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My Favourite Wall Art Ideas

 Stitched collage wall art
I’ve been in the market for some new wall art for quite a while now; not just for my hall way but in my parents house too, both of which are totally different in style. The above inspiration is for my own house ^_^ I love the canvases and the trio frames. 
 Canvas wall art ideas

I love hearts! Anyone guess that? The canvases and the 3d punched hearts actually look really good together! I also really love the large collage style canvas on the shelf. That piece of furniture is absolutely stunning. I don’t know if I have enough space for all the things I want!

 Free Stitching cupcakes in a frame - wall art from argos
 Free motion stitching cupcakes in frame wall art

I really love these! They’re affordable and I don’t have to learn all about free motion stitching. I’m far too lazy for that. I’m so glad Argos have started stocking this graham and brown wall art! I absolutely love it all!

 Punched 3d heart and butterfly wall art decor

These beautiful frames would really suit my hallway. It’s beyond me why I chose to have magnolia paint on the walls but any wall art that can detract from that fact is more than welcome!

 Home Sweet Home Wall Art

I quite like this. I already have a metal home sweet home sign but this looks a good bit lighter than the one I have! I also want the vase, the bottles and that lamp! Want want want.

 Heart collage on canvas

I really like the size of this canvas and I actually think it would look great in my mums kitchen so I might have to send her the link and try and talk her into it! 

 3d punched hearts in shadow box - wall art ideas!

You know what would make these perfect? If they were stitched down the centre. Just for a little added visual interest.

 Stitched hearts in a frame - free motion stitching

I really love these. I might have to treat myself to the whole set! Treat y’self! *parks and rec reference*

Photography on canvas - romantic wall art ideas
 Romantic canvas wall art

This is the type of wall art that would suit my mum and dads dining room and I was trying to keep the purple and pink tones quite subtle to make it quite shabby chic and romantic so I’m not 100% sold on the butterfly print. I like the little drawers! I will show the boss and see what she says :p

All the wall art was found here.

Amy Butler Wallpaper

Can someone tell me what planet I have been on that I missed the news that Amy Butler made wallpaper?! I used lots of Amy Butler fabrics in the very first patchwork quilt I ever made but I love the wallpaper! The image at the bottom showing a lovely organised and super bright walk in closet space is from BHG. I have been researching different types of floral wallpaper for a furniture project I’m in the process of planning! I was trying to get inspired by the flower patterns through local hardware shops and those types of stores and then I discovered slightly fancier wallpaper and ta dah! Amy Butler! I couldn’t believe it! I think the blue would look marvellous in my cabinet project but I’m not sure about the size of the flowers. My favourite of all the patterns is the image featured at the very top of this post so I must get my hands on some samples! I discovered Amy Butler wallpaper via this site (they’ve got some other fab wallpapers too but I was looking for flowers ^_^) I know I’ ve included a cream style geometric print that I thought would make a good backdrop for photographers for their backdrops and things (I would use them too attached to a board or clipped up).
What is your favourite pattern?

Updating The Walls Using Wall Art

All of the lovely images above have been shared today as I endeavour to update the wall art in my home. I’ve spied a few pretty floral posters from Poster Lounge and I’m trying to decide on sizes, whether to frame, have a mix of frames and canvases, or a mix of frames, canvases and plain postcards attached to the wall using washi tape, or even using washi tape frames! All of these decisions are frustrating as I’m so utterly useless at making decisions :p if you visit the blog often you will be all too familiar with my poor decision making and frequent pleas for help ^_^

I was thinking of heading to ikea for frames and I know that I’ve got some ‘rules’ on my pinterest boards on how to arrange frames and things but it’s hard to imagine, which is why I saved all of these. I found some tips via Good housekeeping 

“5 Tips and tricks for hanging wall art
1. Draw attention to a feature wall by either hanging one eye-catching piece or by grouping selected prints together that are a variety of shapes and sizes by arranging them in a block.
2. Not all art work needs to be hung – leaning a large painting against a wall or shelf can also work.
3. Hang bright and colourful prints against neutral walls to make them stand out.
4. Consider scale when hanging art work, a small picture will get lost on a large wall. Ideally, the size of the picture should relate to the size of the wall.
5. Use another pair of eyes! It’s almost impossible to hang pictures alone, so make sure you have someone else standing far back enough to ensure it’s straight!”
All the images above are from House To Home
How have you arranged your wall art? On the walls or using those picture rails? And…. what are your thoughts on canvas printing? A canvas or a poster in a frame?
In the last image above, the poster in the frame is rather striking and I really like that but my living room is rather more traditional so I really enjoyed the image above with the soft grey floral wallpaper and the radiator cabinet behind the couch, the prints and mirror arranged on the shelf are all at perfect heights. Gosh darn it! Decisions! 

Craft Room and Studio Space Styling and Inspiration from Travelling Mama

Whilst recently doing one of my regular online searches for some wall art inspiration and how to display frames and things in my living room for the change of seasons, I stumbled across the wonderful Travelling Mama Studio and I just adore the way she frequently updates and changes the wall art in front of her and styles her little craft space! I also covet that mirror and big old vase in the image above. 

Such simple decor attached to the wall with washi tape! Although you may need to check your paint as mine just comes off with anything attached to it. Especially demon blue tac! 

Im so jealous of the wee pip studio stationery/magazine rack (the widest box above) and I adore the colours in the image above. 

Such beautiful display and arrangements in her wee space and it’s just such an inspiration on how to arrange items on shelves and desks and also tie them in with big inspiration boards or wall art. I made some knit style cozies last year for bonne maman jars and I cant wait to get them back out again. I love the blue used here ^_^ A wee injection of colour can be quite wonderful. 

I would love to see bigger more wide angle images to nosey at the whole room! I think the lighting set up is absolutely fantastic and a perfect way to arrange lamps so that they are both functional and decorative (you can see better in the picture below) 

These images were used from different posts on Travelling Mama so just go visit her and spend lots of time sharing the love ^_^ 

Lots of love Claire xo

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