels ^_^ I must raid through my yarn stash to see what my collection of pastels is like! I have some cloths to make!

Dining storage dresser/hutch full of pastels and beautiful things

I adore this dresser/hutch. Everything is pastel coloured and I love it!

Pretty craft storarge

Stationery and craft supplies in a lovely shade of blue!

Cherry Milkshakes and little tiny cream tart

ooh what’s in the bottle? Do you think it’s cherry tasting? I love the upturned egg cup as a little tart stand! It’s adorable!

A lovely cappuccino with a rice dk pastel spoon and a pastel rice dk whisk in a greengate tin

It’s definitely time for a coffee break ^_^ and I own that exact greengate tin! I love mine ^_^ I got mine from Lovefromrosie 

Blueberry tartlets and kitchen linens
The blueberry tartlets look amazing! Go visit minty house to view many more beautiful images!

My New Favourite Creative Blog

sewing space with a gorgeous pink painted chair!

Isn’t this image marvellous?! Today I am introducing you to the wonderful Austrian blog – Anazard. First I have to tell you that I edited all of the images in this post to suit the style of my blog, they are considerably different on Anazard blog (just incase you go looking and don’t understand the change of colours)

I adore this little sewing area and I would love the patchwork machine cover and that chair!

painted and decoupage knitting needles

These are the top of some knitting needles that were painted and decoupaged with napkins. I think they look marvellous, there’s a better view further on in this post ^_^

Crochet blanket on a painted pink chair

The colours on the crochet blanket are absolutely beautiful! They look perfect up against that chair.

Cath Kidston sewing boxes, tins and jar labels

and who wouldn’t want a complete supply of Cath Kidston sewing baskets and boxes?! 

crochet lids

I think this is a lovely display of some crochet jar lid covers that were for sale, or used in her own little craft space.

A crochet blanket, dip painted wicker basket AND a pink bicycle!

 A pink bike aswell!! This lady is after my own heart. I think I’m in love!

decoupage knitting needles
This is the better view of the knitting needles. Don’t they look marvellous? 
a gorgeous crochet cushion

I love having crochet cushions all over my home as they add a beautiful texture compared to fabric cushions. The colours in this cushion would match my current living room decor. It’s beautiful!

crochet pot holder

A fabulous crochet pot holder! I have many of these and some aren’t allowed to be used incase they get ruined! We have a habit of eating a lot of tomato based foods so once you get oily red marks on crochet pot holders they have had it!

Painted and decoupaged vintage recipe card box with greengate napkins
I love this painted recipe card box and I am so impressed with these recipe cards! Regular grid paper and greengate paper?! Where can you buy that?! 
DIY recipe card box

and these are the lovely dividers inside! So many florals and they’re fabulous!

organised craft supply drawers

Look at how organised these craft drawers are!

patchwork sewing machine cover

This hexie patchwork sewing machine cover has been so well med and with such beautiful colours!

organised embroidery floss

Some DIY scrapbook paper embroidery floss organisers. It’s a great idea to do this! Very time consuming I would imagine.

Organised fabric stash

How many of you are incredibly jealous of this fabulous fabric organization and storage?!

Painted Drawers with decoupage handles using cath kidston napkins
These are some drawers that were rescued, painted and had the handles decoupaged. 
A drawer set before the makeover

Here are the drawers before!

Rose Cross Sttich/Tapestry

Anazard is so talented! I don’t have the patience for cross stitch so I am very impressed with this!

DIY Wooden embroidery floss storage and it has a project drawer!

And how incredible is this embroidery floss storage box with enough space underneath to have a drawer to store your craft projects?!

Shabby Chic Living Room Corner
I love Anazard’s living room. See that little sewing basket in the corner (on the floor) it was a crafty project too! A vintage find that was up cycled…..
Upcycled vintage sewing basket with crochet top and new decorative handle
isn’t it an inspiring blog?! Go visit Anazard and share some of your love!! 
Do you have a favourite image in this post? Or are you inspired to pick up a crochet hook? It’s so easy. You should do it!