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365 Days of Art Journalling

 Gorgeous photo styling by Annetta Bosakova from 'A Year to Inspire'

I’m so pleased to present to you a new collaboration project between Annetta Bosakova and Stephanie Dahlsrud, who are creating fabulous Art Journals for 2014.

“A while ago I read a book called ‘A Year In Mornings’, a calibration between two social media friends. My heart skipped a beat as the simple beauty the two friends captured was very inspiring. In turn it made me want to try something so unique and daring as life gets the best of us and committing to a 365 is just that, daring. I’m hoping that this project will also take me where I normally don’t have the time to take myself in my creativity.” – Annetta

 Art journalling with Annetta Bosakova

So far some of the prompts have included:

Earliest Memory
Someone You Admire
Pick A Quote

 Art journalling collaboration project called 'A Year to Inspire'

So far, the ladies have been creating daily with supplies they have handy and I think it’s a marvellous idea! Last year I concentrated on other projects and Project Life and I really miss art journalling. Including doodling, painting and drawing.

That little quote is available on the blog as a free download to help inspire you!

 Paint and journalling supplies

Photos of craft supplies always make me happy!

 Gorgeous flowers

Photos of flowers make me even happier!

 A perfect little place to create!

This is the smallest little space I’ve ever seen! To think of the incredible images that come from this little table is just marvellous! It shows that you don’t need a huge studio to create incredible photography.

 Bakers twine and journalling with A Year to Inspire

I’m obsessed with bakers twine so it’s nice to see that it’s included in the tool bag :p

 Art journalling all year with Annetta and Stephanie

Water colour paints are great to have on hand. I absolutely love working with watercolour paints and pencils.

Watercolour with Annetta Bosakova

This is also available as a free download! I love it! My favourite colours :p

Go follow the collaboration over at A Year To Inspire 


Mixed Media Upcycled and Quilted Journals from Rebecca Sower

I was recently going through my Flickr Favourites and I decided to go right to the very end and work my way forward and I was so pleased to find Rebecca Sower’s journals in there! This one is my absolute favourite. Again, my favourite colours of peachy loveliness and shades of mint and neutrals. All in stitched layers AND it’s a journal! All handmade and incredible looking. A real one of a kind.  

I also love this one ^_^ all of the journals that Rebecca featured on her flickr were all for sale or sold at the time of posting (in 2010) I love the big flower and the sewing pattern. Actually I love everything on this cover, including the bird ^_^ It is indeed fabulous!

This one was a little different in style from what I had fallen in love with previously but all the journals that were made were ALL very different from eachother. I really like the use of free machine embroidery on this cover. 

I enjoy the mixes of fabrics being used for collage instead of the bog standard papers. These are all full of such intricate stitching details. 

ooooh I love this one too! The lace effect on the front has had some mint embroidery thread stitched onto it, upon layers of rather gloriously coloured fabric. The stitched flower is also very unique. Just fabulous! 

Rebecca Sower on Flickr 

Lots of love Claire xo

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Art Journalling Inspiration | Spontaneity and 5 Minute Collages by Laura Bucci

 Laura Bucci is a fabulous artist and recently shared a very good post on becoming slightly more minimalist in her creative life and in turn using time effectively to create art and pieces of writing.

View her post via THIS LINK. It’s not always about creating pretty pieces of work.. it’s about expression and taking the time to organize yourself. A marvellous piece of writing!

Lots of love Claire xo

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Overcoming Creative Block in 10 Easy Steps by Debbie Millman

A hand-lettered list of advice on breaking through your creative block from artist and writer Debbie Millman. I absolutely love it. And I thought I was the only weirdo who did Number 9 lol. 

  • Get enough sleep! Sleep is the best (and easiest) creative aphrodisiac.
  • Read as much as you can, particularly classics. If a master of words can’t inspire you, see number 3.
  • Color code your library. That is fun, and you will realize how many great books you have that you haven’t read yet.
  • More sleep! You can never get enough.
  • Force yourself to procrastinate. Works every time!
  • Look at the work of Tibor Kalman, Marian Bantjes, Jessica Hische, Christoph Niemann, and Paul Sahre.
  • Weep. And then week some more.
  • Surf the Web. Write inane tweets. Check out your high school friends on Facebook. Feel smug.
  • Watch Law & Order: SVU marathons. Revel in the ferocious beauty of Olivia Benson.
  • Remember how L-U-C-K-Y you are to be a creative person to begin with and quit your bellyaching. Get to work now!”

  • Im sure all of you have experienced creative block at some stage! Ive suffered for months without the energy, motivation or inspiration to do anything at all and nothing compares to the anguish that comes with such an affliction. Especially when it comes to writing blog posts! 
    Musician (and now author) Alex Cornell (whilst in the depths of a creative rut) reached out to some of his favorite artists and asked them for their coping strategies in such an event.  The incredible responses ended up being compiled into his book Breakthrough!: 90 Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination  — “a small but potent compendium of field-tested, life-approved insight on optimizing the creative process from some of today’s most exciting artists, designers, illustrators, writers, and thinkers.” My favourite of course… is from Debbie Millman. 

    The list is part of this fabulous book. The cheapest I have found is here through Book Depository with free shipping ^_^

    Lots of love Claire xo

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    How To Improve Your Handwriting | Tips From Myself and The Blogosphere

    I found this post a while ago on a charming occasion blog, while I haven’t utilised these tips myself I think the advice is golden! If you haven’t been following my blog for long; back in January I decided my handwriting was like the scrawl of a 4 year old and decided to do something drastic. I actually retrained my handwriting arm as I had terrible habbits of writing from my wrist and not my shoulder. It hurt and it took a lot of practice. I did go to google and download free handwriting practice sheets and I practiced and practiced and practiced! I also took some lettering classes when I decided to get fancy. 

    Get a notebook or sketchbook for practicing your lettering. I have used a grid notebook, 1 cm squares I think so I can really define the shapes without having to rule lines every time I want to create a letter. 

    This is probably the most recent page from my typography practice notebook. Its a big A4 pip studio notebook and it is full of practice shapes. Pages and pages of A’s and O’s to get my arm used to the movement. 
    My advice – definitely get a grid notebook if you really want to practice your handwriting because it will help you practice your spacing which is essential. 

    This is what I used as a guide for practising arm movements. Trying to improve my penmanship was helped greatly by doing these exercises. With the grid pages on my notebook it also meant I wasn’t just creating random stupid squiggles everywhere. It could be quite sore at times but I just carried on because I love lettering and happy mail ^_^ 

    My perfect materials are –

    A mechanical pencil 0.3. I chose 0.3 because it’s lightweight and if you need to erase it, it comes away easier than a HB or 0.5.
    A pentel retractable eraser
    A guided ruler
    A good sharpener
    Black Ink pens ranging from 0.2 to 0.8 in size. 

    When you get comfortable with creating shapes of letters and you can create different styles you will find it way easier to emulate the inspiration that you find. 

    This is fabulous typography that has definitely inspired me in journalling ^_^ 

    These little nuggets are from Lost Coast Post where there is a 5 post section on writing.. perfect for journalling! 

    Practice makes perfect! Seriously. 

    Im on ink wells now with I Still Love Calligraphy Class ^_^  Do not run before you can walk! This took me a long time! 

    I recommend the Letter Lab with Lori Vliegen if youre bursting to do a class!

    Lettering Inspiration on Pinterest.

    Lots of love Claire xo

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    Seasalt of Cornwall Window Display Scrapbook

    I love seasalt of cornwall.. it is lovely. The lookbooks section is my favourite part… the scrapbooks are mixed media loveliness… enjoy!

    I wish that this had been released as an actual catalogue as they are perfect for cutting out and journalling with! 

    I love it when a seasalt catalogue arrives through my door. It is full of the most beautiful illustrations and I adore these scrapbooks and lookbooks! I can only imagine how fabulous the window displays are in person. Much like Avoca Ireland; they have wonderful displays!

    Look at these lovely displays and processes! The lookbook on the seasalt site is interactive with text and working links. 

    i LOVE this autumn colour moodboard of the daffodills! 

    I also LOVE this!! I want to use it as inspiration for some journal pages I think ^_^ It actually reminds me of Sarah Ahearn Bellemare. 

    I loved the summer catalogue as it was full of beautiful nautical illustrations which I used in my journalling! I must take some photos and share. 

    Here is a sample of my wee journal using Amy Tangerines Spiral Day Book. 

    Seasalt Window Displays 

    Lots of love Claire xo

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    DIY Travelling Art Kit | Journal Challenge from Janel at Run with Scissors

    Well, today let me tell you… this is a treat!! Janel from Run with scissors (the wonderful Janel!) created a little journalling challenge; to pack up a wee suitcase with lots of supplies and a handmade journal and go go go!

    I originally saw these images and got excited about using them as a reference for travelling art supplies and then I realised there was a challenge attached! Woop! Adventure tiiiiimmme come on grab your friiiiieeends * yes i watch cartoons. 

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    Pastels in My Journal | Art Journalling Update | Journalling With Everydayisaholiday

    Well, I do love them over at everyday is a holiday! Last week I mentioned about the class every thursday over with Jenny and Aaron.. and this is my first ‘scraplift’ of aarons layout. 

     A lovely instagram picture of my work in progress! Ive used much more of the golden matte medium gel than I ever thought possible! My first time technically and I love the layer it adds on the top and the fact I can write and draw on it and do lots of things. 

    Im happy with my lovely colours and layout! 

    To join in and along go visit Everyday is a holiday blog for class 1. 

    Lots of love Claire xo

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    Travelling Art Kit from Everyday Is a Holiday

    ooOoo! I know I’m probably a little late on in the summer to be posting this but heeey. Its all good. The wonderful Jenny of Everyday is a holiday found a gorgeous metal case that she primed and then decoupaged in her own designs of scrapbook papers. 

    I am so in love with Jenny Holiday that I dont even think you would believe me if I told you. Her and her wonderful artiste partner have a big cartel shop and to be honest.. my cart is choc full of prints I want but unfortunately cannot afford. But are definitely on my wishlist ^_^ I love this little briefcase. My little travel around art journal case is definitely not stylish but it is incredibly practical and fits inside handbags so I couldnt really ask for much else. 

    The papers are available in the big cartel shop!  

    Jenny is always journalling and seems to just be using this very limited colour palette which is just SO inspiring for me because I spent a fortune on flippin decoart colours in all shades. Id love to create patterns using paint! I’ve just tried patterns with doodling and pens but I am loving the painted pages option. 

    God theyre so pretty! 

    Ok so Im adding a few links to Jennys blog as these photos are from a couple of different posts…. 

    What is in Jennys Travel Kit

    The priming and decoupage post

    Jenny and Aaron are doing Art Journalling class posts every thursday! Here is the first post.

    Lots of love Claire xo

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    Journalling Resources | Weekly Free Printable Planner Weekly Mini Book

    Woo! Free things *yay* Im sharing this with you today because I actually downloaded it years ago and cut up the little planner to use pieces as journalling cards. You can do the same or print and fold to make a little mini week long book! Maybe a book of lists etc… as suggested on the little cover!

    If you visit – How-Tuesday: Weekly Planner with Julie Schneider aka yoursecretadmiral

    you can watch a how to video on constructing but Im guessing you guys have already figured it out!

    Lots of love Claire xo

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