Pretty Valentines Finds


curated by Claire on Etsy

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I’ve curated a lovely list of my favourite valentines finds on etsy pages! It’s full of crafty supplies, some lovely cards… anything red and heart shaped :p


Fun and Fabulous Cushion Finds!

After the madness of Christmas, New Year and then removing all the Christmas and festive decor, I’ve been looking for new colour schemes for my living room in the form of Cushions and Pillows! I realise this is still January and merely the beginning of winter (in terms of weather) over here in the UK so I don’t want to introduce spring colours too early but I must be honest, it’s difficult not to be tempted by some of those lovely cushions! I also love the fact I can make my own little Pinboard style favourites on etsy now ^_^

You can view all of my other favourites on etsy here.

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Inside My 2014 Pastel Planner

Some fabulous, colourful stationery to set me off for the new year! I know I’m a little late with this post but the weather has been truly awful, as I’m sure a lot of you have experienced this past few weeks.
I hope this post injects a little bit of colour for you all! I will list the resources for a lot of the items you can see in this post at the bottom ^_^

Isn’t my 2014 planner absolutely marvellous?! It’s from Santa, as is the little cosmetics pouch that I have used as a pencil case! I thought this was the best place to store my New Years Resolutions/goals, so I would be able to look at them constantly! You can read all about how I managed to achieve all my goals in 2013.

How adorable is this little pen?! It’s from an ebayer in the UK. I’m not sure I will be able to find it again but I will post the link if I do. ^_^ My cat leans over the back of the kitchen chairs to see what’s cooking so that’s why I love it so much

This is my rather beautiful faux suede a5 planner. It’s not a filofax, rather a cheaper brand and in my favourite shade of purple! If there had been an aqua version I would have requested it but I really LOVE this planner!

I flipped the inner page because I didn’t want to see that ‘promo’ brand name when I opened my planner and eventually I have taken it out. I am going to change all of the inside tabs as I don’t really have a lot of use for the agenda or address part and I could utilise this planner much more effectively!

Just a little shot to show you the inside ^_^

This little toiletry case is from Santa and I’m very grateful!

The pens are from Muji
The Rilakkuma gel pens can be found here.
The notebook and stickers in the very top image are from Cath Kidston
You can find all my washi tape patterns here and my favourite washi tape stores are in this post 
You can find the extra stickers and journal spots seen in images above following the highlighted links

My Favourite Craft Supplies and Stores on Etsy

My new favourite Craft Supplies! My updated page full of new crafty kits and supplies I wish I owned. I probably will end up owning some of them. Especially those coloured doilies!

What’s your favourite?

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My Favourite Thank You Cards

In the spirit of the festive season and all the giving and love I thought it was definitely time for thanks-giving to the gift givers and lovely people! I know I’m going to be buying some thank you notecards for all my friends and family for all the fabulous gifts I’ve received and of course.. Santa. Santa always deserves the biggest thanks for making christmas so magical! I love Christmas ^_^
You can view, and buy (then download some*) of the cards and little stamps above via Etsy. I shall be purchasing this year instead of printing as I’ve had a few disasters with heavy rain and the ink running OFF the flipping card and through the envelope when my family have received their cards o_o it’s all well and good being a bit frugal but sometimes it doesn’t work when you’re trying to show your appreciation! 

A Nordic Christmas from Etsy

How fabulous is this Nordic inspired Christmas decor from Knot & Pop for Etsy?!

I love all of the items used here and the patterned screen print inside the frame is a wonderful idea for festive decor ^_^
Everything here is from Etsy including the table!
Fair Isle Cushion Cover
Red Bird Print
Nordic Burlap banner
Felted Acorns
Red & White Mugs
Re-Usable Crackers – Brilliant idea!
Illustrated plates
Ceramic Plates
Cream Napkins
Name Tags
Christmas decor (as name settings)
Large Ceramic Baubles
Paper table decorations
Star Ribbon
Wooden Snowflakes
Printed Ribbon

My Favourite December Daily Craft Supplies

Christmas Craft Supplies
curated by Claire on Etsy

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I’ve actually bought a few of these items and it’s great to see they’ve been restocked! Obviously I had to purchase before anyone else bought them :p

How is your December Daily coming? I can’t even believe it’s december! I think I need some hot cocoa ^_^

16 Handmade Christmas Cards

Over the past few years I must admit that I fell out of love with Christmas cards! As a crazy eco lady I thought it was such a waste of paper, and then I got some of the loveliest and most thoughtful little cards from pen pals all over the world and they really ended up being the highlight of my days! So with the little joy I experienced I thought that cards were definitely the way forward… for those who think they are a waste of time and money (my dad and my other half!) there are people like me and my mum who are almost brought to tears at people being thoughtful and lovely! With that, I urge you to look at these lovely handmade christmas cards! I really love the carved wooden one above! (These are all available to buy on etsy). 
2. Jingle Bells Card (you can buy this as one card or as a pack of 8) you can also choose any 6 cards from the shop for $20/£12ish that’s a great deal!

5. Falalalalalallalalalalalaaaa card
6. Merry Christmas letterpress card
7. Merry hand lettered card
8. Have a wonderful christmas letterpress card

9. Merry Christmas Letterpress Card
10. ‘Wishing you a merry christmas’ card 
11. Merry Christmas Letterpress card
12. Have yourself a merry little christmas card

13. Have yourself a merry christmas 
14. Joy letterpress card
15. All I want for christmas is you
16. Merry christmas card 

What is your favourite?

Etsy Christmas Style Guide 2013

Etsy Gift Guide 2013 Kitsch Fireplace Paper flower garland and bright colour decor ideas
Etsy Gift Guide Christmas 2013 Kitsch Fireplace Paper flower garland and bright colour decor ideas
Etsy Gift Guide Christmas 2013 Kitsch Fireplace Paper flower garland and bright colour decor ideas
Etsy Gift Guide Christmas 2013 Kitsch Fireplace Paper flower garland and bright colour decor ideas

Selections of Baubles for Wreath – Chixycoco, All These Pretty Things and Rose&Water Vintage
Pink Poodle Ornament, Blue Glass Bird, Jumping Deer Ornaments and the Lamb Ornament are all from All these pretty things etsy shop. 
Unicorn Ornament (my favourite! They’re all on the fireplace, not the mantle)
Felted Polar Bears these look incredible! I’ve never tried felting before, it looks like far too much work ^_^ but I do love little felted ornaments. I bought a little felt mushroom last year for my christmas tree and I love it! 
Fattie Christmas Puddings I love these little puddings! You can buy one already made or you can buy a kit to make one yourself! 
Candy Canes
Paper Wreath a custom piece made especially for the shoot

Etsy Gift Guide Christmas 2013 Festive Stationery Washi Tape and Gift Tags

Santa Dot washi tape (my new favourite shop!) 

Etsy Gift Guide Christmas 2013 Mini Reindeers Trees and Candy Jars
Miniature snowflake buttons I can’t see the snowflake buttons in the image above but I really love the ones that are in the shop! 
miniature polar bears these are adorable!

Do you have a favourite item from these photo shoots? I really like all the colourful candles and the kitsch fireplace ^_^