Perfect Pastel Kitchenware from Leilas General Store


I HAD to include these fabulous Gif files from Leilas general store! I love them. They’re a little bit hypnotising.

I’m quite certain if I entered this store I would never leave again. We could maybe get a little gang together, buy some flowery sleeping bags and fly to Sweden? Squatters rights? I know I’ve got my pink balaclava donned flash mob who is going to travel around europe with me stealing all the pretty things from peoples houses.. so I’m bound to get some ladies coming with me to Leila’s store!

Leila  could just continue with her day… we could make the tea and coffee and just watch in awe. Maybe bring some yarn and crochet some gifts?! :p
Or we could make some fab tea towel crafts with her lovely linens! We could work for having such a pretty roof over our heads :p

 bundt cake pan and enamel frying pan

I am so obsessed with these enamel pans. I mean really obsessed. I had them in every colour on my list to santa but they are a little expensive so I understand why he couldn’t fit them all in with the crazy amount of gifts I received! I also want some pastel spatulas ^_^

 Vintage style cake stands from Leilas general store

How cute are these little pastel bakeware items?! I want the cake stands!

 Pastel coloured enamelware collection from Leilas General Store

You can see why these were on my christmas list right?

Enamel pan from Leilas general store

I’m going to hunt for some of these items. I wish they were easier to find in the UK! I’ve found a few on ebay but I shall keep searching.

 Pastel Kitchen ware and enamel jugs and saucepans from Leilas general store

There are so many beautiful items in this kitchen. I wouldn’t even need real cupcakes everywhere.. fake cakes would make me happy. You shouldn’t make them so flipping pretty!! There is actually a brand of bread here in N.I and it is the softest, most delicious bread and I could eat and entire loaf in one go.. I almost did one night with delicious pb sammiches (don’t judge me!) my dad happens to be good friends with the owner of the bread company and he was so happy I gorged myself on bread and I was outraged! “NO! Take your albs back! My love handles HATE YOU!”

Perfect pastel kitchenware and glass cake stands from Leilas general store

Aren’t these so pretty?! I need the mint glass cake stand and pitcher. AND the pink glass.

Leila’s General Store


Country Cottage Kitchen

Country Cottage Emma Bridgewater Hearts Hutch
I posted this lovely Emma Bridgewater filled country dresser before, but it was a bad quality instagram photo. Here you can have a slightly better view!
Gingham Seat Cushions

You can also have a view of the whole kitchen! Isn’t it marvellous?

Cottage style kitchen

I love this kitchen. It always smells incredible too.

Cream Kitchen Inspiration
And those are my coral jeans! Hey legs! Isn’t this corner just inspired and a great use of space? 
Cream Kitchen Cupboards

And there’s the dog! Hey! They were playing with the laser pointer on the floor when I took this photo. I love the drawers and the black handles.

Cream and Wood Shaker Kitchen

 Photos by moi. I hope you enjoyed this peek into a family members kitchen!

10 Of The Best Pastel Kitchen Accessories

Interiors Inspiration | Vintage and Modern Scandinavian Delights from Harligt Hemma Blog


Today we have a great mix of vintage and modern scandinavian design delights for you, perfect apartment decorating ideas and decorating ideas ! Harligt Hemma is the blog with all the best scandinavian designers elements in her home; most notable House Doctor and Rice DK. And I love every bit of it! I would really love to get my hands on one of the geometric print cushions and the flower cushion. I shall do a little google searching/window shopping later! 

I found the lights at urban outfitters! 

Aren’t the colours wonderful? I think the crochet blanket you can see draped over the couch just ties all the blocked colours in wonderfully with the black piano and frames up against the wall. I always love finding new living room design ideas. I received a new piece of furniture last week and it’s totally thrown a spanner in my plan to limit my colours to peach for a while. I might need to go for peach and teal or mint as the little table is turquoise blue. 

And a blue Smeg! Holy moses! 

ooooOooooooo! Would you look at those kitchen shelves! I really love those vintage salt caddys that are wall mountable. Unfortunately I have nowhere on my kitchen wall where there would be space for one so I will just ogle everyone else’s photos for now ^_^ I would also kill for one of those coffee pots! Is the coffee pot a Scandinavian style of coffee pot? Y’know… just incase I happen to be searching for one!

oOoo and the ladder! I’ve seen many many Scandinavian homes with this new ladder ‘fad’ but I adore the colour of this one! 

I had to include this close up shot of a flower because it’s just beautiful ^_^ I hope there are no complaints!

A vintage wooden hanger wrapped in fabric is a great way of upcycling any that may look little battered or worn! A great diy project to keep in mind ^_^

Oo and these are the shelves all blue and red! WITH greengate cups, a jug and latte bowls. A woman after my own heart! 

I just love flowers okay?! 

When I say this I literally said “oooOoooh!” outloud and my other half came in… “what what what?! show me!” and he was a little disappointed but that’s because it’s me with the vintage wallpaper fetish! I LOVE this door! It’s a fabulous way to decorate a door that has panelling. A wardrobe would be another great example of where these types of door panels can be found. 

More flowers! Okay okay.. but this was actually because of that beautiful glass votive with the ‘pip studio’ style flower on the outside. 

And look at all of these glorious plants on the windowsill and little paper lantern decorations! Perfect for some beautiful dining room decor without being ‘over the top!’. 

I swear on everything I own that I NEED this lamp! I dont just want it… I desperately need it in my life! Itsn’t it amazing?! I wonder if it was found like that or was there a little canny restoration in that shade. Ooo or just a new shade on an old base. I must check out gumtree but I doubt I will be very lucky. I shall cross my fingers!

I hope you enjoyed todays post!

Harligt Hemma Blog with the most beautiful Vintage Lamps, Furniture and Home decorating ideas!

Kitchen Spice jar and Pantry Organizing Labels from World Label Blog

The World Labels blog is sooooo kind offering up so many labels and blank versions of the designs to you! There are a few designs and you can have them in this tealy colour or chalkboard black.

Go HERE to see your downloads

Lots of love Claire xo

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Organizing The Kitchen | Bright Colours and Retro Crockery from Nest Decorating

Firstly I would like to tell you how much I love Tamaar of Nest Decorating! Ive been a fan for years. Tamaar sells the most beautiful Jewellery. As soon as I saw these bowls I was ready to hop on a plane on go stealing. Or visit the website where she bought them but they were in the states AND out of stock 😦 I love them! Im currently trying to get rid of my tupperwear, instead we use bowls that can have lids if there are leftovers… for a simpler life. And also we are running out of storage space for veg that doesnt live in the fridge. Sooo… these bowls would have been perfect! 

Such beautiful retro patterns and vintage florals. I love them! Cereal would look quite special in there I think. The patterns are just fabulous and would be wonderful for serving nibbles and things. 

Shelves! Shelves are what I need. I have some ikea/recycling plans for the wall because I keep tripping over what we have and the floor seems kind of cluttered, I can add a shelf on top of those and I think im going to buy a little Ribba picture ledge or two for my spices to clear up some counter space. I think I need to do a wee rethink on how many organizing projects Im doing at once! Still in the process of decluttering the crafty space but it is a very slow process for me ^_^

oh just look at those lovelies! I have two cream bowls like those ribbed ones from Anthropologie and I love them. I dont even let them be used all the time incase they get chipped. We are a little clumsy in our house ^_^

Visit Tamaars blog Nest Decorating 

Lots of love Claire xo

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Fabulously Organized Kitchen Shelving | A DIY by Cherry Menlove

Oh Cherry! My partner is going to hate you because now he’s going to have to put up shelves in the kitchen :p Cherry did the most incredible job in transforming her kitchen into this cozy wee space and that storage is just gorgeous.

The display arrangement is lovely.. I dont have a big kitchen but I would love to display jars like that.. although the jars I have are all mismatched. None are as big as that too but Im sure I could find some and spend a small fortune Im guessing! 

All pretty. I love the latte cups from Ikea. I have a white one storing utensils in my kitchen. I have used them but I like black coffee and tea so again.. I would have no fingertips!

All of these pastel colours and touches of red just make my heart do a wee jump!

The candy jars and dishes are also something I covet. Although I do treat myself an awful lot so I have a lot of stuff! 

These I do want! I have some cream bowls from Anthropologie but Id love the mix of colours.. although.. things arent allowed in my kitchen unless they’re cream! Kettles and toasters and the like ^_^ In previous posts you can tell how much I love white and I would love an all white kitchen but then i see colours like this and I want to jump up and down. Giidddddyyyyy. 

I love it. And I love Cherry Menlove so go visit and enjoy! 

Lots of love Claire xo

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Madame Louflee Home | Shabby Chic Kitchen Accessories Dresser and Craft Space Doily Wall Art

I was so pleased when Madame Louflee was in touch with me and I got to discover her wonderful blog and even more wonderful images from her home!! So many pastels and shabby chic loveliness just make me so excited! These little Rex Inter Tea Coffee and Sugar tins can be purchased from dotcomgiftshop. (Pantry Design) I could spend forever in a kitchen like this! 

ooOooo look at the dresser!!! I know I would have much more on the space just cluttering everywhere but I couldn’t help but fill it! I love how this lovely lady has managed to add the decorative lace on the shelf edge. Adds a very beautiful touch and that tea set is bloomin amazing. I am very jealous. I wish I had the space for a piece of furniture like this! 
agggh! look!!! I love it all!!! What the heck is that coffee pot looking contraption? I need some shelves in my kitchen ^_^

These are the same Rex Inter spice tins. I wish I used any of those spicy things but they look much more suitable to christmas baking than everyday cooking! Although the allspice would definitely be used. They should release some for chilli, basil and cumin.. the everyday spices! 

Look at the colour of this chair! I am sold!! How on earth did those wonderfully colourful doilies get on the wall?! Are they decorative stickers? I love the different coloured shelves all over the place. And the bin ^_^

Looks like a wooden version of my ikea expedit. Those boxes are genius with the little viewing space but I think I would prefer them covered; more for aesthetic purposes. The windows on the boxes are incredibly practical! I also love love love those little pink drug baskets with the little stars cut out. 

oh i love it! You can visit Madame Louflee here. 

Lots of love Claire xo

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Rosa Rot Shabby Chic Kitchen | Crochet Pot Holders and Greengate Baking Supplies

Ooh pretty crochet pot holder! I love it! I also love all of these flowers. Do you spy all of those beautiful  Greengate blue latte cups and ceramic jug? I have the green version of one of those greengate latte cups.. so I need to buy some more. I need to! Also loving the fact that this wonderfully creative lady has added a simple ribbon to that ikea jug/vase! So simple and so effective. Im doing it! 

I could just squeal at all of these gorgeous greengate items! Ive never made any square cupcakes using the greengate cupcake cases I bought last year.. I used them for storage and organising my office bread bin ^_^ I didn’t want to waste them haha. On account of their cost I suppose :p I also spoilt myself with greengate tea towels. That aren’t allowed to be used! 

woot woot! Making pancakes! I really want to get a blue version of that ikea jug too. This has also reminded me that I need to buy little herb pots to keep on my kitchen windowsill ^_^ What a gorgeous dresser. Is that what it’s called? In a kitchen/dining space? Everytime I see greengate items in blogs like this I end up spending a flipping fortune! 

This just is beeeeaaa-utiful. Ive found some in the UK made by Gisela Graham. Gorgeous baking shots indeed. 

woo! A jar of tilda strawberries!! I love Tilda books from Tone Finnanger – Sew Pretty Homestyle.  Such a beautiful trivet too! 

and all these pretty little details! Including the Tilda handmade Placemats on that stool. Love it! You can buy the Tilda book here. 

I’m so envious of the entire collection of greengate dk products in this home! I’ve said it before and I will say it again.. these people must earn a small fortune to be able to afford all of these gorgeous products!

ooooh these look delicious! Especially on a glorious summers day. I spy one of those Tilda handmade  placemats from the book Sew Pretty Homestyle!

This is one of my favourite cushion covers that have been made using crochet and fabric. The join is fantastic and it took me quite a long time to learn how to do this properly! 

Visit the Rosa Rot blog and share the love!

Lots of love Claire xo

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Sommerhusstil Shabby Chic Home Interiors Inspiration full of Greengate DK Products | Where To Buy Greengate In The UK

All of these things here are greengate… And this is a warning – you might end up spending a fortune after reading this post. So far… I need a new bread bin, a new kettle and some scales.. definitely! And a plate rack! And more plates!! lol. Im not even really joking. 

Look!!!!!!  I love all these colours and the touches of green too ^_^ Id love one of those kitchen aid mixers but I don’t bake. The main reason I don’t bake is because I have a sweet tooth and I would never be able to stop eating! 

Anyone know what brand this coffee machine is?! I’m quite certain I might need one. In cream or a white colour. Ive mentioned this before.. every single time I am drooling over pretty interiors… that i love the art of display but the OCD obsessive freakazoid in me cannot have things on the counter tops. The microwave even annoys me because its massive ^_^ part of my charm right? haha

you should  have heard the little squeal of excitement that came from me. I need that lamp. And the rest of this house but mostly the lamp at the moment. I just keep adding more and more to my wish list!

I want that wee green suitcase!!! Out of everything I would actually buy the green suitcase immediately because it would be the cutest travelling art supply kit EVER. 

Oh sigh. Think my housemates might have something to say about me making the house even more girly than it already is but look at it! it looks so serene and lovely. Its amazing how much a rooms decor can put you in a good mood. I love my living room but it could definitely be improved upon! I actually may need your help soon regarding a lamp situation ^_^ must take photos first.

Greengate notebooks and cath kidston scissors. YES PLEASE! And also Id like a little letter box. I flipping love this blog. End up spending a fortune every time i look at posts. please note that I have edited the photographs from this blog as they are all very dark. If you take dark photographs you should try using as you can lighten photos easily for your posts. ^_^ makes them easier to see and appreciate!

Go and tell Betina how much you love her home! (Also that name reminds me of muppets christmas carol – miss piggy and kermits daughters were called belinda and petina I think. An amalgamation of the two :p) I digress! Go visit ^_^ Link here. 

If you’re in the UK Ive created a small list of places you can buy greengate items… its only small and it was in an email I had shared with someone ^_^

If you have more resources or if you are a shop that sells greengate items then you can leave a comment below with the link and I will update and add to the list!

Lots of love Claire xo

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