Cath Kidston Cakes and Sugar Craft

 A Cath Kidston Cake Table

How incredible does this Cath Kidston inspired cake table look?! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some of these cakes!

 Cath Kidston Cake Table

Seriously! Everything here is iced, including the slices! AND do you see that candy stripe wall?! I can’t believe the talent that some people have. Seriously. Sugar craft roses seem to be one of the most difficult things to do (too delicate for me!) and I’m always in awe of how much skill is required to make these.

Sugarcraft roses and flowers ontop of Cath Kidston inspired cakes

I really couldn’t make any of these! I love all of the colours ^_^

 Heart Shaped cath kidston inspired cakes

These cakes are absolutely perfect for valentines day don’t you think! The little rose buds are absolutely gorgeous and they just make the collection of larger roses in the centre, really stand out.

 Roses and Cake! All I need for a perfect party! I don't even need guests to be honest

Everything in this post makes me so happy! Polka dot cakes! Shut the front door!

Heart shaped mini cake with sugar craft rose

Mini heart shaped cakes are the future. I don’t think I could eat any of these delicious looking cakes. I wonder if they’re polystyrene! :O! The very thought!

 Sugar craft roses ontop of a cake

Aren’t these roses just insane?

 Tiered cath kidston inspired cake

If I were ever to get married… this would be my cake.

 Roses on cakes and cookies

I would love this as a little trinket box in my bedroom. With some pearl edging ^_^

 A tiered polka dot cake with extra large sugar craft rose

A polka dot cake in my favourite colour! Yes please ^_^

 Sugar craft roses 

 Now.. is this bigger rose icing? I think it is but it also looks so velvety and beautiful!

 Large heart shaped cake with lots of sugar craft roses

This looks like some sort of crazy candy box! I love it. Or a fondant fancy that’s gone mad and heart shaped :p

 Sugar craft rose on a cupcake in a gold gilt tea cup

A little teeny weeny cupcake with a big flower! How fabulous. I love the crockery and how all of these lovely cakes have been displayed.

Cath Kidston Inspired Photoshoot

Do you ever see an image that just makes your heart sing?!

 A slice of a cath kidston inspired cake

See what I mean about everything being iced? I love the double colour in the roses, it’s a marvellous touch!

Via Beyond Beyond. Cakes created by Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. Photoshoot was on location at ‘Tea Party‘ which has new premises in Kentish town and photographed by Cristina Rossi 

Dreaming Of Spring Floral Arranging and Display

Flower arranging

When I saw this fabulous magazine excerpt I knew I had to share it with you all! A beautifully styled editorial where vintage florals, prints and furniture are combined to perfection. I adore these little bud vases and when I see magazine features like this I usually end up spending a fortune on new glassware that I definitely don’t need.

 Flower arranging and styling in vintage style room
An image like this would make me go searching for vintage tapestries, gigantic yarn and vintage bottles; all to use as photography props that I will probably forget about and never use! Always purchased with the best of intent. I absolutely love everything in this image and if I was at this photoshoot I wouldn’t be able to work; I would just be staring at everything and touching. 

 Flower arranging in cut glass vases

This image is absolutely stunning! I love the fact that some petals have been pulled from each of these little flowers to use as ‘added visual interest’ and mixing the textures. I always learn more about styling images from these perfectly styled photos but I never remember or implement what I learn! I must write lists and stick them places to remind me!

 Flower arranging and pretty vintage glass bottles and vases

These images just make me so happy ^_^

Beautiful Blooms and flowers arranged in bottles and jars

Do you spy that little tin? I’d be stealing that! And maybe some of the textiles :p

 Beautiful flower under a cloche - That vintage silk kimono hanging over the room divider is absolutely stunning

And this cushion. The extra large flower under a cloche is a fabulous touch. I love all the texture from the vintage chairs and that room divider. I would be stealing that dress too! I just love it all and I hope this post brought a little sunshine to you day!

Styled by Lara Hutton and photographed by Anson Smart for Country Living Magazine UK

Fabulous Paper Flowers

I’m feeling inspired and motivated for 2014 and I will make at least 1 paper flower even if it kills me! The new queen of the paper flower is Helen Frances of Frances and Francis and what a talent. A very skilled paper crafter indeed and of course I had to share her with you.
I wonder how long it takes to make one flower?!
I absolutely love the aqua and pink envelope, I think I want to receive all my mail in brightly coloured envelopes, including bank statements. I might start opening it all then haha. I was so impressed with this lady and I hope you are too!

Summer Time Red Berry and Floral Ice Cream Party Birthday Party Ideas from Inspired by This Blog

You know I love a good party and I am never stuck for party ideas with sites like pinterest around! I was so lucky to stumble upon this. It’s essentially a little girls birthday party but I’m certain you could use it for an adult summer garden party because the setting and flowers are just beautiful! 

How wonderful is it to have the cherries, berries and water melon work so well with all of the beautiful hues in those flowers! And I LOVE cherries as much as I love flowers. You would need to turn your head for a second and when you turned back I’d have a face full of cherries. Spitting the pips out. Like a lady *_^

Would you look at those lovely fluffy peonies! Can anyone tell me what the red flowers are in this post? You know I love to learn!

And those pink flowers that look like my drawings of all the flowers Ive ever done because they’re easy!

oooh and some beautifully ripe strawberries are perfect if you’re ever stuck for girls party ideas!

What on earth are those little cakes?! Were they baked in Jello Moulds do you think? It’s a little hard to tell. 

I love that invitation! The watercolour illustration is incredible as a handmade invitation idea. 

Photographer: Becky Hill Photography
Production: Be Inspired PR
Flowers & Decor: The Treasured Petal
Invitations & Stationery: Momental Designs
Ice Cream: Sweet Lucies
Bunt Cakes: Nothing Bunt Cakes
Rental Furniture: Cort
Linens: La Tavola
Hair Flowers and Accessories: Petal and Thorn

Lots of love Claire xo

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Blog Love and Photography Styling from Concrete and Honey

I am so very happy to be sharing the beautiful photography and styling from Concrete and Honey! 

I am so in love with this colour scheme for her living room that I might have to steal it immediately!! My living room as you may know is all mis match and wonderful but I’d love a little cohesion for once ^_^

I wish my practice stitching pages looked like this. I love this colour scheme.. all throughout the blog. It’s gorgeous!

My goodness.. anemone’s and ranunculus… I’ve just fainted. I love them! 

My favourite colour in a handbag! 

tracing wedding lettering. A beautiful shot of inspiration for me. Those colours are marvellous. 

Does anybody know the name of the paper piecing that’s happened here? 

These cups are my favourite ^_^

ooooo this art work is a fabulous idea!! 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.. I’d kill for a roberts radio.

oh Ranunculus flowers. They’re just so beautiful. 

and who doesn’t love cake and vintage dishes?! 

Concrete and honey 

Lots of love Claire xo

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Wedding Wednesday | Bohemian Barn Chic at Dos Pueblos Ranch from Santa Barbara Chic

Normally, I have no interest in the ‘wedding ceremony’ part of the wedding and I’m all about the event styling, but these flowers are incredible! The details around the ‘barn’ are just breath taking.

This dress is beautiful and I flippin LOVE that Bride Sign!

You see this gorgeous place?! Isn’t just beautiful for such a special day? 

These flowers are all beautiful! 

Now here’s my favourite part! I love that table cloth edging. 

It’s so rustic and chic. Very american of course but my word, beautiful. I can’t imagine ever seeing something like that over here. We don’t have the weather! Let alone the beautiful location. Those curtain tie backs are to die for.

oOoo I looooove those plates and the decor! It’s so pretty ^_^

omg! A tea party table!

My goodness, would you look at that tea pot?! It’s so pretty and feminine. I also am very impressed with the velvet table cloth. It’s gorgeous. So vintage chic and elegant!

This table setting could be used for anything. Such a versatile, vintage chic long table that would even be great for a sunday brunch (on a smaller scale perhaps!). 

Look at the flowers on that cake! *sigh* it’s beautiful. 

Photographer: Caroline Tran
Flowers & Decor: Tricia Fountaine Design
Reception Venue: Rancho Dos Pueblos
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Kelly Oshiro Design
Catering: Bread & Wine
Cake Baker: Christine Dahl

The wedding of Elizabeth and Jaime featured on Santa Barbara Chic

Lots of love Claire xo

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WaterColour Party Inspiration Pretty Peaches and Cream

How pretty are these yarn wrapped knives and forks?! I remember a very talented blogger Lauren from a fabulous fete did these last year or maybe even two years ago now. 

I love the sparkles and watercolour theme. I have NEVER seen hyacinths this colour before. Did they get dip dyed the way you can do with carnations? I also love orchids too. 

A gorgeous little array of colours ^_^

This table scape is beautiful ^_^ 

I’m also cuckoo bananas about these vases and jars! How do you get the watercolour type to stick? Just leave it in as thick paint water and swirl it around like crazy? 

How gorgeous is this little banner?!  

oh! These look like the rose flavoured cupcakes I tasted last year O_O 

Where would you get gold cake sprinkles?! I suppose anywhere that sells cake supplies right? I haven’t been to a craft shop in a long time lol. 

ooooh! How fancy is this gold tray?! Now where would you get these things?! It’s such a beautiful styling event. 

PhotographyJel Photography,Styling, Floral + Event DesignAll the Frills

Found via Style Me Pretty 

Lots of love Claire xo

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Beautiful Floral Inspiration | May Flowers and a Hello Sunshine Tag or Printable from See Jane Blog

I wish I had seen this post at the beginning of May instead of the end of the month! A very striking image. I adore that desk! 

How very beautiful is this free download bookmark?! I love watercolour and this looks like a mask. Very pretty. 

I adore this flower. What type is this? Breed? What breed of flower (is that the correct terminology?! Anyone?!) 

The displays are beautiful and if I had these in my garden I would never be out of it! 

See Jane Blog where you can get the free download.

Lots of love Claire xo

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Thuss and Farrell Liberty Napkin and Floral Table Styling

I love Thuss and Farrell.. they are always making me giddy with gorgeous styling, photographs and flowers! These Liberty Print napkins and ALL of those gorgeous flowers almost made me faint. 

Thuss and Farrell have also created this book… I cannot wait!!! It’s available in August but dammit I want it now! I will make so many flowers!! (I bet I wont make any flowers lol) But I plan to make so many flowers!!

Paper To Petal Book available through Book Depository for pre order.

Thuss and Farrell Website 

Lots of love Claire xo

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Beautiful Styling and Photography from Chihiro Kubota

I have a feeling that Chihiro Kubota may be the Japanese equivalent of the Western Worlds Leslie Shewring.

Chihiro’s photography style seems to be very (almost completely) influenced by western style! I love her beautiful moodboard and the close up details with the washi tape. I want that polka dot washi tape! 

I think you all know by now that I love pastels, and I love flowers. All of these images are perfect for me and almost made me do a little squeal of excitement when I found them!

All Greengate and bombay duck products! I love them. ALl of those flowers are just incredible. Does anyone know what the flowers are in the tin furthest away from the screen? (Not in the Bombay Duck Tea Cup, the other side)

Oh holy smokes… this is one incredible photograph and it’s just beautiful! I don’t think I have a suitable grasp of the english language to make you understand how much I love this image and those flowers! I would SO steal that vase if I was anywhere near that shoot. I’d just grab them and start running. And probably screaming. 

oOoooooo beautiful. I might end up snipping some Cherry Blossoms from the tree at my parents house when it’s in full bloom. I have some little bottles that would suit this perfectly!

Ooh a close up! Sweet peas? I love greengate tins. ❤

Look at this collection of glassware!! And all of these lovely flowers! I should probably do some sort of flower arranging class. Increase my own personal exposure to flowers. I think I’m obsessed because I don’t have an abundance of flowers in a pretty garden, or in my own home! 

 Chihiro Kubota Blog

Lots of love Claire xo

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