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Last Year in Review

 Magazine tear outs as framed wall art
 Papier mache birthday cake

 Cath Kidston wallpaper in #ikea billy cabinet

 Cath Kidston storage tins

Craft Room makeover

 Craft Room and vintage wallpaper patchwork door

 Bonne maman storage jars

 Retro touches in the living room

 Tiny #crochet strawberries!

 Summer in the living room

 Birthday flowers

 Greengate and RICE DK products

Greengate Mille cup and sauce

 Magazine tear outs

 Inspiration wall

 June - spelt out in wooden craft letters

 #Smeg fridge and #greengate #kitchen accessories

 Liberty of london Betsy print colour copied notebook cover

 Pastel colours in the living room in spring

 #Ribbon #storage and #organization

 Hand painted plant pot

 Party Pom Poms and streamers

 Pastel Dining room

 Cath Kidston Decoupage Spice Rack craft room storage

 #CathKidston sticker in vintage rotary telephone

 #Ikea #Vintage #wallpaper backed billy #cabinet

Macbook Polka Dot Mug and coloured korean rainbow pens
I thought that I might share some of my favourite images I took around the house and some of my favourite projects from last year! The furniture and the craft room makeover was probably the biggest ^_^ 
Do you have a favourite image from here? 
Do you have any happy memories form 2013?

My Craft Room Tour

hearthandmadeuk craft room studio tour
My lovely little craft space! I love it in here. This post was a long time in the making wasn’t it? I think we started redecorating in January. It’s been beautiful and very pretty for a long time but never tidy enough for a full blown photo shoot! You can see some dodgy before pictures in this post
I thought I should go through what I have in here because I know many of you will ask questions. 
The poster on the door is from Made by girl
The little basket on the floor is from a market in france
The drawers are Ikea Alex drawers
Cork board – also ikea
Hanging pom pom honey comb things are from paper mash but you can get them in many places

The bin that my wallpaper is stored in and the shower caddy where the jars are hanging on the wall are both from b&m stores in the uk.
The lamp is from ikea, desk and stool also from ikea. The desk is a console table. The magnetic board on the wall is also from ikea – spontan in white.
The pink floral, polka dot and gingham mini suitcases are from Next in the uk many years ago.
The sewing house box is from Cath Kidston

Craft Room and inspiration board

That is a little spice rack that was painted and decorated using the decoupage technique and paper napkins from cath kidston and some polka dot tissue paper.
Ribbons are a selection from Cath Kidston and Dotcomgiftshop
The glitter tape is by American Crafts
Pink tweed greengate Teddy bear is from Love from Rosie
Wire letter on my cork board was made by Jane from Planet Joy

craft room desk and chair and tall alex drawers from ikea

craft room creative wall

Those lovely crochet hangers are from Cath Kidston years ago
The barn star and wall shelves are from dotcomgiftshop
The prints are both from magazines and the paper backing my shelves is a mix of scrapbook paper – mostly crate projects.

painted shower caddy and bonne maman storage jars

These tins are covered in paper from Kitschy digitals

painted shower caddy and bonne kaman storage jars - pom poms and inspiration memo aboard

pretty crochet hooks in cath kidston jug

crochet strawberries in bonne maman jars

crochet strawberries in bonne maman jars

dotcomgiftshop shelf

Dotcomgiftshop Shelf

RICE dk shelf and cath kidston tins
painted upcycled vintage fabric cabinet and patchwork door in the craft room
Pretty pastel memo board

Those lovely little baking ladies up there are stickers from Everydayisaholiday

Beside the computer - a little deer, eiffel tower and retro glasses
painted ikea moppe drawers
The paper on my little boxes is a mix of crate paper and summer bungalow papers from everyday is a holiday
Ikea moppe drawer makeover

These little mope drawers were a task! You can use chalk paint and mix it up with different colours. I mixed old white with crafters acrylic for the different colours. You turn the drawers back to front and use a drill for the drawer knobs.

I hope you have enjoyed my little craft room tour!It’s never ever this tidy. Ever! Just for pretty pictures ^_^ A few hours after I finished shooting and I was doing other crafty work it looked like there had been an explosion, so do not feel bad for having a messy craft room. This is the first time I’ve been able to do a photoshoot because it’s always an unsightly mess!

A Crafty Creative Christmas

dotcomgiftshop tape measure ribbons
This post is a mixture of items I’ve spoilt myself with recently from dotcomgiftshop. A completely indulgent and ‘Look what i bought!!’ post. So firstly, I bought some of that number/tape measure ribbon
dotcomgiftshop light up bauble

This is the lovely light up bauble, isn’t it gorgeous? I ended up getting two of them. They’re so delicate I still don’t know where I’m going to put them or how to display them at christmas so I’ve still got one in the box and that one is being wrapped in a blanket until I’m ready to display! I have actually already poked a hole in the glass of that one by hitting it off something. I could have cried! They’re beautiful and glass but could probably benefit from being made out of plastic. Great for the price though and as long as you know to be extra careful you can have a gorgeous set of bauble lights!

glass bauble lights

They’re made with a plug so I don’t know how to hang them with extension leads just yet.

floral pens

Ive bought these lovely floral pens (in both colours of course) 

jingle bell garland lights

I got myself these lovely jingle bell lights that are battery powered but I haven’t got the batteries in them yet. The cat doesn’t know what to make of the jingly bells. She just keeps running away.

tea light holders
I got these lovely little tea light holders in all their lovely colours! I don’t have any tea lights at the moment which is a rare event in my house so I’ve been keeping little scrapbook supplies handy ^_^ 
small tea light holders

dotcomgiftshop tea light holders
and the little pantry brush can be seen in the background! It’s too beautiful to use but my cat likes rubbing her face on the pink bristles. 
dotcomgiftshop shelf painted and backed with paper

This wall shelf isn’t new but I have re-backed it using some papers I got which are new!

hearthandmadeuk craft room

and inspired by all the lovely Tilda items I’ve been seeing this season in little cloche stands, I had to have one! (on the shelf, with the ribbons and cupcake inside)

I love it all! That wee cloche is my favourite I think, and those pens were just absolutely necessary.

About The House

Vintage Wallpaper backed ikea billy cabinet
It had suddenly dawned on me the other day that I had failed to share my lovely Billy Bookcase, vintage wallpaper makeover on my actual blog and only via instagram! I do apologise most sincerely. 
Vintage Wallpaper backed ikea billy cabinet
This is it! Then I thought I should share some more instagram shots, I apologise for the fuzziness of the images! It’s rather dark in N.Ireland! 
Painted vintage cabinet and retro reproduction radio. Thats a cream and mint rice dk shelf from 2011

This is the vintage cabinet I painted this year and I’m really tempted to paint it again next year. I think I might, but I’m not sure which colour. Perhaps a pretty aqua colour.

Cable and cotton lights in marshmallow

These are my cable and cotton lights that are from the pre made selection and are called ‘Marshmallow’. They match my current living room colours ^_^

Cable and cotton lights in marshmallow and a greengate dk teddy!

And here’s the lovely box!

Greengate dk bag, rice dk dish brush and hand painted shabby roses brush

Bits and pieces from around the kitchen. Greengate galore!

Ikea expedit bookcase and desk at work

You can tell it’s cold when the candles are lit for heating while I work!

painted and decoupaged spice rack turned ribbon storage

My favourite little painted and decoupaged little spice rack shelves ^_^

new greengate dk cushion

See? My living room colours! Where I like to work sometimes too.


Help Needed! Choosing A Ceiling Light for my Living Room

The image above is my living room, in here you can see a gigantic light shade that I found in a charity shop that I thought would be perfect..but of course it’s too big! Always the way huh? I thought I was safe with this option as it was big and I have super high ceilings (which you cant even see here because I couldn’t fit it in!) you can see a lovely honey comb pom pom and I had an 18″ drum shade but it’s dwarfed in this living room. I was thinking if it had a fancy pattern, if it was bigger OR if it was brightly coloured.. it might get noticed.. even by me.

I think I’ve managed to narrow my choices down to these three shades from John Lewis.. the top in that little collage is a lace drum light shade and then it being shown lit up! I am also in love with these Harlequin Ceiling Drum Shades. Love um! The only problem is, choosing a colour.

What do you guys think? Seriously, I need help!

The Craft Room Update | Ikea Expedit Craft Storage and Vintage Wallpaper Patchwork Door

Some updates on my new craft room! These are most definitely the after shots. 

This picture was taken early march I think and a few things have changed. 

This is now up on the wall for a start! 

Prepping my wallpaper pieces to get at the door! 

one of these things is not like the others!

The door in progress! Meet my site manager… overseeing the whole operation.

and my favourite vintage find to date! Including the cupboard redo behind it! I love this chair. My absolute favourite ^_^

The big curtain debate I was having with myself… I finally made them. Well one. so far I’ve made one lol. I will make the other. I promise.

The door is finished!

now… the dreaded before shots….

This is the wall where the ikea expedit now lives and the fabric cabinet. All fits in nicely along this wall.

Just mess… and gloomy looking! We have this carpet on the stairs and in my old craft room and I hate it. I mean I haaaaaaaate it so much. If you look at the photos above the white floor helps to reflect all the light around the room and it makes it so happy. Everyone loves being in that room. They just have nowhere to sit down, haha get out! Mine! 

And the chimney breast wall is the desk wall.

why would anyone buy carpet that dark?! Needless to say it got a lick of paint and a new floor! Then my furniture and all my bits and pieces helped. I still haven’t finished it but it’s getting there!

Lots of love Claire xo

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Pretty Spring Flowers | About the House

Just some spring flowers brightening my living room! Get off rain! If I didn’t know any better I would swear it was the summer with all this wind and rain haha. Yes that’s what summer is all about in Ireland.


The first time I’ve ever had my favourite flower in my possession!

Lots of love Claire xo

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Greengate Notebooks Cups and Cath Kidston Tea Cups

For all the Greengate lovers out there; and I know there are many! I thought I would share my lovely Greengate purchases from Love From Rosie.

I love these two cups! I might be changing my dining room bookcase display quite soon. I have too many items! I would also love some doors on this cabinet.

Lots of love Claire xo
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Cath Kidston Wallpaper Backed Ikea Billy Cabinet

I know lots of you loved my Ikea Billy wallpapered bookcase turn bathroom storage. Its Cath Kidston Chintz wallpaper.. that I’ve had in my posession for the longest time! A few years actually.. It was about 2 metres I had and just 1 metre did that little bookshelf. So.. I had to share with readers without instagram. I also found a wee guide to DIY that made me chuckle.. (mostly the bit about men not paying for a professional and the desert island bit.)

Lots of love Claire xo

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