Perfect Pastel Kitchenware from Leilas General Store


I HAD to include these fabulous Gif files from Leilas general store! I love them. They’re a little bit hypnotising.

I’m quite certain if I entered this store I would never leave again. We could maybe get a little gang together, buy some flowery sleeping bags and fly to Sweden? Squatters rights? I know I’ve got my pink balaclava donned flash mob who is going to travel around europe with me stealing all the pretty things from peoples houses.. so I’m bound to get some ladies coming with me to Leila’s store!

Leila  could just continue with her day… we could make the tea and coffee and just watch in awe. Maybe bring some yarn and crochet some gifts?! :p
Or we could make some fab tea towel crafts with her lovely linens! We could work for having such a pretty roof over our heads :p

 bundt cake pan and enamel frying pan

I am so obsessed with these enamel pans. I mean really obsessed. I had them in every colour on my list to santa but they are a little expensive so I understand why he couldn’t fit them all in with the crazy amount of gifts I received! I also want some pastel spatulas ^_^

 Vintage style cake stands from Leilas general store

How cute are these little pastel bakeware items?! I want the cake stands!

 Pastel coloured enamelware collection from Leilas General Store

You can see why these were on my christmas list right?

Enamel pan from Leilas general store

I’m going to hunt for some of these items. I wish they were easier to find in the UK! I’ve found a few on ebay but I shall keep searching.

 Pastel Kitchen ware and enamel jugs and saucepans from Leilas general store

There are so many beautiful items in this kitchen. I wouldn’t even need real cupcakes everywhere.. fake cakes would make me happy. You shouldn’t make them so flipping pretty!! There is actually a brand of bread here in N.I and it is the softest, most delicious bread and I could eat and entire loaf in one go.. I almost did one night with delicious pb sammiches (don’t judge me!) my dad happens to be good friends with the owner of the bread company and he was so happy I gorged myself on bread and I was outraged! “NO! Take your albs back! My love handles HATE YOU!”

Perfect pastel kitchenware and glass cake stands from Leilas general store

Aren’t these so pretty?! I need the mint glass cake stand and pitcher. AND the pink glass.

Leila’s General Store


A Beautiful Pastel Kitchen

 Pretty pastel kitchen WITH a roberts radio and a turquoise kitchen aid!
As soon as I saw this image, I knew I had to share the blog! I love that Roberts Radio and I really wish they weren’t finished with leather! What is that two tier wire thing?! I want one of those!
 Blue enamel and crockery

And look at all of these beautiful blue kitchen accessories! Aren’t they just marvellous!? I like the big polka dot wash bowl ^_^

 A lovely collection hanging in the kitchen

A collection of linens and food cover hanging in the corner of the kitchen.

Open plan dining and kitchen area in a lovely pastel kitchen space

I love the finish of this table. The fruit being displayed on a cake stand is also a rather lovely touch.

 Such fancy washing up!

I want everything in this image! The fabulous washing up bowl, the pip studio mugs and then everything in the background! Oh! And the dish brush ^_^

 A little galvanised tin full of lovely flowers in the kitchen!

What type of flowers are these? Are they pansies? They’re so pretty.

 Greengate DK Tea Towels hanging on a vintage drying rail

I almost fainted when I saw all of these beautiful greengate tea towels!

 Greengate DK Tea Towels

And then I went on the hunt for a vintage drying rack… I’m still searching. I just love the look of them and I’m fed up of looking at the metal one I have. It’s not pretty, it’s functional but it’s not pretty!

Perfect pastel kitchen accessories

ooooh I love it! Does anyone know the brand of this blue tin?

 open plan kitchen and dining room

The open plan kitchen, and view of the dining table!

 Fire in the corner of a kitchen

What type of fire is this?

washing and drying dishes with a greegate dish brush and shabby cream metal drying rack

I would love one of these pretty wire dish dryers! Luckily they’ve become quite popular so I know where I can get them in the UK.

 I love the little hooks on the kitchen island

I like the hanging items on the kitchen island! It’s a great idea! I also love that pink, raffia bread basket ^_^

 Kitchen island

A view of the pretty flowers on the kitchen island. I love everything about this kitchen, I think it’s fabulous!

 Kitchen island in pastel kitchen

Toves Sammensurium

Country Cottage Renovation

 Country cottage kitchen - i love all the pastel accessories, light blue le creuset casserole dishes and those floral blinds
I am so in love with this cottage kitchen makeover and I am completely in awe of what the owners have achieved with this renovation! The mix of all my favourite colours; blue, pink and cream, is so good that I’m certain I would never be able to create something like this if I had attempted it. I’m not a huge fan of wooden counter tops but the wood is a running theme throughout the house and it looks very effective!
 Country cottage dining room with under stairs storage for crockery and tableware
I like the innovative use of space under the stairs! The mix of vintage, mismatched chairs in worn paint, painted floors and painted cabinets really marries together well don’t you think?!
 Wallpaper backed cabinet in the kitchen - I love those greengate dk salt and pepper shakers!

I LOVE this cabinet! That is some of my favourite Cath Kidston wallpaper ever!

 Country cottage bathroom with a claw foot bath tub
If you have read my blog, or social media for any length of time, you may already know how much I love claw foot bath tubs! It will be my dream purchase, if ever I get there :p I also LOVE that cabinet! How marvellous ^_^ I bet it was an inherited piece. I doubt anybody would ever be able to find something that marvellous at a vintage fair or on gumtree or somewhere.
Cottage chic bathroom shelving and decor

The shelving in this bathroom is very cute! Although, I would love to know where the rule came about sea shells living in bathrooms?! I’ve always known there to be seashells in bathrooms and if you collected them when you were little, that’s where they went. Or decorations and themes for interiors – most nautical themes are for the bathroom… whats that about?!

 Cottage chic landing with vintage paisley eiderdown and nicely arranged photo frames on the wall
I am quite envious of that carpet.. purely because mine is a horrible burgundy colour! I’m also very envious of that eiderdown! I’ve kept my eye on so many and never want to part too much money. I also don’t want any filled with feathers, so they’re actually quite difficult to find. If anyone knows of any, let me know!
 Small cottage bedroom decor

This is a tiny bedroom but it’s lovely! I really like the little wardrobe & window seat build.

 Small cottage bedroom with floral paisley bedding and cath kidston paisley fabric covered lampshades

And how fabulous is all of that lovely Cath Kidston bedding?! I love the colour of the bedroom wall. It’s quite like my own that actually needs another coat but that’s for another day!

 Colourful knitted blanket in cottage chic children's room

How adorable is that knitted blanket!? And more Cath Kidston bedding!

 I love this vintage chair in the nursery
This little girls room is really quite fantastic and I’m green with envy. The chair is a chair of my dreams and I LOVE that idea of using clip on butterflies on plain curtains! I also like that Cath Kidston fabric suitcase. I must go for a nosey! 
 Small cottage chic living room
 Small cottage

The outside of this building is absolutely charming! I might steal the idea of having a lovely little heart wreath out the front of my own house ^_^

Have a Good day!

Originally seen on period living

Tips For Updating Technology This Season

Are you redecorating this season? Today I have a little article all about ‘modern must-haves for impressing guests over the New Year! Decorating isn’t the only way forward, I’ve actually been tempted to start building dioramas as I’ve so many decor ideas in my head! Anyway, I digress.
When you know you will be entertaining, it can be tempting to reach for the paint roller and give your home a little lick of paint. While redecorating is certainly great… modern homes should also be ready to impress with technology, as long as your budget allows of course. 
Here are some ideas to improve without having to completely redecorate!

1.      LED lighting
Eco friendly and beautiful with it, LED lighting is the perfect way to give your home some colour in a truly modern way… you can also use them in traditional style kitchens like the one above, only with a modern twist. I love the under cabinet lighting!

2.    A Soundbar
With everyone opting for flat-panel TVs these days, it means there’s always going to be little room for the speakers in the TV to offer much in the way of bass. I am rather fastidious and HATE cables coming from the TV so a neat, modern sound bar is the perfect idea for me. These compact units fit neatly under your TV screen and have an impressive sound quality, perfect for watching the countdown to midnight on New Years Eve or blasting the Muppets Christmas Carol all over the house on Christmas eve to spread the festive cheer (that’s a christmas tradition in my house)! “T’is the season to be merry and jooolllllly”

3.   Wireless 
The days of wired-in technology, while never likely to be totally obsolete, are certainly no longer dominant (great news for us who are allergic to looking at stray wires and general cable unsightliness!)  Unless you’re lucky enough to have had your TV and speaker cables routed inside the walls as part of a rebuild, you’ll already be sick of tripping over (or just looking at) tangled wires and trying to cope with them.. I’ve actually used many types of cable tidies, trunking that wouldn’t fit on the wall properly… You’ve seen the post I made about hiding my router sometime last year right?!  Our fancy schmancy Virgin Media super fast broadband ploughs it’s signal through my Kvarnik box perfectly, even at the very top of the house which is handy! This means that everyone can enjoy their entertainment they way they want to, no matter how of us are online at once.

4.     Multi use, multi-function and hidden storage
The most impressive part of your modern home will undoubtedly be the ability to have everything you want in it, but without it looking messy and cluttered, this is obviously my idea of heaven! Look for things that serve a dual purpose, such as modern corner sofas that convert into beds, or for items with hidden storage spaces to keep your home streamlined and clutter-free. Do you spy at the very end of the counter in the black and pink kitchen there’s a little cupboard handle?! I have some great wall mounted recycling boxes too. Hidden storage is my favourite! 

I actually really love that black and pink kitchen, I never thought I would like black cabinets but that just shows you how sleek these are and the lighting is fabulous. Because our home is a rental I can only dream of having a fancy kitchen. 

A House Full of Pastels and Greengate

greengate bakers twine and fabric napkins

I am absolutely in love the blog- Minty House! The photography, styling and amount of greengate products made me a little giddy.

a jar of ribbons and twine

I have to find some of these vintage jam jars to store lovely ribbons and trims inside.

a crate full of knit dish cloths

What type of crate is this? I love this vintage stool!

a basket of kitchen linens

and a white wire basket is one thing I do not own. I must invest!

vintage door turned dining room table

Isn’t this old door table absolutely fabulous? The table display and styling is absolutely gorgeous too. A room painted white is a room of my dreams!

pink knit dish cloths

Look at the beautiful colours of these knit dishcloths and that pink velvet ribbon! I would also love that bread bin you can see in the background! Ewa, (Eva) the owner of Minty House blog, has a turquoise bread bin too! Just like the pink one!

purple dish cloths and rice dk dish brush

oOo and these lovely dish cloths. Ewa must make these. I love the colours of the Rice DK dish brush, I have two of these in the red and pink shades. They were too beautiful to ever be used in the kitchen so they became the cats hair brushes!

pink roasting dish

This pink oven roasting dish is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t eat meat so I have no need for one but Id love one! I like the unit on the wall of all the pretty crockery.

purple dish cloths in dresser

and look at this vision in lilac!

Red fabric collection and polka dot mug with little blueberry tarts

A little change in the kitchen cabinets with some gorgeous fabric there too. I spy a little greengate pattern in there.

pink kitchen scales

Those kitchen scales are a fabulous colour, I have the same in cream!

pink pastel colander and spools of bakers twine from Greengate

These colours are my absolute favourite and I wish I knew where I could find Greengate DK bakers twine on spools.

handmade jam and greengate spools of bakers twine

Handmade jams in pretty jars, I want one of those stools. I do believe I have asked Santa (already) for one.

Knit and crochet dish cloths from Falby
Does anyone know where I can buy Falby in the UK? 
To view more images 

greengate chair cushions

Aren’t these greengate dining chair cushions absolutely gorgeous! This dining room has a lovely country cottage feel to it ^_^

falby cloth

The rest of those Falby cloths and a lovely little measuring cup!

dining storage

Can anyone tell me what this wooden contraption is?

a drawer of kitchen linens

How adorable is that cup?!

crochet bunting and homemade jam in colander

A dream in pastels ^_^ I must raid through my yarn stash to see what my collection of pastels is like! I have some cloths to make!

Dining storage dresser/hutch full of pastels and beautiful things

I adore this dresser/hutch. Everything is pastel coloured and I love it!

Pretty craft storarge

Stationery and craft supplies in a lovely shade of blue!

Cherry Milkshakes and little tiny cream tart

ooh what’s in the bottle? Do you think it’s cherry tasting? I love the upturned egg cup as a little tart stand! It’s adorable!

A lovely cappuccino with a rice dk pastel spoon and a pastel rice dk whisk in a greengate tin

It’s definitely time for a coffee break ^_^ and I own that exact greengate tin! I love mine ^_^ I got mine from Lovefromrosie 

Blueberry tartlets and kitchen linens
The blueberry tartlets look amazing! Go visit minty house to view many more beautiful images!

A Retro Pastel Kitchen and Baking Dream

How fabulous is this pretty Retro Diner style kitchen from ‘passion for baking’ blog? I love the blue and white chequered floor! Manuela Kjeilen is Norways answer to Martha Stewart in the baking department. She owns more than one kitchenaid mixer and a kitchenaid coffee machine so that can tell you how well she has done for herself!    

I love these retro style candy lolly pops. Her whole kitchen is like a childrens candy store dream!

See what I mean! I want some of these jars and all of the sweets. Especially strawberry bon bons. I love the Strawberry Bon Bon coloured paint on the wall.

I love it! I’ve so many things on my shopping list from this blog! Greengate clocks hanging in the kitchen.. a beautiful blue kitchenaid mixer… and pink spoons! I want it all!

Doesn’t this look delicious? The pink coffee pot is now also on my list of wants and desires.

How beautiful is everything I’ve shown today?! I would want those chairs if they weren’t leather. And I want a pink kitchen aid blender! Darnit! I am clearly a lady with expensive tastes! I shared an image of Manuelas kitchen on facebook and someone commented how much they feel sorry for the husband. Haha. Don’t give him a choice!

I must find a recipe for eggless lemon tart. I do miss meringue the odd time but it’s very fleeting! Lemon meringues used to be my favourite. A pink fork! This lady is a dream in pink.

I love the details in this kitchen. And the pink stool ^_^

Are these soap or something?! How would you put them in a jar without squishing the frosting?! Answer is.. you dont. So it must be soap!

I love these Lisbeth Dahl jars. Does anyone know where I can buy them?

Lovely and delicious looking frosting on those cupcakes?

Oh my.

Look at these marvellous colours! My favourites!

ooh this looks like a lemon chiffon cake. I’ve now also put a wooden tray on my wishlist, to be painted of course. In a gorgeous pink.

This is absolutely adorable. Do any of you know what this is or what it is called? I know the drawer is large enough to hold cupcakes as there are images of it on Manuela’s blog.

Look at those kitchenaids! And lovely pastel spatulas and enamelware! Oh I want it all!

Don’t these look delicious? I love the pink and white colours  and the texture in the background. Really makes for a beautiful and interesting image!

What type of frosting is that?! I love that black and white polka dot apron with pink ruffle trim and blue pocket. Beautiful! And look! Manuela has the new ikea medicine cabinet! oh I must do some rearranging or throwing out to see if i can make some space in my house!

I love everything about this kitchen. The colours make my heart sing! Passion For Baking blog 

Country Cottage Kitchen

Country Cottage Emma Bridgewater Hearts Hutch
I posted this lovely Emma Bridgewater filled country dresser before, but it was a bad quality instagram photo. Here you can have a slightly better view!
Gingham Seat Cushions

You can also have a view of the whole kitchen! Isn’t it marvellous?

Cottage style kitchen

I love this kitchen. It always smells incredible too.

Cream Kitchen Inspiration
And those are my coral jeans! Hey legs! Isn’t this corner just inspired and a great use of space? 
Cream Kitchen Cupboards

And there’s the dog! Hey! They were playing with the laser pointer on the floor when I took this photo. I love the drawers and the black handles.

Cream and Wood Shaker Kitchen

 Photos by moi. I hope you enjoyed this peek into a family members kitchen!

A Dream of a Kitchen

Ok, so whoever is with me when I’m designing my dream house, can you please remind me of this blog post? Take note of the date! It’s a glorious kitchen with red and white. Most importantly, white cupboards and a white oven! I never thought I would ever like darkish wooden floors, but it turns out this kitchen is magic and I like them now. ha!

Look at all of that storage! Two ovens?! (The big range cooker is in the first image in this post)

I really like this galley light. There are two over the kitchen island and looks absolutely perfect for the kitchen! I don’t think you could have chosen any better.

Isn’t it glorious?! Of course you need to have a contrasting counter top on top of white cabinets but I never would have thought that a dark wood would be to my liking but I love it! The tiles around the cooking space are my favourite and it’s all contained within a very beautiful little alcove. All of the pink flowers and little red touches really make this image of the kitchen ‘pop’.

What incredible orchids! I’ve always remembered about having a ‘Belfast Sink’ on my dream kitchen list. The glass and wooden cabinets are my favourite. Think of all the beautiful crockery you could display in there! All of the pip studio and greengate colelctions I could afford.

Are these pink flowers Hydrangeas? I always appreciate your responses to my questions!! This must be a vegetable washing sink? I’ve no idea. Two sinks in a kitchen is a bit mad alright.

More built in shelving units. There is one thing I would change in the image above, the inside of the cabinets would also be white. Just to show off the crockery to it’s full beauty and potential!

And a glorious set of antique scales and silverware on display in this tiled alcove. What a fabulous kitchen! Can you tell I am in love?
All of these images are from Better Homes and Gardens