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A Beautiful Pastel Kitchen

 Pretty pastel kitchen WITH a roberts radio and a turquoise kitchen aid!
As soon as I saw this image, I knew I had to share the blog! I love that Roberts Radio and I really wish they weren’t finished with leather! What is that two tier wire thing?! I want one of those!
 Blue enamel and crockery

And look at all of these beautiful blue kitchen accessories! Aren’t they just marvellous!? I like the big polka dot wash bowl ^_^

 A lovely collection hanging in the kitchen

A collection of linens and food cover hanging in the corner of the kitchen.

Open plan dining and kitchen area in a lovely pastel kitchen space

I love the finish of this table. The fruit being displayed on a cake stand is also a rather lovely touch.

 Such fancy washing up!

I want everything in this image! The fabulous washing up bowl, the pip studio mugs and then everything in the background! Oh! And the dish brush ^_^

 A little galvanised tin full of lovely flowers in the kitchen!

What type of flowers are these? Are they pansies? They’re so pretty.

 Greengate DK Tea Towels hanging on a vintage drying rail

I almost fainted when I saw all of these beautiful greengate tea towels!

 Greengate DK Tea Towels

And then I went on the hunt for a vintage drying rack… I’m still searching. I just love the look of them and I’m fed up of looking at the metal one I have. It’s not pretty, it’s functional but it’s not pretty!

Perfect pastel kitchen accessories

ooooh I love it! Does anyone know the brand of this blue tin?

 open plan kitchen and dining room

The open plan kitchen, and view of the dining table!

 Fire in the corner of a kitchen

What type of fire is this?

washing and drying dishes with a greegate dish brush and shabby cream metal drying rack

I would love one of these pretty wire dish dryers! Luckily they’ve become quite popular so I know where I can get them in the UK.

 I love the little hooks on the kitchen island

I like the hanging items on the kitchen island! It’s a great idea! I also love that pink, raffia bread basket ^_^

 Kitchen island

A view of the pretty flowers on the kitchen island. I love everything about this kitchen, I think it’s fabulous!

 Kitchen island in pastel kitchen

Toves Sammensurium


Romantic Updates for Your Home

I love these ideas for adding little romantic touches to your home!

1. Line your cupboards with wallpaper or gift wrap to give an instant update; including drawers and doors.

2. Cover some storage tins in your pantry to add to the look.

3. Cut up old cereal boxes and cling film boxes to the correct dept of your drawers and cover using wallpaper or gift wrap that compliments the other you used. This will make beautiful drawer organisers!

4. Paint some old wooden boxes or plain boxes you can purchase at craft stores to store old photos, mail or documents.

5. Store toiletries and accessories in matching pretty jars and put on display

6. Store toiletries that are pink, mauve, cream and other such romantic colours in a rustic looking, wire basket and put on display or in the guest bedroom.

These are some beautiful ideas and all simple to create!
Image sources el mueble 

A Traditional Shabby Christmas

Vintage linens on a shabby chair with christmas greenery
 A shabby little vintage linen advent calendar
 A Large stack of shabby vintage linen from the Rusty Hinge - being featured
 Vintage french farmhouse crockery and tableware for a christmas feel
 A large shabby Armoire at Christmas
 Vintage baubles in a sled
A bowl of vintage baubles
 A traditional wicker sleigh as christmas decor indoors
 A mini brocante christmas tree
A shabby traditional christmas bedroom
Christmas Chandelier
 Mini tree and chalkboard christmas sign
 candy canes!
 Tall vintage shabby stool and mini christmas tree
 A beautiful snowy festive scene!
 A lovely green wreath on the armoire
 A shabby chic crown full of retro vintage baubles
 Shabby dresser full of christmas decor
 A shabby vintage Christmas Collage
 A shabby vintage living room at christmas

How beautiful is this traditional shabby christmas decor?! I love it all! This year I’ve been tasked with helping redecorate my mums dining room as it was in desperate need of a paint job. I got rather obsessed with traditional and shabby colours… then John Lewis vintage pastels and I don’t have a tree up or any greenery but man I went overboard with the neutral colours! I might have to buy some sparkles from H&M  and find some green light up garlands or big giant wreathes from somewhere to really make my neutrals less dull looking. It’s a work in progress ^_^ I love the Rusty Hinge and it’s certainly easy to feel inspired with all these gorgeous photos!

Perfectly Styled Christmas Vignettes


Well, where do I even begin with the wonderful Sanna and Sania?! I’ve featured these gorgeous ladies and their work before here on the blog, and many times on the Facebook page! I just love these ladies! They’re interior stylists and journalists in Sweden and they’ve styled some of the most incredible images for Swedish magazines and their Christmas styling from last year is all above ^_^ they have some gorgeous Christmas themed images this year too and the instagram feed is already fabulous and festive! 
What is your favourite room here? I think mine is the very first image with the big giant chunky light shade! I also love the bedroom with the pink paisley quilt O_O Love it! I would steal it right off the bed. RUN! 

Pretty Inspiring Craft Space


How very lovely indeed! I adore this little haven. Kasey Buick created the most incredible inspiring space in her sun room. In the post she states that she doesn’t even sew or anything but that’s obviously no reason not to own lot’s of yarn in a little room for inspiration ^_^ That’s true. I love all of the furniture in this room and the vintage bar cart. The room’s colours are so warm and golden that it’s actually the perfect post for fall/autumn, but I just found it so forgive me!
I would love to steal those velvet ribbons! They’re so beautiful ^_^ the colours are absolutely stunning. And could anyone tell me what those flowers/paper clips are?! They’re very pretty too ^_^

A Festive Scandinavian Home

Norwegian living and dining at christmas - it looks like a coastal christmas!
Festive norwegian living
christmas baking
Beautiful entryway - i love those tiles!
Norwegian christmas kitchen with lovely greengate tin
Sewing table, mini mannequin and vintage children's desk
Romantic little girls bedroom and play stove
Festive candles in the living room on a beautifully painted dresser. I love the metallic details
A beautiful Norwegian romantic bedroom and bathroom with claw foot tub! Love it!

This isn’t the most obvious, red and white Scandinavian style for Christmas but my word it’s beautiful! It’s very subtle indeed but stunning! In the very top image that I saw via the Boligplus article made me think that it was a coastal cottage and I know someone who would be very interested in this type of Christmas decor. ^_^
The little girls bedroom made my heart skip a beat! I saw a pinterest pin a couple of weeks ago where someone made their own fancy canopy out of a hanging basket (for plants) and lots of fabric. I thought that was a great idea, especially if you wanted to build a more romantic style bedroom. I’ve also seen some French style bed canopy’s that look quite like Crowns and I like those very much but my word they cost a small fortune! I also saw someone on a TV decorating show trying to hang one of those and it took them an hour, there was also about 12 people in the room watching this one guy struggle so I gave up on that dream haha!
Did you think I was going to finish this post without mentioning that fire?!?! Eep! The marvellous Maarit from Finland told me these are called ‘Kotilliesi’ in Finnish, and they’re also great for warming water if the power goes out. I want one!

Article via Boligplus

What do you think of this lovely subtle festive decor? Not enough?! :p 

Themes for a John Lewis Christmas

Obviously the theme above is my favourite :p Im obsessed with pastels, really obsessed! I spent a tiny fortune last week.
The post is FULL of pictures so to view all of them….

I really enjoyed looking and searching through all of the John Lewis christmas themes! I couldn’t believe there was so many. I remember thinking “god they make a magazine out of… oh no wait they do, it’s called a catalogue” insert stupid noise for me!
I really want to smell all of those lovely oranges and candles and things. You see that printers tray up there full of ribbons? I want to see it larger! I want everything in it and most of the decorations on display haha.

What is your favourite style?

Red and White German Christmas

Ok so I need some hot chocolate with a  cinnamon stick immediately. This entire photoshoot and christmas style is fabulous! These are the colours I use in my living room at christmas and it’s always made me very happy! I’ve been lucky enough to see christmas markets in Europe and the sights, sounds and  smells just make me smile ^_^ especially when there’s a little crisp in the air. I remember at one market I was visiting it started to snow as I was getting my hot chocolate wearing fingerless gloves and warming my hands. I thought I was going to burst with excitement. 
What’s this whole thing about sticking candles in apples? Is that not just a waste of an apple? I like the idea of icing your apples haha! I would eat them all at once and make my teeth feel strange from all the sugar! 
What colours do you decorate your home with at Christmas? 

Scandinavian Christmas Style

via expressen.se

Pretty Pastel Christmas Home

This home is absolutely darling! As you can see I am rather partial to a lovely pastel colour palette and Minim from Spain have created an incredible, low key festive space. I do like OTT christmas but sometimes subtlety looks marvellous (and is a lot less work ha!). 
I love the feathery skirt that is on that mannequin! All of the open plan spaces in this home just make me a little bit giddy! They’re so very beautiful. 
Do you like OTT Christmas or Subtle? AND…. What do you think of a pretty pastel Christmas theme?